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4 Replies on “Quotable quote

  1. ALL the lands of this earth or SOME lands?
    In the former case count me out.

  2. Yes, really retarded… why the heck should ALL the lands of this Earth be exclusively White? Why should Japan be White? (I’d really miss the Japanese!) Or China? Or Iran? Or Greenland? Or India? Or Africa, for that matter? And how is this grand task going to happen? And the next question is: if all other races would disappear, then – what? Will a Maxfield-Parrish-coloured Golden Age inaugurate and everybody live happily ever after? Certainly not. White people would sooner or later get bored, divide in subgroups and continue doing what they did for the rest of human history: warring, preying and slaugthering each other.

  3. Klassen’s views were religious, literally religious: he was trying to build a church where only the white race shall inherit the Earth. Any of you have read The Turner Diaries? It looks like Klassen was not alone, although Pierce also said that these sort of things could never be said openly. (I like to break that rule.)

    In my favorite sci-fi novel, The City and the Stars, ugly races seem to have gone in the far future but Arthur Clarke doesn’t explain how. The only ethnic Jew that I consider a friend explains how this would be done. The Japanese are not including in this scenario. I’d also miss the Japs and other races by the way.

    Boys: The real question is that the coming collapse of the dollar, and especially the convergence of catastrophes after the racial wars and the peak oil crisis (there’s a surplus of 5 billion people due to the crazy exploitation of oil throughout the Earth), will result in that those 5 billion will have to go even with no help of a latter-day Himmler. When I wrote all of these articles about axiology I had in mind the quotation in my recent entry on Gospel Fictions about the “Marabunta of Neanderthals” that will have to go even without our help. Mother Nature will take care of the weakest once the Christian and Secular Christian meta-ethics are properly reverted.

    Yes: it sounds pretty rough. But once the full devastation of the oil crisis comes there will be no room for 7 billion humans on the planet.