3 Replies on “Carrying the cross

  1. After years of being vehemently ANTI Catholic, you most likely attracted to your „god is dead“ Nietzsche website an ANTI Catholic readership. You’re going to lose your readership if you keep presenting Catholic art so much, as you’ve been doing a lot lately. What’s up with that anyway? You’re confusing me, Chechar. I would imagine you’re confusing your ANTI Catholic readership as well. Think Chechar think! Do you want to lose your readership?

    1. That would be silly since I’m as anti-Christian as before, as seen in the Povl Heinrich Riis-Knudsen article I’m presently advertizing at the sidebar’s top.

      On the other hand I’ve been talking of Hegel’s aufheben for some time. When a thesis and antithesis interact, the original thesis—in this case Christianity—is incorporated, not repudiated, to arrive to an encompassing synthesis. “It is not cancelled altogether but lifted up to be kept on a different level.“

      1. Thanks for the explanation. It didn’t occur to me you had Hegelian motives, but now I see you do. I understand the game plan now.