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  1. From VNN:

    „Demographic winter“ is largely a Jewish narrative. The problem isn’t that the White population is slowly shrinking, it’s much larger today than it has been for 99% of history and there’s no reason it should expand indefinitely.

    The problem is non-Whites exploding in population, aided by White technology and an indifference towards its long-term impact, and then invading our lands and stealing our stuff because they hate living in the fetid slums they’ve turned their own country into.

    No amount of White reproduction is going to matter when the 90% of the world that isn’t White is doubling its population every 30 years and can freely cannibalize our countries after they’ve destroyed their own. Our countries would become Soylent Green hellholes and they would still be full of non-Whites and mongrels.

    There is no solution that doesn’t include militant action against the dark hordes threatening our race’s survival. Pacifistic Jewish conservatism going on about White birthrates and „Agenda 21“ can go to fucking hell.

    I should add that this doesn’t actually mean we shouldn’t be concerned with White birthrates; it just means that high White birthrates are only useful insofar as they aid racial struggle.

    It’s better for a race that’s under threat to have more fighters and workers, and it’s better for a race that’s under threat to have a larger percentage of the population raised by people who know what’s going on. Indeed, Germany would have easily won the war had they not been outnumbered.

    Nonetheless, it’s self-defense that’s the ultimate decider. Successful self-defense would make increasing birthrates unnecessary, but no realistic increase in birthrates will make up for being unable to defend ourselves. We would just be creating more victims and mongrels in the end.

    The Jared Taylor crowd likes to talk about „demographic winters“ because A) it pretends the entire problem is with our race and can be solved internally, which is the only politically correct answer and B) it allows them to ignore the violent implications of protecting our land from masses of stupid, starving third-worlders.

    As far as population contractions in general go, I don’t think they’re any problem when caused by physical limitations, unless they weaken a group’s ability for mass combat and get invaded, or something along those lines. Eventually the constraints relax and selective pressure reverses the fall. This is the dynamic that’s been in place for the vast majority of human history, where populations weren’t undergoing exponential explosions.

    Population contractions caused by cultural or psychological trends have much more dangerous implications, but that’s because they signify that the people themselves are messed up, and possibly that there’s no society-wide will to live. To somehow increase the population artificially wouldn’t do much to help such a society.

    As far as population contraction justifying immigration, if that kind of thing mattered gay marriage wouldn’t have been legalized and abortion wouldn’t be protected by the government. There’s always some sort of pretense given. If the White population was expanding they’d claim it proves White countries have surplus wealth and living room, and that it would be horribly greedy not to share it with Somalians.

    My two cents.

    1. This will be the exterminationist century of all history. A pity that pro-white advocates don’t want to do their homework as to the coming currency crisis and subsequent energy devolution, not even those at VNN. Ernst Ronin has a point.