March of the Titans

The following sentences of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:

• Archaeological investigations have revealed how Nordic the Macedonians were—particularly in contrast to the peoples who, by the time of the first Macedonian expeditions, made up the majority of the inhabitants in Southern Greece.

• Despite having easily overcome the entire mixed-race populations of the Middle East, Alexander publicly declared himself to be in favor of racial integration. He ordered that all his generals should take wives from the conquered peoples. Alexander himself took a nonwhite wife, a Persian princess who was of mixed race.

He also started dressing like the peoples he had conquered, and in 324 BC at a city called Susa he personally officiated at an arranged mass wedding of nine thousand of his senior army officers to Middle Eastern wives—the famous “marriage of East and West” meant to symbolize the new racial unity he was hoping to create.


Not long ago, a commenter on Occidental Dissent insulted me because I dared to bash the sacred icon of Alex “The Great.” Why white nationalists should take down this historical figure from the pedestal is explained: here.

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  1. So Ward Kendall’s Hold Back This Day, where the whites of Earth were being obliterated primarily through government-mandated miscegenation, has already happened in real history. That Alex “the Great” did it sans Jews should provide food for thought to those who still cling to strict “monocausalism”.

    1. No, Alexander didn’t believe in Monogamy, he had several wives. And I fail to see how a couple thousand marriages among the elite between polygamous men and Eastern (which doesn’t necessarily mean non-White in this context) trophy wives for political reasons can even begin to be compared with the global anti-White
      government-mandated genocidal miscegenation that is seen on the fictional work „Hold Back This Day“, or what the F it has to do with “monocausalism” pet theories.

      Last but not least, the blanket characterization of Ancient Persians as „mixed race“ is pathetically hilarious. Historical Persians were Aryans (and their unmixed descendents today which can be found in Iran are whiter than most Mediterranid caucasoids).

      I don’t think we should place Occidental historical figures on pedestals; after all we are men of reason, facts and philosophy. But I don’t think we should misconstrue facts just because of an anti-occidental historical figure hard-on, like the blogger here seems hell-bent on doing.

      1. Sand-nigger mongrels might not have been exactly the wives of the Macedonian officers (though not all pure Indo-European), but the wives of the grunts that Alex forced to marry by the thousands; and you seem to have missed the Will Durant link at the bottom of the post: the cultural havoc that Alex’s policies caused on adolescent Greece was catastrophic beyond imagination (analogous to the flood of Asiatic cults into the West today).

      2. P.S.

        For his IP I presume that Sebas is probably a Portuguese.

        The Portuguese posted another rude post that I have not let pass thru. He called “bull theories linked to on this post” what historian Will Durant says about Alex’s policies.

        The Portuguese seems to be totally ignorant of the fact that miscegenation destroyed our Ancient World: one of the central discoveries of both March of the Titans and Pierce’s Who We Are (it also ruined Portuguese blood). It is enough to travel to the Mediterranean, and not only on the European side but to the Maghreb, to see with one’s own eyes that those peoples are European mongrels and non-white Muslims: places that used to be white before the gigantic miscegenation took place.

        I blame Alex et al (Roman Empire including Constantinople; Christianity, etc.) for this ethno-suicidal catastrophe, and would claim that those who have not read those two books have no platform to see Western history thru the racial prism.

      3. P.P.S.

        Furthermore, this comment by the Portuguese that I didn’t let pass makes me think that he’s not a WN insofar as he is not vehemently against mixing white blood:

        Oh, and by the way…Since you seem to think mongrels are sooooo dangerous, how do you figure the ones his army beget (only a minority of which reached adulthood in a pre-industrial setting) stack against the thousands upon thousands upon thousands that same army killed during the wars?

        Alex’s army was not mongrelized; only the offspring of the soldiers and officers that the bastard forced to marry would be mongrels.