Lost opportunity

In the forthcoming WDH Radio Show, which is in the process of being edited, the Boer Jan Lamprecht is the special guest.

Too bad that I cannot speak English fluently. With a simultaneous translator this is what I’d have said when I drew the subject of the atomic bombs that South Africa had:

First of all, I agree with James Mason that „The enemy today is the US Government itself and it is by every standard of measure, the most evil thing that has ever existed on earth.” This means, as Mason’s fans say, that the only valid pro-white action in America is that of the absolutely Leveling of the existing State, state culture, it’s values; in short, the total destruction of Americanism as such.

From this angle, and here is where it hurts me to be unable to speak fluently—which I can perfectly do, and with furious glances, in my native tongue—, it would have been logical to have used the atomic bombs—over the United States.

The fact that the West, including the US, pressured South Africa to initiate significant political changes against the Apartheid can only be contextualized considering the Americanist hegemony and the wars for racial equality from the 1880s, when the US betrayed itself.

The South African government had six atomic bombs. If the South Africans had nuked Washington, in addition to New York (which would dispatch quite a few non-gentiles) and Hollywood (thus destroying the Jewish virus factories for the Aryan mind), together with Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (which would have emboldened the surrounding Muslims to reconquer Israel)—with the surplus bomb being retained for London, Paris, or Moscow—South Africa would have been destroyed by the Evil Empire, but at least it would have died with honor. (See as a paradigm of what real man should be the Siege entry I just posted today.)

Compare this heroic scenario with the slow death that South Africa suffers now, so well explained in what Jan Lamprecht says in the next episode of WDH Radio.

I repeat once again: Now that I have reread the events about the Judeo-Roman wars, the direct and overwhelming way in which the pre-Christian Aryans handled the Jewish problem surprises me. If the Romans had known that their massacre of Jews; their destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, and prohibiting Jews to enter their holy city would not produce results in the long run, they would have killed them in the siege of Jerusalem instead of selling the survivors as slaves. They didn’t do it because they ignored that this line of Semites had a more resistant spirit than the Carthaginian Semites, on whom the Romans had applied the same medicine.

Let us not blame the pre-Christian Romans. Blame instead the contemporary Aryans, including many “defenders” of the white race. Because of the mental virus that the Jews implanted in them, these latter-day Aryans are incapable of (1) celebrating each year what the Romans did with our racial enemies, and (2) devising a really final solution for the problem.

If they had sneaked five of the bombs they possessed into key cities in the US, Apartheid South Africans could have dealt a great blow to the Evil Empire. But they did not. The ideas in this post show why I barely speak on radio shows. If I’m unable to speak the English language with proper pronunciation and fluency, saying these things would only sound wrong. But at least I can say them in writing based on what Mason said above.

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  1. They should’ve negotiated a patch somewhere in S.Africa ,preferably along the coast for the security and prosperity of their people,moving the nukes there could’ve been a deterrent against any future Marxist aggression from the north or from the Kosher Nostra. At the very LEAST this should’ve been done for the white S.Africans. The leaders who sold them out should be burned in effigy every year on the day they relinquished power to these Marxist anti-white savages , hell bent on wiping them out physically and historically from the once great White Nation founded by their forefathers .The real reason for the end of Apartheid , it’s easier for the Kosher Nostra to steal from the savages than negotiate with men who are their superiors.

    Missed opportunity? Only in the sense that it was a missed opportunity for the leaders of Apartheid to secure a future for their people,not to set off a suicidal nuclear chain reaction.

    1. A commenter put it beautifully today at Occidental Dissent: „The problem with the alt-right is that it is not nearly hardcore enough. I want to see all-out National Socialism, complete with curb-stompings, ass-kickings, jew-baiting, torchlight processions – the whole schmear.“

  2. Cesar, you say: „If they had sneaked five of the bombs they possessed into key cities in the US, Apartheid South Africans could have dealt a great blow to the Evil Empire. But they did not.“

    Wishful thinking. Too many negatives against being able to do that, including why would 100% of all the people needed to carry out such a plan remain loyal to the plan’s goal and not betray the plan. At the very least, many plan participants would reason that exploding nukes in major USA cities would invite massive military destruction of South Africa and its whites.

    Also, those who think it’s a bad plan at higher levels in the government would stop it from being attempted, and probably replace whoever proposed the plan.

    1. In my writings in Spanish I use lots of Gedankenexperiments (thought experiments). They are unrealistic but show how real men should be.

      Similarly, Covington says that his novels purport to show how whites ought to behave.

  3. I asked this back in September 2016, but you deleted my comment, here is probably the perfect place to ask again.

    Should a White man fight for a tangible in reality outcome, or for the sake of a particular delusion? For example, if Hitler had capitulated, he would have saved a lot of good Germans. Instead, he chose to continue fighting to make a statement. In a religious, fictional way.

    By the way, I don’t think starting a nuclear war is a great idea. Non-Whites have nukes, too, and the MAD would exterminate all life (and suffering) on Earth. Blowing a nuclear plant would be nice, but destroying any dim opportunity the Whites still have? Why?

    South Africans and even Rhodesians were faggots anyway. Imagine, the last worthy Frenchmen of Nordic descent were exterminated in the tenebrae of WW1! The last White men died in 1945. After that, all we have left is faggots.

    1. adunaithethird, I just want to comment on this part of your above statement: „For example, if Hitler had capitulated, he would have saved a lot of good Germans. Instead, he chose to continue fighting to make a statement. In a religious, fictional way.“

      Hindsight is so 20/20. Just because we know the outcome of that war with certainty, with hindsight, that doesn’t mean that Hitler, or the German Leadership in general, knew that outcome with any certainty until the very end, within weeks of Germany’s surrender.

      I am sure that if Hitler knew with certainty before his attack on Poland in 1939, the whole next-ten-year future for Germany, including the mass-murder by USA general Eisenhower of about a million surrendered German soldiers, and the deliberate starvation-murder of about ten million German citizens after Germany’s surrender by the USA/Britain/France group, then I’m sure that Hitler, being a good man, would have avoided war as much as possible — even though, as we now know, the imperialists (FDR, Stalin, Churchill) wanted war from the outset, and Stalin’s attack plan against Germany and its allies was planned for early July 1941 (see, for example, the writings of Victor Suvorov), but Germany attacked first on June 22, 1941, because Germany’s military intelligence showed that the Soviets were themselves preparing to attack Germany and its allies.

  4. The reason why apartheid South Africa fell was because of President Frederik Willem de Klerk. De Klerk willingly surrendered power to the African National Congress because he became terrified of a possibility of an armed insurgency by the paramilitaries of the African National Congress and the Pan-Africanist Congress. De Klerk said it himself that if apartheid was not dismantled, sooner or later South Africa would have faced nuclear war. And De Klerk believed that White South Africans would have unable to win against larger number of black insurgents, who would be supplied by neighboring black african states. The South African government did not believe USA to be an enemy. Pieter Willem Botha believed that the American President Ronald Reagan is on the side of the white South African government. The white South African government felt no reason to strike USA. And South African Prime Minister Pieter Willem Botha also believed that Israel is on the side of white South Africans. He received an assurance in a document from Rabin and Sharon that Israel would oppose sanctions against South Africa. Israel sold military equipment to South Africa such as the Galil and Uzi machine guns. In turns South Africa sold Israel uranium and diamonds. There was a lot of trade ties between Israel and South Africa. There is a book about that called „Unspoken Alliance“.

    1. RomanPeter, thanks for your „clear as day“ statement.

      I’m in the USA, and have never been to Africa, and I didn’t know about Klerk’s motivation for, in effect, surrendering to the groids, but your explanation makes sense.

  5. North Korea, if they truly possess the means as they profess they do, ought to sacrifice itself today against the engine of liberalism. It would mean the end of their isolated, racially-conscious Stalinist state and the merging of North and South Korea to create a unified Korean democracy, but it would be a symbolic martyrdom and would do wonders against the eventual demise of the Goliath of Globalism.

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