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  1. More questionably useful advice:

    „Help yourself, then everyone will help you. Principle of neighbor-love.“

    „‚Evil men have no songs.‘ How is it, then, that the Russians have songs?“

    „If a woman has manly virtues, one feels like running away; and if she has no manly virtues, she herself runs away.“

    „Only thoughts reached by walking have value.“

    „What does it matter if I remain right. I am much too right. And he who laughs best today will also laugh last.“

    1. Nietzsche’s most genius passage was that of the Last Man.

      You cannot describe democratic mediocrity any better than Nietzsche did. For that alone he should be praised.

  2. You have to take everything N said with a grain of salt.

    Remember he’s one of the most anti-German writers ever to gain popularity inside of Germany, if you take what he says at face value.

    Furthermore, Heidegger was fully aware of the J question, as is well documented by statements he made prior to 1933 to friends about a Judeo-Mansonic conspiracy (I read about this in the Cambridge Companion to Heidegger). Hitler and Heidegger’s enthusiasm for N clearly demonstrate that N’s writings are veiled on the J question.

    I think his entire works are spiritually the most anti-semitic literature ever produced by a philosopher.

    1. I’m quite sure Heidegger „was fully aware of the J question“, as his mentor in Dasein was the sabbatean jew Husserl [ a jew play-pretending to be a lutheran] . Somewhat similar to how „Fr. John“ is a jew play-pretending to be some kind of Christian minister.

      1. I meant to say that Heidegger was fully aware of the more profound aspects of J questions, as opposed to the vulgar aspects that Nietzsche was critiquing.

        Husserl, like other Jewish intellectuals I enjoy, such as, Weininger, Michelstaedter, Spinoza, and Allan Bloom, were not part of subverting Western culture, quite the opposite.

        I think that all Jews should be deported from the West, but that doesn’t mean that all Jews are evil; quite a few are extremely pro-Aryan in spirit and have been brilliant defenders of the the Western Tradition. Perhaps they are Uncle Toms, but what I stated has to be said.

        Allan Bloom was the most courageous American professor since WW2 … I don’t see any white professors in America exposing the fraud of liberal-modernity in the way he did …

      2. Fully aware even as far as Husserl went: when he was put in charge of the university he blackballed Husserl on political / racial / identity-holding grounds, even though they had been longstanding friends until then.

        This came as a shock to everyone else, as they had figured Heidegger’s Nazism was just some ill-thought plan to court favor with Hitler’s government, and that he would never let it burn bridges like that in his personal life.

        He was then, of course, accused of being so pliant that he would forsake people he had known a long time in order to be better liked by the government. And yet, he never recanted when the liberals came to power and harassed him far more thoroughly than the Nazis ever would have, and his own family wouldn’t speak to him.

        As I said before, he was as ideologically aligned with Hitler as Goebbels and Himmler were, although he wasn’t very politically inclined, and his formal affiliation with the party always wound up splitting his attention from his philosophical work (something he realized in the middle of his career, when he gave up his position at the university).

      3. I went to the beach today and I saw a lot of race-mixing. I’m getting depressed.

        Can you imagine how glorious it would have been if the 3rd Reich had won?

        Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself, but I like to dream.

    1. So Heidegger did in fact wind up splitting with the rest of the profession completely, even leaving his claim to be a „metaphysician“ as such. That’s actually very interesting, but not surprising given the rest of his life.

      And why would an interview of someone like Heidegger be awe-inspiring? He isn’t trying to „inspire awe“ he’s trying to communicate information.

      1. Yes, and that is why this whole way of looking at things is confused. Philosophers are not politicians or revolutionaries. If you want something „awe-inspiring“, listen to Hitlers speeches.

  3. Nietzsche loathed the anti-semites for their narrow critique of jews. Whereas a Christian would hate jews for „killing Jeboo,“ Nietzsche himself revolted against the entire Abrahamic memeplex. When White Nationalists claim to be sons of Japheth I cringe at such idiocy. Dearest Friedrich probably felt the same way.

    Shooting the German emperor? So what? Nietzsche heaped praise upon greater Europe and despised petty nationalism. He was almost a proto-pan-Aryan…almost. Isn’t petty nationalism what led us to 2013 in the first place? Didn’t the parochial British Empire betray the Hero Of The 20th century?

    1. The way I see all of this recent criticism of philosophy is thru the concept of psychic emergency (cf. the film 2001). Unlike Jews, whose mind was formed in warmer climates (cf. Kevin Mac), the hyperboreans really didn’t make an intra-psychic, quantum leap forward: reaching robust consciousness of their race. That’s why philosophy made by whites in much later centuries cannot reflect a leap. Whites are barely awakening to what the tribe has known for a while.

      That’s also why, unlike C-C and its bicausalist type-A editor-in-chief, the approach of WDH is moralistic (cf. the entry “Anglos & Hitler” at the top of the sidebar). When a white nation finally awoke, the Anglos committed the sin against the holy ghost: a genocidal war against the sons of Zarathustra. (Take note that I say “the Anglos” not “the Jews”.)

      If whites awake during or after the coming convergence of catastrophes, I hope the term “hellstorm” becomes the Aryan counterpart of the term “holocaust”, which means that Sebastian Ernst Ronin is right in his rants against Murka and the Murkans (including “WNsts” who still abhor NS).

      Meanwhile we will continue to see the cloaca gentium that Mr Deutsch saw today in the beach…