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    1. I disagree. Have you read the book Homo Americanus? For quotes scroll down: here. The whole point of this site is to demonstrate that western man sinned first. Kikes are thriving because of our sins.


      This is an alternative quotable quote:

      “Little WASPs of puritanical extraction are so grotesquely self-righteous that they may overrun Fate itself.”

      And the Catholics too. Just listen to what O’Reilly and Hannity have been saying in Fox News about Jews and Israel…

      1. Every single nation has its greed, but only Christinsanity makes greed with misplaced altruism becomes weapon of mass destruction. Chinese, Oriental Indians and Jews have their own greeds, too. Being greedy is human, just being lustful and angry.

      2. The spiral of deranged altruism, holier-than-thou fights among secular whites about who has the biggest aureole, has everything to do with what I call semi-apostasy. Have you read it?

      3. Yes, I have. The uniqueness of the West Decline is not greed, but the Nazarene death, meek and destitute cult.

        China is doing great by the virtue of greed and xenophobia.

      4. China is one of the kings wearing lesser rings; kings that have become slaves of the One Ring. Once the dollar crashes the Chinese will suffer too and let’s not talk about what energy devolution will cause in the Chinese society later in this century. China is not „doing great“: they are so hideously sinful that its inhabitants must be exterminated.

  1. Cesar, your quote is pretty good, but I would drop the phrase „providentially destined“ and rewrite it as follows:

    „The century of 1930 to 2030 could have been the Aryan century of all history, but thanks to the fucking Anglo-Saxons and their imperialism in both the UK and in the USA, and also their Christianity and its malignant equality beliefs, it has become the Jewish century par excellence.“

    1. Yes: that was my original intention. But the great awakening for whites that represented German National Socialism seemed like the work of a „providence“ even though we are secular men.

      1. Well, Cesar, in your reply above, you seem to be implicitly defining „providence“ as an extra factor involved in the rise of German NS and its leader AH, that if one were to believe we are only physical matter then that rise should have been impossible.

        With the above implicit definition of „providence“, I agree. However, since I believe in reincarnation, that implicitly means I also believe that besides our physical bodies we each have non-physical components that survive the death of one’s physical body and after time in the afterlife reincarnate into a new physical embodiment. Thus, I see these non-physical components and what they can do, typically without any conscious awareness of what is being done, as being the ultimate source of at least many of what could be termed providential events that defy explanation by a materialist world view.

  2. Mr. Tort,

    I am so glad I found your site. Talk about a breath of fresh air. I don’t mind The Occidental Observer but this blog is one GIANT step ahead of virtually everything online when it comes to an actual solution. The fact that you focus on Aryan solutions rather than resort to the convenient attack of the Jew tells me you are way ahead of everyone else on this.

    I read your book The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. It’s a masterpiece. Every page deserves it’s own reward and thank you so much for making it all happen.

    You’re correct that too many WN’s jump on the anti-Semitic bandwagon rather than accept the fact that Aryans have brought this upon themselves. I have read a myriad of books and articles on the subject, but never have I found anything remotely close to your thesis. Great work, my friend. I will donate once I get my next paycheck, promise!

    1. Thanks to you Johnson. Most westerners are Christians, or agnostics who still subscribe Christian morality—including white nationalists. That’s why I propose a revaluation of values back to our Aryan ways.

      Tomorrow I’ll post your above comment as a blog entry, after my daily „table talk“ by the H man.

      Thanks again and welcome to this site.

      1. I have read AH’s Table Talk and also Mein Kampf and his biography made by his closest childhood friend. I understood AH completely and shared his feelings and sentiments about things. Do you believe in reincarnation of souls? Or do you think there are certain types of souls just like certain types of blood groups?

      2. No I don’t. Belief in postmortem survival in religions that offer personal salvation is directly proportionate to white decline. Just compare the Jews‘ practical religion with Buddhism and Christianity. Have you read what we have said about Buddhism in this site?

      3. No, I don’t believe in Christianity in which you are not taken into accountability of all your actions, but instead a lamb on the Cross.

        It is immoral and childish philosophy, really a fruit of Jewish propaganda to steal the fats of the Roman’s lands into Jewish hands.

        My question is simply, whether a soul returns to earth in different body or species, nothing to do with other philosophies or religions but strictly on scientific, observational level.

        Because, otherwise, how could you tell one has noble soul while others act only with their carnal needs.

        When I read his biography written by his old childhood friend, I understand him 100pct and feel the same way.

      4. I think we have misunderstood me, although you don’t like philosophy, but is it not Nietzsche one, too? Philosophers were trying to connect the dots of how ones should live as human perfectly, based on available facts then, and dogma (Christianity, democracy).

        What I’d like to call upon your attention is spiritual phenomenon of reincarnation in which a child or a person could tell events or places in the past or faraway lands.

        Perhaps, you would like to investigate near death experience phenomena.

        I would like to neutralize the word reincarnation with any prevalent belief presently. So, by that, I don’t even think about Buddhism or Hinduism or whatever.

        I am also a newcomer in Nietzschean morality and way of life.

      5. I don’t buy the „spiritual“ claims in reincarnation. In the past I was a parapsychologist and published my stuff in an old, British journal on psi research. I subscribed The [British] Journal of Psychical Research, The American Journal of Psychical Research and the Journal of Parapsychology, which means that I read a lot about Ian Stevenson’s claims that some Indian children purportedly remember their past lives. After many years of believing such claims and publishing my own stuff the skeptics disabused me. I’ll recount that story in one of my books. For the moment I recommend your reading of Nicholas Humphrey’s Leaps of Faith, which I read in 1997.