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  1. My grandparents luckily never fought in this particular war… they thought it a pointless war. If Hitler and his Germany hadn’t so honored international conventions, they would have defeated all remaining attackers – and in a very decisive manner.

    I have a question, Mr. Tort, whose answer I have not found on this site: do you know how valuable the Reichsmark currency was compared to the erstwhile superpowers, such as US dollars, UK pounds, etc? I presume it had more value before those nice bankers declared war on our friends to all European kind…

    1. I don’t know. Curiously, Hitler did not believe in the gold standard. I guess only if a nation is made up of hard-working people and its elites are honest enough so that an economic chaperon (any precious metal) is unnecessary, you may have a strong currency backed up by nothing but faith, like the the Reichsmark.

      1. I can’t be sure if what limited sources I have are true or Jewed. I did some math about exchange rates and how much gold it can buy and all that. I came up with various answers like $6.20 US or 6.9£ for a Reichsmark, then 3.7£ for a Reichsmark, $5.16 for a British pound and $19.11 for a Reichsmark. Interestingly, from 1783 to 1933, the US price for a troy ounce of gold fluctuated between $19.39 and $20.67.

        The $19.11 figure from 1935 seems more likely. The dollar/pound exchange was $5/£1 in 1935 and I just learned Himmler said a wedding in Germany during the same year was 135 Reichsmarks and he said it equaled 500£ at the time. If this information is authentic, simple math will show that German money went from super-inflated to almost the US price of gold for just one note of Hitler’s money.

        Knowing how fast the German economy improved, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Reichsmark actually surpassed the international value of the gold standard… and it would even be another reason for the world to be prodded into declaring war on them. After all, who needs gold when your own money just keeps increasing in value, even beyond all minerals? Unfortunately, I cannot be certain of this conclusion because I can only confirm the Himmler statement about weddings.

        Sorry about hijacking your post, sir.