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  1. This society of pandemic anti-racism and philosemitism is a very recent creation, to a great extent it is a consequence of television, mass media and large scale brainwashing through the education system. This society appeared in the 1960s, even the first anti-racism laws and immigration reforms were first written in 1965. And they were written by jews and Atheists mostly. In the XIX century on the other hand, there was a rise in nationalist and racialist ideologies throughout Europe, and societies in Europe and America were more Christian than they are now. It is difficult to prove a connection between christianity and the secular multicultural society of today.

    1. Difficult because as a newcomer you have missed pivotal posts like this one which also appears in a place of honor in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

      Also, in his Occidental Observer comment Frost also said something so true: „…like the Jews they received their Messiah from, they [WN Christians] never want to accept any blame“: that Christianity is directly involved in the creation of liberalism and egalitarianism since the late 18th century. Read the above linked „Red Giant“ article as well as Sunic’s text cited in Frost’s TOO comment.

    2. Christianity did muddy the waters though, by making Europeans think that the Jews were a simple religious group as opposed to the malevolent race of crooks and murderers that the Romans knew they were.

    3. Anti-racist nonsense goes back to at least the ’30/40s in the U.S. I like to listen to old time radio from that era and sometimes public service announcements are left in. They were already preaching racial tolerance and that other crap back then, which means the seeds were already sown at least 20 before those shows. The rot is deep and goes back further than most realize.

      1. Hollywood was making pro-miscegenation films as far back as 1919 with films like Broken Blossoms, a film about a romance between a Chinese guy and a White woman… and it was made by that „racist“ D.W. Griffith.

    4. Had Christianity not been anti-racist, Portuguese women simply would not have been allowed to bed their dark slaves. Spanish soldiers in the New Spain would not have been permitted to admix with the natives. The American Confederacy would not have permitted African slavery…