March of the Titans


In his chapter about Ireland—a name derived from “Aryan”—, after writing about St. Patrick, the Viking raids and settlements, the Anglo-Norman occupation, the Reformation, increased English settlements and the seeds of hatred sown, the English Law and the Irish Rebellion where 30,000 English were slaughtered, Cromwell’s invasion, the Penal Laws and the destruction of Irish economy, the continued dissent and Catholics denied the vote, the union between Ireland and Great Britain, the potato famine and a population that declined by 2 million, the Easter Rebellion, and the Independence, Arthur Kemp wrote in March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race:

Officially, Ireland remained neutral during the Second World War, but in reality the island split—many Irish worked in British factories, replacing British men called up for active service, while others either openly sympathized with Germany or actively tried to aid the German war effort.

In this way Eire became the only country in Europe to send an official telegram of condolence to Germany after the death of Hitler in April 1945.