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    Introduction 5

    Dies Irae 9

    Unfalsifiability in psychiatry   25

    The trauma model 45

    The feathered serpent 107

    Psychohistory  237

    Dying in a Louis XVI-style bedroom   355

    ______ 卐 ______

    The „fourth section of Hojas Susurrantes“ referred to above are the texts that appeared in this blog from September 14, 2011 to March 2, 2012: the section known as The Return of Quetzal-coatl, now translated pages 45 to 354 of Day of Wrath.

    The “important essays” that are missing in this edition are still available within this site: “The cult that I left”, “Gitone’s magic” and “On Erasmus”. Like “Dies Irae,” the long essay “Gitone’s magic” was my attempt to rebut what Greg Johnson said in his webzine.