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  1. It is in the purest Aryans, the Nordics in Sweden, that the death-wish the White race developed in 1945 has gone the deepest. It is logical that when the White race tries to excel at being anti-racist, it is the blue-eyed, blond-haired Nordic elite in Sweden that does the best at being the most anti-racist Whites on earth. To me this pathological altruism doesn’t prove that Nordics are inferior, it just proves they feel the zeitgeist of our race that more intensely than other Whites.

    The Jews also want to genocide Sweden/Scandinavia more than other White nations, save for perhaps Germany, because of course „the best of the gentiles should be killed“. The Jews are well aware of the power inherent in Nordic blood when it’s kept pure.

    1. „There is a tendency in our circles to try to exonerate white people of any wrongdoing or culpability“ —Frost

      Too bad that those Christians and Neo-christians at The Occidental Observer didn’t listen to the prophet Jack Frost.

      Most white nationalists are clueless by saying things like: „Jews are enemy #1. Period“. They are their worst enemy. And one way of perceiving this is educating yourself by listening to this Frost prophet (e.g., a quotable quote here).

  2. Cesar-

    Right on. Anti-Nords and Anti-Germanics are Europeans‘ worst enemies and these people are rife within WN. Again, as with the young man in Sweden who is that country’s equivalent of Dylan Roof, you have the retards shouting on blogs how these extremists do nothing for the cause. Like drawing negative attention to them does much good either? Quite the contrary, condemning them does more harm than good for the cause.

    Look, I am half Slav. I don’t disown that part of my family, but one cannot compare the Germanics and the Slavs and say that they are equal – they are not.

    Truth be told most Europeans want the Nordics to vanish, just as many Americans do. Europe is a cesspit and America is for the most part a cesspit. America was better when it was mostly Germanic and Nordic. That is the truth. And it hurts many in WN, but really, who cares about WN as that faux movement is corrupt as hell anyhow.