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  1. I am not indifferent to WWII and post WWII history. I cannot get myself to read books like the one posted. I chose not to read any of the chapters. It is too much for me…too sad and monumental, it’s ramifications too enormous yet obvious. I choose to think of the third reich in its glory and eventual resurrection. It’s like watching schindler’s list…I choose not to because it’s too painful to see Germany slandered and know this master stroke of kike propaganda is irretrievable.

    1. Chris,

      I suffered a lot reading the book! But that’s exactly why I’ve frozen this site with Hellstorm: to invite my reluctant readers to pass thru, as Solzhenitsyn put it, “a duel with years and with walls” which “constitutes moral work and a path upward—if you can climb it.” Remember that Goodrich himself confessed in this very blog: “I wrote the above book… I died a thousand deaths in so doing… Yet I felt I had to finish it—for them.”

      For them!

      I am absolutely convinced that whites, and especially Anglo-Saxons, must pass through a similar agony if they are to atone for the sins of their ancestors (henceforth saving their race from extinction).

      I myself underwent this awful process, a duel with years and with walls, as a result of a tragedy (see e.g., here and here). Have you seen the image of my book advertised in my other blog? I will make a confession in this thread that I’ve not done before. Sometimes I had to pause to cry for a long time, pulling myself together and resume the writing. Hadn’t I processed the pain—the writing itself—after the tragedy that destroyed my family long ago, I’d have lost my mind for sure.

      The nationalist blogosphere is to my palate too superficial, too abstract sometimes (e.g., Majority Rights), too hemiplegic in the sense of using only the brain’s left hemisphere. Conversely, those who, like Solzhenitsyn and others, have processed their pain, have become emergent souls and can see the Evil of the world: Evil is finally deciphered in ways unfathomable for the mortals.

      I am not asking you to go straight ahead and read Goodrich if, presently, it’s too strong meat for you. But you may start with the abridged version of the Archipelago (image above) as a preliminary step.

      No pain, no spiritual gain…

  2. There is no doubt that reading Goodrich’s book is a painful process. The horror is so great that one’s mind tries to numb itself. This monstrous crime was committed against the best people on the planet; the most noble and intelligent and civilised. None of the monsters who committed these crimes against the Germans and other civilised Europeans were ever punished. Many of them thrived. It is extremely depressing.

    I have been aware for many years that vast injustices were (and still are) inflicted on the German people, every bit as frightful as the atrocities the Bolsheviks inflicted on the Russian people. I took in snippets of horror over time. Goodrich brings it all together so that the whole terrible thing is laid out in all its stark awfulness with no relief or escape. It’s the knowledge that there has been no justice for these crimes that is the most difficult to reconcile in one’s mind. To think that the tribe who instigated all of this frightful evil is thriving as never before is enraging to say the least.

    Since the majority of white people don’t read serious books any more it is likely that Hellstorm and its terrible truths will remain unknown by the people who need to be aware of them most. Instead, the descendents of the perpetrators will do their best to ensure that Goodrich’s work remains as obscure as possible for the greatest number of the people.

    I commend you for trying to bring this book to the attention of the people of the English-speaking world. Indeed, all the people of the white world should be made aware of it. It would go a long way towards toppling the whole rotten edifice that is ‚the History of the Second World War‘.

    Your blog in general is of very high quality. Well done!