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      1. This is exactly the kind of thought process evident in statements made by hateful, merciless, murderous Jews when dealing with their goyim hosts. In fact it sounds like something right out of the Bible,Talmud and Protocols. I am hard pressed to think anyone so diametrically opposed to Jewry would espouse such a Jewish thought. Could this „quote“ be yet another Jewsih propaganda attempt to demonize those evil Naadzees?

      1. It was „quoted“ in this now out-of-print 2007 book: “The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don’t ask for their love; only for their fear.”
        – SS Commander Heinrich Himmler, quoted in „Visions of Reality – A Study of Abnormal Perception and Behavior“ by Alberto Rivas, Psychology, 2007.
        You better delete the post, but first apologize for being one ignorant, immature „Himmler groupie.“ Note that Himmler was NOT an „SS Commander“. You should stick to Nietzsche.

      2. Here’s the deal: the post stays as anonymous (in Wikiquote this quote appears as a legit Himmler quotation, though the wiki is not a credible source).
        Your unnecessary casting aspersions have always been notorious in this site (and by the way, I believe that Nietzsche was a very flawed man).

  1. There’s more to the White race than Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. The White race has used ruthless violence in the past and if it doesn’t use violence in the future it won’t survive. That is a fact. Even if that quote was not spoken by Himmler it has the right spirit.

  2. Good job Carolyn. You sniffed out a bogus Himmler quote. That quote reads like Allied war propaganda and/or something a Jew would make up. Just a small part of the giant fictional history piled onto NS Germany.

    1. It doesn’t matter if it’s bogus. Either Aryans will think like that or they go extinct. (Maybe Walsh is right that they are going extinct and that we are deceiving ourselves with vain hopes.)

      1. Though I’m pessimistic, I believe, based on no evidence whatsoever, that Aryans will survive. How our species will survive when less than 2% of the world’s population is Aryan female of childbearing age or younger and of those females, an even smaller number will have Aryan children I don’t know. It will take drastic measures on the part of white males. But our survival should be determined by the end of this century. There is about an 80 year window. There is no ‚God‘ to save us. Nature shall judge our species, and if we are cowardly and degenerate our race shall be swept from the earth and justice shall be administered.

    1. Quite right. This sounds exactly like something the literally insane Roman dictator would say. It’s no surprise to find Caligula a darling of the Jewish media. I find the Owl’s comments always enlightening and well beyond average and, as intimated by the nom de plume, full of wisdom.

  3. I wonder how many cucks here deny that the majority of life that has ever been on Earth has gone extinct. Your cuck operates under the delusion that death is but optional, some malediction brought about by Satan to be ignored.
    For the Aryan man to thrive, let alone rebuild the world he must massacre the traitors and the Muds. He must force the women in her place or kill her.

    1. >She doesn’t say that a week ago I blocked her because she was basically telling me I was a liar.
      In her „Whatever happened to the Truth Movement?“ article at the top of the comments, she says „Tort also censored two of my comments and didn’t allow me to write any more because, I suspect, he considered I was impugning his motives.“
      I hope she’s not permanently banned here, because her corrective comments are, in general, helpful. She has a lot of historical knowledge on the NS Germany subject and her expertise should be welcomed here.

      1. Last time she said I was homo. If you spank her until she behaves I’ll consider allowing her comments again on the condition of never again calling me liar or homosexual.

      2. >Last time she said I was homo.
        Oh! Well, that kind of name calling is inappropriate, unless it were framed as a reasoned argument as to what evidence she sees that leads her to believe you are likely homo.
        If that „homo“ comment was just name calling, I can see deleting that comment.
        >If you spank her until she behaves …
        Obviously I can’t do that. But I don’t think she should be banned from commenting here.

      3. I didn’t delete her recent comment telling that Jack and I are „gay“, but presently she cannot post her rants (however, I still can see, in the spam filter, if she tries to comment again).