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  1. This should be obvious … although I can understand that in our hyper-moralized world of peace and comfort people may be disturbed by violence.

  2. „Direst extremity“ isn’t speculative, it’s in full view in London, Paris, DC, Johannesburg, and everywhere else in the world. Hitler’s „massacres“, now vindicated by the collapse of Western Civilization, are proven the judgment of the angels. To say less would be to deny the reality we’re now living in.

    1. I agree with what you said completely and used to think that refuting the evils of Nazi Germany was a necessity, as well as Holocaust revisionism. On a personal level, it is important to come to terms with these issue.

      But now, I realize how ahistorical and un-rooted from the past white people have become, so I don’t think we have to waste the energy to defend Hitler. That would have been nice in the 50’s and 60’s, but today WW2 is a far distant memory, however important its effects may have been.

      It’s as big a waste of time as trying to defend the continued historicity of the people and moral legitimacy of the Native American Indians. Good luck.

      1. My defense is simple: Hitler was right, and his actions were a crusade against treason and degeneracy. Until that fact is established „historical“ revisionism is useless; we’re living through history right now. Hitler doesn’t need to be vindicated by new facts about the past (though he will be countless times), he’s already been vindicated by the facts we’ve learned in the present.

      2. I’m trying to shoot down the idea of revising history in the public consciousness; it’s a waste of time because WW2 is old news, we are in a new era of multiculturalism. The masses don’t need to understand why Hitler was right; it’s so far over the average white person’s level of understanding that I would not try that strategy.

        A simple explanation of why Hitler was right is a lie.

        I repeat, there’s no value in bringing up Nazi Germany in a public context (privately and amongs WN thinkers it’s important to figure out the validity of what is reported to have happened during WW2).

      3. A simple explanation of why Hitler was right is a lie.

        No it isn’t. Hitler was right when he said that the White race in Europe would be destroyed by capitalism, liberalism, and the Jews. Churchill and FDR were either wrong or lying. The Jews were lying about their intent. The British and American people couldn’t see the big picture, and sided with evil. That’s why London, Paris, and Detroit are being destroyed.

        That isn’t above the understanding of anyone in the world. If someone can’t accept it, but can read Go Dog Go, then it isn’t complexity or intelligence that’s holding them back. The Creationists who spin long pseudo-scientific arguments for dinosaurs dying in Noah’s flood aren’t confused by Darwin’s theory. The Catholics weren’t confused at how the earth might orbit the sun. Liberal college professors aren’t confused at how humans have races any more than they’re confused by there being multiple breeds of dog.

        That this stuff is just complex and needs to be explained in more detail is a lie we tell ourselves. They can’t accept these things emotionally; when a person says „we all bleed red“ it isn’t because they think everything that has red blood is the same, it’s because they’re having an emotional reaction. When they say they hope we’re all murdered by nigger thugs it isn’t because they can’t follow our flowcharts, it’s because our ideas cause them emotional pain.

        No one admits that they’re in emotional pain, every one of them from the Creationists to the liberal anthropologists claims that what they hear „doesn’t make sense“ and that what they’ve been conditioned to believe is the „rational“ stance.

        I repeat, there’s no value in bringing up Nazi Germany in a public context

        When you talk about fighting for the White race you’re already bringing up Nazi Germany, just like you’re bringing up the USSR when you talk about Communism, and you’re bringing up the Catholic church when you talk about converting the heathens to Christianity.

        Again, the whole issue is emotional. If you avoid bringing up Nazi Germany you cause less emotional stress; of course, you also delay psychological progress. Same as if you talk about immigration and avoid talking about the non-Whites already living in out countries. Or if you talk about how the non-Whites living in our countries are problematic but you avoid any discussion of what would have to be done about them.

        How slow you should start people off and how fast you should get them up to speed is always circumstantial, but these concerns are for their emotional capacity, not their intellectual capacity.

        In any case, one thing we do not want to do is give the wrong reason for anything. We don’t want to say that our problem with immigration is that Mexicans won’t learn English, or that our problem with the Blacks is that they have a „violent culture“, or that Hitler wasn’t a bad guy because he only killed half as many people as you thought. That’s not taking it slow that’s going in the wrong direction, and doing it discredits yourself.

        It’s always better to say nothing – even to outright refuse to give someone an answer to a question they asked but that they’re not ready for – than to give them some sort of less-traumatic fake-rationale that is both untrue and inconsistent with the ideology in the long term.

        If you’re going to talk about Hitler tell the truth. If the person you’re talking to isn’t ready for that then don’t say anything at all, even if they ask. They will be thinking about Hitler in any serious discussion regardless, but if they don’t bring him up it’s because they don’t want to deal with it yet. Most people aren’t born radicals.

  3. @Stubbs

    You, like other WNs, just don’t know how to assess how far gone intelligent white Americans are from being able to absorb any of this information. This would not merely be a matter of absolving Hitler, but of telling the average white American that their entire lifestyle of consumerism and going along to get along is a product of the very people the Third Reich was fighting against.

    America IS Judaism incorporated. Don’t you get it? Germany was crushed, the Jews took their money and influence and invested it here; we are GREATER ISRAEL. White Americans lived very high off of the destruction of the Japanese and German economic markets, causing the baby boom and the highest standard of living ever given to Western country in recorded history.

    There is nothing even an above-average white American has in common with Hitler or the Third Reich, he is the product of the opposite world-historical force. That’s why this argument will never stick with Americans. The idea of Nazi Germany with its selfless, non-materialistic devotion to the Aryan warrior is the enemy of donut-eating porn addicts from America.

    1. But none of that is a matter of complexity, in any case. Every fat American fundamentally knows that he’s fat because he eats too much, and that it’s disgusting. He just lacks the strength to stop, even though the solution is as simple as can be.

      In fact, anti-consumerist and heroic sentiments are actually widespread among Americans on a theoretical level. Most White Americans like the idea of being a fearless action hero in the abstract, and dislike the idea of being a fat slob who takes shit from his boss and wife. That doesn’t mean they’re on the path to self-improvement.

      Plus America had problems even before the Jews started screwing around. Abolitionists supporting miscegenation, monopolists leaving the poor to starve in tenements, rife dishonesty and corruption. Hitler called America a third world country with advanced technology despite being mostly Germanic biologically, because it was so deficient culturally. That’s what happens when you let technology continue to grind you down.

      Not that the Germans proved themselves that much better after the war. The Vietnamese didn’t let us occupy Vietnam, the Germans let us occupy Germany. Too many sausage-eating comfort addicts among them as well, even though I think as highly of them as any ethnic group. Hell, Berlin was the cesspit of Europe before the Nazis took it back, no better for the time than any part of America is today.

      1. Adolf Hitler was the symbol of anti-America; you still have not explained why Americans would embrace Hitler without hating their own culture.

        „Every fat American fundamentally knows that he’s fat because he eats too much, and that it’s disgusting.“

        Being fat is the least of their many problems …

        „Berlin was the cesspit of Europe before the Nazis took it back, no better for the time than any part of America is today.“

        You are delusional, I got a good laugh out of that one. Comparing an early 20th century German to a early 21th century American is like comparing a god to an earthworm. Of course, the Kaiser in the early 20th century was much worse than our gorilla, according to your logic.

      2. That’s why this argument will never stick with Americans.

        Because you don’t believe that energy devolution will kill billions in this century.

        My educated guess is that way before the death curve reaches half of the deaths that oil devolution will cause; say, when 800 million people die worldwide including many WASPs, white Americans will start to change the operating systems of their little brains.

        Did you watch the brief Chris Martenson course I linked in the entry I deleted today? Let me know; I may link it again.

      3. Chechar, I watched the first segment of that video … I have no way of confirming the legitimacy of the information. Some say that peak oil is a misinterpretation of data; false scarcity that governments and oil corporations promote purposefully.

        Your scenario is a possibility, none of us knows.

        Regardless, if a massive a cataclysm does occur what will unite white sill not be revisionism about Hitler, it will be the reality of race war in the streets and the animal nature of the lesser races.

        The Reich is dead, we will not retake power through arguments, only material necessity will do the trick, if it so happens.

      4. What convinced me that both Schiff and Martenson were right were precisely the debates in their programs (much more respectful and friendly in Martenson’s site than in Schiff’s by the way). That’s the only way that non-experts like us can form an educated guess or who’s right.

        If 5 billion die in this century due to the convergence of catastrophes (the figure is not mine btw) I predict that (1) Christianity / liberalism will die and (2) a substituting myth for the race will be required.

        Thanks to the subversive tribe the figure of Hitler and the Third Reich is very much alive (even Jews say that there’s no negative propaganda). One possibility is that his figure will take mythical overtones after those billions die.

        The future is open. No one really knows how whites are going to react. Meanwhile I do recommend listening the debates in Martenson’s site by siding the devil’s advocate: that he’s wrong. You will be entertained and educated, and by hearing to both sides of the debate.

        I started absolute, absolute skeptic in 2009 and started to believe in the following years precisely by listening hundreds of debates. Now the ball is in your court.

      5. I do not have the inclination to look into this subject, because I feel ill equip to make a judgement; as 17 year old when I first heard of global collapse/resource scarcity I was scared to death. So were the Malthusians, so were the nuclear war doomsayers, so were the terrorist experts, etc, etc.

        An expert can convince you of anything they are expert in and you are not.

        On the topic of scarcity and market manipulation/crash, I read the 700 page book; Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. Are you familiar with Michael Ruppert? He’s very interesting, although part scam artist.

      6. you still have not explained why Americans would embrace Hitler without hating their own culture.

        They have no problem hating their culture. They’re as adept at hating their own culture as any people in history. It’s changing their behavior that causes them problems.

        Being fat is the least of their many problems …

        But it proves my point. Americans don’t like to be fat. They don’t think being fat is cool, American kids don’t grow up hoping to be fat.

        You are delusional, I got a good laugh out of that one. Comparing an early 20th century German to a early 21th century American is like comparing a god to an earthworm. Of course, the Kaiser in the early 20th century was much worse than our gorilla, according to your logic.

        What? Weimar Germany was the height of Jewish power prior to WW2. Homosexuality was promoted, degenerate art was patronized, drug use and prostitution were widespread, the communists completely ruled the streets, and the Jews ran things however they felt. Berlin was the center of it, it was one of – if not the – most degenerate cities in the world. It might not compete with San Francisco in 2013, but it was a lot worse than San Francisco was in 1925. And the Kaiser was deposed by that time, obviously.

        So essentially, I see no basis for the assertion that Americans are in some fundamentally irrecoverable state that the Germans have never been in, and that no Europeans are in now. Weimar Germany was one of the worst societies our race had known in its time and it was overthrown the most completely.


      7. @Stubbs

        At this point you must be joking, out of your mind, or just as degenerate as Joe Six Pack.

        William Pierce, Lincoln Rockwell, F. Yockey, and R. Oliver mocked Americans for their philistine and embarrassing infantalism in comparison with their European brethren.

      8. But these weren’t the only reasons the Germans wanted to be rid of the Jews. The Jews were very influential in Germany after the First World War. They were strongly entrenched in the legal profession, in banking, in advertising and merchandising, in show business, in organized vice, in publishing and other media. They were trying hard to change the spirit of Germany. They were pushing modernism in art, music, and literature. They were pushing for „diversity“ and „tolerance.“ They were ridiculing German tradition and culture and morality and the German sense of personal honor, trying hard to make young Germans believe that it was „cool“ to be rootless and cosmopolitan. They were promoting the same culture of lies that they have been promoting here.

        That was the so-called „Weimar“ period, because right after the First World War some important government business, including the ratification of a new German constitution, took place in the city of Weimar. The Jews loved the Weimar period, but it was, in fact, the most degenerate period in Germany’s history. The Jews, of course, didn’t think of it as degenerate. They thought of it as „modern“ and „progressive“ and „cool.“ Really, it was a very Jewish period, where lying was considered a virtue. The Jews were riding high. Many books have been written by Jews in America about Weimar Germany, all praising it to the skies and looking back on it with nostalgia. Even without the so-called „Holocaust,“ they never have forgiven the Nazis for bringing an end to the Weimar period.

        There was a Hollywood film made 30 years ago, in 1972, about Weimar Germany. The film was called Cabaret, and it starred Liza Minelli. It depicted Berlin night life, with all its degeneracy, including the flourishing of homosexuality, and also depicted the fight between the communists and the Jews and the other proponents of modernism on the one hand and the Nazis on the other hand. The Hollywood filmmakers, of course, were solidly on the side of the degenerates and portrayed the Nazis as the bad guys, but this film is another example of the Jews outsmarting themselves. The Jews who made the film saw everything from their viewpoint, through their own eyes, and the degenerate Gentiles under their spell also saw things from the Jewish viewpoint, but the Jews apparently didn’t stop to think — or didn’t care — that a normal, healthy White person would view things differently. Check it out for yourself. Cabaret is still available in video stores.

        The point I am making is this: In the 1920s, after the First World War, the Jews were trying to do to Germany what they began doing to America after the Second World War, in the 1960s. Many Germans, the healthiest elements in Germany, resisted the Jews‘ efforts, just as many Americans have resisted the Jews‘ efforts in America. In Germany the Jews were a bit premature. Although they had much of the media under their control, they didn’t control all of the media. They tried to move too fast. The healthiest Germans resisted and beat them.

        – William Pierce, AVD 1/19/02

        I have no idea why you’re defending the integrity of the Weimar Republic. The America you’re so mad about is the Weimar of the 21st century. Berlin at that time was as bad as anything the White race had seen up until that point.

        And to put it bluntly, if this huge gulf you think exists between Europe and America was real Europe wouldn’t be America’s bitch. They can’t even question Jewish assertions about their own countries. They let Americans keep military bases in their countries. They aren’t devout Aryan Warriors, they aren’t even equals with the Vietcong. The resistance Hitler hoped for never materialized.

        You can claim (with cause) that Europeans are better off than Americans, but they ain’t better enough. Not good enough to kick us out, or kick the Arabs and Jews out, or even ban the promotion of homosexuality. If the rest of Europe showed even the spine that Russia has America would be out of there next week, even Iran’s giving us the finger.