Assisted suicide


Why I changed the subtitle of this blog


An 1806 French print depicts
Napoleon Bonaparte emancipating the Jews

Today I changed the subtitle of The West’s Darkest Hour from “White racial and cultural preservation” to “Whites are committing assisted suicide,” and I must explain why.

I believe that, with the exception of the late William Pierce and very, very few in the present, white nationalists are willfully blind. They blame the Jews ignoring the obvious fact that you need two to dance tango. I have stated it many times and I’ll state it again: The fate of the white race was sealed when, by the end of the 18th century French revolutionaries, inspired in Enlightenment ideas, granted citizenship to the subversive tribe. To boot, throughout the 19th century European nation after European nation idiotically, and suicidally, followed Napoleon’s emancipatory lead.

I call this assisted suicide, because with the exception of Hitler and his heroic movement nothing is being done in the West to reverse this suicidal trend.

Today’s nationalists are so focused in the secondary infection—Jewry—that they cannot see that it was us who “emancipated” the Jews in the first place. The white peoples’ Neochristian axiology or moral grammar is the primary infection. The West caught pneumonia only because it first developed AIDS. That’s why I fantasize in killing the Church princes. Furthermore, even after truly astronomical warnings when my very Christian grandmas were young, warnings like the Jewish involvement in the largest genocide of whites perpetrated by commissar kikes in the Soviet Union, most whites have not been awakened in the least from their deepest, basically psychotic, dormition.

Moreover, I believe that these peoples are committing assisted suicide because even white nationalists are unwilling to pay the price of leaving their racially-suicidal degeneracy (“sex, drugs & rock’n’roll”) behind, as explained many times in this blog (see, e.g., what Solzhenitsyn says about us here).

I have asked myself many times why the two histories of the white race written respectively by William Pierce and Arthur Kemp (excerpts linked at the sidebar) are not bestsellers in the movement. It took me a couple of years to grasp the answer. Nationalists are cowards in facing the most brutal truth about race: that Aryans are on the verge of extinction because so-called “Meditarraneans” are not the original white Meditarraneans at all, but presently have considerable non-white blood in their veins. See for instance my recent entries demonstrating that the ancient Greeks were true Aryans, and also our debate with anti-Nordicists (“Nordicism” is not the issue; who’s a relatively pure Indo-European, is). If even racialists are reluctant to face this most naked fact about their race—if the very letter A of racial studies is willfully overlooked—white nationalism, as a movement, has been born dead.

All of the above moves me to navigate this blog under a new masthead:

“The White people are too far gone. They don’t understand discipline, sacrifice, pulling together for a common goal. They’re too weak, too timid, too spoiled, too selfish, too undisciplined. Hitler’s SS legions were the last White force on earth which had a chance of doing what you want to do, and there just weren’t enough of them to pull it off. The rabble smothered them with sheer numbers.”

Quoted from a dialogue in Pierce’s novel Hunter. (See also the other article under the title of „Assisted suicide.“)