Downward spiral after WW2

• Creation of the state of Israel
• Voluntary ending of colonialism
• United States Immigration Act (1965)
• Introduction of swarthies from Third World as guest workers
• Weakening of Christianity
• Rule of feminism
• Creation of European Union (abolition of borders)
• End of Apartheid
• End of Communism (until it was no longer useful)
• Allowance of swarthies to enter the EU en masse
• Idealization of homosexuality

Still to come:

• Currency crash worldwide with epicenter in the US
• Urban chaos in America and Europe / racial warfare begins
• Apocalyptic energy devolution / genocidal racial warfare
• Political takeover in Europe either by Islamists or native fascists

3 Replies on “Downward spiral after WW2

  1. Cesar, why is „Weakening of Christianity“ in your „Downward spiral after WW2“ list?

    Weakening of Christianity is a good, positive thing.

    1. Only if you trans-valuate values in a Nietzschean sense. Otherwise we got a secular Neo-Christianity, which is even worse as the birthrates collapse (cf. my forthcoming „Uncle Adolf“ entry).