Anti-white dystopia


Once outside the classroom again, Yehudit commented, “As you just observed for yourself, Jeff, World Gov not only sanctions homosexuality but openly encourages and nurtures pedophilia.

Yehudit and Jeff glanced in briefly at a group of girls in the next classroom, those targeted by the state as future lesbians. They watched the instructional presentation for a few minutes, that of a masculine-looking female with a brutish face performing various acts of cunnilingus on a pretty young girl of eight or nine.

Parents were admonished to accept their homosexual children as not only desirable, but actually preferable to heterosexual ones. [p. 17]

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  1. This is not exaggerated: Many Communists like Trotsky, Frankfurt school adepts like Marcuse, many of the „love not war“ crowd like Leary and the postmodern philosophy crowd like Foucault, all wanted to introduce pedophilia and extreme forms of sexual Bolshevism into the mainstream.

    There used to be child-sex communes across most of the western world, but especially in India where incest and child rape where already common, in many of those area’s many hippies and other kinds of untermenschen where busy raping there own and other peoples children.

    Supporting the left isn’t just supporting race mixing and homosexuality, it is supporting pedophilia and bestiality and even though the average leftist is nearly as disgusted by these acts as we are, this is the core of organized leftism.

    1. Furthermore it naturally extends from their beliefs. They have no real reason why men should be allowed to fuck each other but not children. Men couldn’t „consent“ to sodomy when it was illegal and children will be able to „consent“ to pedophilia once the ban on it gets removed.

    1. I don’t know the rabbi or the case involved, but I do have commentary on rabbi’s opposed to abortion and homosexuality.

      In the first place no true White purist would completely oppose abortion. I for example oppose abortion by white woman on almost all grounds except these three: 1. The mother runs the risk of dying, 2. The child is deformed and 3. The child is a product of rape or incest.

      Secondly, if he is a Jewish rabbi there is a large change that he supports child marriage, because child-brides have been a traditional part of Jewish culture. So killing him would have been a perfect solution if he was Jewish, supportive of child-marriage and against all forms of abortion.

      1. This targeted assassination would cause a lot of ideological problems on the Left, who like to think WNs are an extreme brand of Christians who like to kill all abortionists.