Anti-white dystopia


Later Emerald got to talking about some stuff I didn’t want to hear. Stuff about the world and how it came to be. She told me that a long time ago the world had hundreds of millions of white people. I didn’t like what she was saying and started getting scared. There were Wopo in the park, I said. And when you’re both Skintone 1s like us, you got to be extra careful about what you say. Only Emerald didn’t seem to care. She laughed, and told me she wasn’t scared of Wopo or World Gov anymore. That really got me edgy, and I started to leave.

But Emerald wouldn’t let go of my arm, so I stayed and listened. She told me what happened just before the Unification. How the rest of the world wanted to conquer people like us. And when they couldn’t do it by force they got to calling us “racists” so we’d feel bad about ourselves until we got weaker and weaker in spirit.