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      1. He himself says so. From his article „Richard Spencer’s Mom-gate“, December 19, 2016 on TOO :
        „…I don’t care much for the Daily Stormer and they wouldn’t care much for me. They would call me names like kike and probably suggest I be put in an oven, or they’d accuse me of entryism and say I shouldn’t be trusted because I’m a dirty Jew (I’m actually clean). Regardless of our differences (I have a higher IQ), I and some other Jews I know enjoy occasionally reading the Stormer…“

      2. The real issue here is my claim that whites do indeed have a loose screw. Our central intellectual figure in understanding the JQ cannot fathom à la Hitler that no Jew ought to be platformed, especially in a Jew-wise forum.
        You can imagine an ‘Anti-Semites Watch’ periodical run by Jews admitting a Nazi contributor! Recently someone said that many white nationalists support Israel because they believe that Jews should have a home of their own, but that Jews don’t reciprocate the favour: they don’t support a home nation for whites anywhere in the world. That was an excellent point!
        Christian-problem The Aryan problem does encompass the JP. If even secular WNsts subscribe the Christian commandment to love our enemies, we have a huge problem at home.
        I will continue to promote MacDonald’s trilogy as fundamental reading to understand the JP but not only I’ve now removed The Occidental Observer from my blogroll list: I’m more confident than ever that NS should replace WN/Alt-Right (cf. my comment on Strauss/Zweig below), and that the ongoing discussion among them on optics is for Kindergarten racists who have no clue about the history of Christianity.

  1. I’m guessing this is true. This is a common mistake among the pro-white community. Akin to having Gilad Atzmon speak at an IHR meeting. Actually, Kevin McDonald spoke at that meeting as well. The name David Cole should ring a few bells as well.

    1. We have to investigate it thoroughly. If true it makes my point beautifully: there’s an Aryan problem that is the substratum of the JP: fairness, love your enemies, an angelic view of the world, etc. In my own words, what I call the (psychological) ‚fallacy of ontological extension‘: to assign, extrapolate or attribute qualities of the fairness of the white race onto the Other, that is, on the more malicious races.

    1. If what Hadding says is true, it further demonstrates what I’ve been saying: that WN is inferior to NS.
      One example will suffice. I like Stefan Zweig as a writer. But he was a Jew. When Richard Strauss used Zweig’s lyrics for one of his operas, Hitler became distressed. In NS Germany no Jew was to be platformed, however well-acquainted he may be about German culture.
      With time Zweig showed his true colours by idealising the days of the (((Russian Revolution))) that now are still being celebrated by commies exactly a century later.

  2. if whities can’t make an NFL (negro football league) boycott stick, then it’s hopeless for whitie in amurka.
    c.t., you’re doing good work producing lots of seeds at this point. and like nature, seed production is countless compared to the number that establish a tap root and then start growing. and then magnitudes less that flourish from the new growth.
    all is not lost. nature always wins. over many kiloyears. i’m an optimist by putting my hope in nature, not in present man’s crazy need to form collectives with their always unhealthy governments. (thanks joos for showing the rest of us how it’s done.) at the very least, perhaps whitie could mimic animal paks. well, perhaps not. as that’s the model used by the mythical kleptocrat king solomon. wise old soly made it hell for his citizens. (and he was of israelite genes, not joo genes.) whitie still needs to evolve past the need for forming governments.