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      1. That makes ZERO sense to me. What! if any of your family knew of your internet activities would they “turn out on you”? Zero sense! All of my family are liberals and when they see my with a laptop they know of my Nazi activities on the internet—so what? Would they “turn on me”? Ridiculous! even if none shares the slightest bit of my beliefs!

        It is a mystery why all his articles disappeared from TOO. A mystery why he’s divorcing. Everything is a mystery. I remember when I lived in the UK, the Irish who took care of the YWCA house openly talked about reading Mein Kampf. Nobody bothered the least bit. Not his boss nor the non-whites who lived in the house. None.

        The whole Farnham affair is shrouded in mystery and I’ll accept no explanation of the deletion of his many TOO articles except the one that comes from he himself.

    1. I agree with that, and that’s the point I tried to explain, or rather confess, to Parrott in the other thread: my passion for vindictive justice on Murka and the Murkans for what they did to the Old and to the New World; a passion that so much resembles Yahweh’s genocidal passion, even though he doesn’t exist. (Curious how once you reject the existence of a personal god you start internalizing into your Self the bloodthirstiness of that inexistent god, he.)

      1. I am of the opinion that the current century will be so catastrophic so as to, once and for all, eliminate all three, death-cult Abrahamics. Human needs/nature being what they are, a „new“ sun-oriented „religion“ may fill the vacuum. A brutalized, century-end population of two billion will be much more sensible than this apex of Peak Liberalism.

      2. Do you extend that hatred to all White countries that waged war upon the Holy Reich, or only Murka? Is Russia deserving of the same fate? Granted I agree that Murka must be razed.

      3. I extend it to all countries, even Mexico, which swallowed the propaganda during WW2 to the extent that in Mexico City a whole neighborhood has the name of a Czech town where, they say, the Nazis committed atrocities. The entire world ganged upon the first nation in Western history that got racially conscious.

      4. The Americans who played a role in destroying Germany are long dead and in the ground. Why would you want to punish people who were not responsible for the deeds?

      5. Although I don’t really care for the guy, cult leader Charles Manson had an interesting view on the prophesied Aryan Overman (prophesied by Hitler who reportedly said “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so“) and the coming eschaton.

        „When the person finally comes along to restore the balance in this world, it’ll make Nazi Germany look like Mr. Rogers‘ Neighborhood. There will be more blood, more death, more destruction and more suffering than has been seen in the whole history of life on earth. And I don’t say that just because it’s what all those worthless ****ers out there deserve – and they do – but because that is what will be necessary. It’ll take a whole hell of a lot of evil to set the world straight; not peace, not love. Because you know what, Rice? Good holds no power over evil. None. Good holds no power at all over evil.“ – Charles Manson, written by Boyd Rice (Standing In Two Circles, Pg.99)

      6. Which is why every WN must (1) leave Christianity behind: its morals are a hindrance for the coming slaughtering during the peak-oil apocalypse, and (2) face the moral implications of The Turner Diaries (not Covington’s novels, where no genocide on such apocalyptic proportions happens and whites are confined to a vulnerable corner at the Northwest) to fulfill the 14 words.

  1. It seems that Golden Dawn in Greece is their answer in their country. Could such a movement occur in the u.s? Or are Americans too feminized and naive to save themselves? Alex

  2. Chechar, from what I’ve read he ran an accounting firm and his currently on „haitus.“ It’s a possibility the family openly denounced him whilst secretly embracing him…but that’s still base and cowardly. The real mystery is how the $PLC acquired his personal information.

    You’re right, he needs to come forward with his side of the story. If or when that will happen is anybody’s guess.

    1. Kevin might know why he requested the deletion of his many articles, some of them quite good and inspiring. But Kevin didn’t say anything. Also at the Northwest, recently Covington’s co-host (a body-builder woman) betrayed him but that doesn’t mean that Covington would remove his articles.