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  1. Btw, when tested at 16 yrs, my IQ was 140, and I have several degrees from great colleges and universities. Read „Masters of Deception“ by a Canadian, who is also of higher intelligence and learning, and his proof that the Jewish State of Israel and ziocons should be held responsible for 9/11, is beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. Perhaps you may want to read the entries & threads about 9/11 in this blogsite? You’ll see there why I support the skeptical approach about conspiracy theories. In fact, I support skepticism of all conspiracy theories including the JFK murder, the 1969 Moon landing “hoax”, the 1947 UFO Roswell “landing”, etc. Before entering the white nationalist arena I was a professional skeptic (see the post “A pic of the author at thirty-three”).

      Incidentally, if you want to continue this discussion perhaps you may want to do it at any of the 9/11 threads?