March of the Titans

The following sentences of March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race by Arthur Kemp caught my attention:

Turmoil in the Balkans – Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece

The history of the Balkans once again follows the pattern of the rise and fall of civilizations according to the composition of the people living in these countries. In the case of Albania, this process is particularly marked, with the effects being less prominent in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece only by the measure of the population change in these regions. All these nations have suffered greatly—and bear the scars—of the Ottomans.

[Of this chapter I’ll only excerpt a few paragraphs about Greece because of the recent heated discussion on the subject of the whiteness of modern Greeks:]

As recounted earlier, a significant part of the original Indo-European Grecian population in south and the north of Greece had, by the time of the Roman occupation of that country, absorbed enough Middle Eastern and African slaves into their society to cause the downfall of the Classical Grecian civilization, which led to the creation of a biracial population—those Grecians who had not mixed as opposed to those who had.

Dark coloring dominated, with only flashes of original European or Indo-European sub-racial characteristics (light hair and light eyes) showing themselves every now and then. At the time of the division of the Roman Empire into Eastern and Western halves, Greece was included in the Eastern Empire.

By the 3rd Century AD, the invading Indo-European Goths had captured Athens from the Eastern Empire, but, once the main body of Goths had moved on, Greece once again sank into obscurity, surrounded by ruins of the great civilization which had previously existed in that country.

[After a few more pages, writing about the mongrelized Egyptians occupying Greece, Kemp includes a photograph:]

It would however be incorrect to assume that all people of Greek descent have been affected by this process—as this contemporary picture of Greek schoolgirls in Athens shows, very many Greek people have been untouched by this mixing process and fully retain their European racial heritage.