Paradigm shift

A new visitor of my Facebook page was impressed by ‘Apocalypse for whites’ and I’ve just posted this message on my FB page:

This series of posts by Evropa Soberana are really eye-openers as they show that the problem of a Semitic (not only Jews) war of extermination against the Aryans started long before what white nationalists believe. I’ll continue the series in January. Keep tuned…

Actually, I’ll resume it on the third day of January.
As you may know, the original title of ‘Apocalypse for whites’ chosen by the Spanish author was ‘Roma contra Judea, Judea contra Roma’, and I wonder if the under-discussion in the post about Jesus, that I posted on Christmas, can only mean that their reluctance to discuss with me is the paradigm-threatening nature of this info for the worldview of white nationalists.
Do these texts contain disturbing truths? Just to name a few pro-white advocates who are practising Christians: Andrew Anglin, David Duke, Hunter Wallace, James Edwards, Heimbach, Parrott and even National Socialists like James Mason or gentlemen at the other side of the Atlantic like Jez Turner. (Note of interest: Greg Johnson claims he’s secular but was outed delivering pious Xtian homilies in a San Francisco church.) Is the content of my site too much for their rather modest stomachs to digest?
The implication of the series, of course, is that Judeo-Christianity is inseparable from the anti-white exterminationist ideology of Judaism—our foe—, and that every follower of the fourteen words that presumes himself awakened should repudiate the religion of our parents.
American white nationalists seem to be so scared by this info that they don’t even try to read a classic about the quest of the historical Jesus that started in the fourth century with Porphyry and then, due to 1,300 years of Church deplatforming after Constantine, with the German Hermann Samuel Reimarus. This is where the Christians who supposedly advocate the 14 words should start researching the subject.
I bet they won’t do it…

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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t David Lane anti-Christian, as well as being a ‚Wodanist‘?
    If this is true then the greater majority of those who espouse the 14 words are being disingenuous by doing so.

    1. The English Metapedia article on Lane says: „He also believed that Christianity is problematic to the White race because it is a product of non-White Jews and is anti-Nature.“
      Ironically, the Spanish Metapedia article on him contains more info, including his early CI connections.

  2. Christianity is the problem because of its humanitarian context. That context is exclusively the Sephardic Paul’s and only Jesus’s as a by-product of ethics.
    Indispensable to White activism is the understanding of our distinctive nature combined with the inherent danger of a ’natural‘ world sans a personal God that can extinguish us. Savitri Devi clearly makes the case in her books, particularly Lightning and the Sun.
    Whats needed is a comprehensive appreciation of the Old Testament as the racist tract that it is. Once we recognize ‚Jehovah‘ as a creature using technology to organize an ethnocentric state, both his status as ‚God‘ and his supposed son Jesus will lead to a re-examination.
    Such a new impression would only assist White Activists as one of our primary problems is the illegitimacy of the worlds anthropological concept of human equality. Once that false concept is muted,our ascension in our homelands is a fait accompli‘.

  3. Russian Rodnovers dislike Christianity. I could never find in Western cyberspace thoughts such as „Why was „our“ God sent to Israel first? What does the Bible say about the lands to the North?“
    Marxists were a bit anti-Christian (yet egalitarian). The best of the Europeans were starting to crack religion back in the 19th century. But Americans have always been incredibly dumb.
    I for one cannot comprehend how the „Christian vs atheist“-style debates are able to happen. How can someone in their right mind argue for the 6k years-old Earth?
    But hey, this impossible world has a _cuck race_ that has been worshiping a foreign god for two millennia.

    1. > „But Americans have always been incredibly dumb.“
      Bingo. And it is no coincidence that it has to be someone raised in Mexico (your truly) and a Canadian (Sebas Ronin) the only ones who are saying the obvious in the pro-white blogosphere.
      While white Americans have the same IQ of Europeans, unless they reject everything Murkan, esp. Xtianity and capitalism but also degenerate music and MSM (these days I watched out of curiosity, some episodes of the 1st season of House of Cards) they’ll continue dumb and evil as hell.