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  1. „Homo Americanus“ is a great introduction to American political thought, and it deserves to be better known that it currently is. I am currently close to finishing it, and I think it has been unjustly and predictably ignored for obvious reasons; I’m glad you’ve chosen to feature a quote from it, and I hope you will see fit to choose further excerpts for publication on your blog.

    Currently, I’m planning to order „The Reality of Communism“ and „Homo Sovieticus“ by Alexander Zinoviev, for whose evaluations of Communism and Americanism Sunic has expressed his high regard in „Homo Americanus“. To see Sunic’s commentary on „Homo Sovieticus“, click here: http://goo.gl/HXB3M I should probably read „The Yawning Heights“ and „The Radiant Future“ as well, but I just doubt I’d understand the references, or that I’d find them funny if I did. I recommend that readers take a look at these links, to writings by the unjustly neglected Southern writer, George Fitzhugh, who is one of Sunic’s preferred American sources, as well:



    The second link is to Fitzhugh’s 1857 book, „Cannibals All! or, Slaves Without Masters“, which Sunic quotes in „Homo Americanus“ with respect to Thomas Jefferson and his leftist, revolutionary nature.

      1. Many thanks for pointing this out; I just clicked the „Tom Sunic“category, as I should have on my own, and I now see that you have quoted „Homo Americanus“ extensively. This little-known book is a masterpiece, and I am glad you have taken up the task of publicizing it and, more broadly, Dr. Sunic’s racial and economic views.