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  1. Actually, I should mention that a couple of months ago, circa late November, I linked your Hellstorm review onto my GAB account directly from this website. My plan was to let Hellstorm known amongst the GAB community, who I naively thought were mostly Alt-Righters and WNs (I could not have been more wrong) and would be more susceptible. But I had a much wider plan to promote and introduce people to this blog. I then linked some posts you made many years ago concerning music, many of which included Iranianforaryans. I probably should have asked you first, but I had a somewhat ambitious plan to make this blog more widespread, especially seeing that many Alt-Righters are young and so are many GAB users.
    My post which included your review of Hellstorm got about 2 likes and 2 reposts. That is pitiful. My reposts of your posts about music
    got no attention whatsoever…
    In your ‚Preaching in the WN desert‘ post, someone said how this blog is not meant for the masses, and that is what makes it so great. I now can fully understand that statement.
    You were correct when saying ’social media is juvenile‘. I can’t stand GAB anymore. It’s like being in a club and your the only one who isn’t a 9 year old boy.
    But to get to the main point. I think that the attention that my reposts of your review is the only attention The real Holocaust upon the Germans will get. The question is ‚why?‘ Why won’t WNs use this against their enemies? That is indeed a question worth asking.

    1. IIRC, precisely in one of the threads about degenerate music a Briton named Roger answered my question: why Solzhenitsyn had written that Hitler was evil when all of his Archipelago anecdotes pointed out to the direction that they were the good guys for trying to destroy Stalin’s regime? Roger said that it’s because Solzhenitsyn was a Christian, implying that his morals were (my words) schizophrenic in the popular sense of the term.
      Also, some years ago Matt Parrott interviewed Tom Goodrich together with Greggy. Parrott conceded that Tom’s book „is powerful“ but immediately you sense that Parrott refrained himself to say that the Allies genocided the Germans; he used an euphemism „We were rapists too“.
      Parrott of course is a Christian, and Christian are also the underlying morals of Greggy.
      My conjecture is that these Americans value more the very roots of their nation (capitalism + Christianity) than the 14 words. If you put on an apothecary scale what has more weight in their minds, 14/88 or the American Way of Life, the latter weights more. (If Murka POV weights 51%, the scale’s dish goes left until hitting the table.)
      P.S. You mean the book review by J. A. Sexton?

      1. It was J.A Sexton. I have always thought over all these years that they were your words.
        ‚I always pondered the concept of hell entailed.‘
        But what you say above is the closest we will ever get to an answer to why they do not use the Hellstorm narrative. I will content myself with that answer.
        P.S I linked practically any of your posts that included IFA and the topic of music. Even the ones including Roger. These go back to 2011.

      2. at it’s tap root, christianity is simply blood sport. in the same genre as the fantastically violent video games. while similarly serving up local socialite collectives. what is christianity’s central liturgy? drinking blood and eating flesh. symbolically is as bad as circling an altar at the front of a church with the high priest serving up cups of fresh blood and cuts of fresh meat. all based on the tap root myth of an abraham offering his son isaac on an altar. and i care not that his war god stopped abe’s knife in mid-flight.
        at this late stage in life — if the purpose of life is knowing self — all my experiences have led me to defining my red line, killing. when choosing, if one hand involves killing other sentient entities, i take the other hand, regardless.

      3. and yes i forgot to add the pauline los (line of shit), „w/o the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.“ (if that does not define blood sport, what does?) well, then, sin’s a bad construct. invent a better one, pauly boy. (and to think i spent the majority of my living hours ruminating on this sick dead end pursuit to know where, what’s othewise called christian theology.)

  2. However ‚right‘ the 14 words are, they are in contrast to the liberalism of the Enlightenment. The West is still captivated psychologically by the concept of political freedom contra monarchism and totalitarianism. All of this has been drummed into our heads through the World Wars and the Cold War. What is more, all of this was dynamically accentuated by the War between the States that is wrongly seen as merely an attempt to eradicate slavery. The 14 words cannot be harvested because the seed has not been planted in a society merely attuned to human freedom as opposed to human quality.
    Neither do we take into account the efficacy of the false ideas in Anthropology which has lied as a matter of course for generations.
    What is needed then is a conception of the distinction in the races of man from inception, thus obviating Anthropology’s lies and replacing the adherence to ‚freedom‘ with the recognition of the special nature of the White Race. Of course, this already exists … in that term you insist NOT be mentioned.
    Another method would be independent studies, both physiological and sociological, on the racial question. Instead of arguing the issue with the present thoughtless generation, an independent organization should be financially enabled to gather that information to subvert the lies of ‚equality‘ for a future generation and those willing to listen. From that can come a reborn White Power party that can scientifically present in indisputable facts the evil of miscegenation and the necessity of separation.

    1. an independent organization should be financially enabled to gather that information to subvert the lies of ‘equality’
      as dead end a pursuit as trying to decipher the mystery of christ as truth.
      the joos own the subversive organizations. (for as many generations as they have, such expertise is likely embedded in their dna.) phantasizing about going up against them is just that…a wet dream.
      spilt blood is the only recourse, and the WN’s are too comfortable sucking at the teats of MSM and driving PU’s to even remotely consider the personal discomfort & sacrifice that pursuing a revolution might cost them. (the kind that adolph endeared in his youth. where in hell does one think his hatred of joo’s rooted? he experienced their cruel deceit firsthand.)
      kick the can down the road. leave it to the rapture. (magical thinking that xtianity wires the brain for.) leave the dirty work to a new generation.

    2. and where the WN’ers are really dreaming is in their utter lack of consideration for the impossibly difficult tasks of administering a nation, say they had the good fortune of getting some assignment of ground somewhere. (fools rush in where angels fear to tread.) building the administrations and complex supply chains required to govern a nation is waaay more difficult and costly in time — generations — and effort and sacrifice and $$$ than acquiring the ground in the first place. the only races that have demonstrated the IQ and applied faculties to do such are the euros. german rule-of-law’ers first and all other jungle law’er mafia types after.

  3. I’ve been creating a number of reading lists, including one on WWII truth, and I’ll most likely be buying this one on my next order. „Germany Must Perish“ is another ignored text. What better weapon than to reciprocate the words of your enemy to assist your cause? That document is widely ignored while men like Irving went to prison for objectively stating there wasn’t a German equivalent.

    1. Even if the National Socialist Germans postulated or demonstrated a plan for the systematic cleansing of European Jewry as opposed to emigration to Palestine and Madagascar, such a solution would be justified on the grounds that it was an imminent defense mechanism. MSM endorsed the „Germany Must Perish“ pamphlet.

  4. All the talk of ‚killing the enemy‘ is groundless without the preparation for a revolution. The American Revolution was one because the culture had changed to accept the revolution. Without that preparation our only hope is an anarchy where disparate groups of White nationalists could gather to defend their various redoubts. It may be that economic crisis, nuclear war, a breakdown of the electrical grid or famine and pestilence might result, but such a consideration is nothing but, as Rommel put it, „Cloud Koo-Koo Land“. More than likely, the country will persist, and we have no choice but to survive within its cultural and governmental features. Consequently, education is our best hope as stated above …

    1. ‚education is our best hope…‘
      Nope. You completely ignore that 150 years of education has not worked out in the slightest for Whites. Maybe we should give it another 150 years, eh? Will White even be a thing a that point. You also ignore that education takes time. Too much time.
      ‚American Revolution was one‘
      I am sorry, but how does that relate to White males killing their enemies for their race. What you are describing is a situation where a bunch of liberals and paddies who were dismayed that tea was overpriced deciding to overthrow a monarchist government that they were better off with in order to establish a pseudo nation, not built upon something real like blood, but ideas brought forth by old, rich goosequill warriors.
      ‚Cloud Koo-Koo Land‘
      Says the Semite wannabe.

  5. „Says the Semite wannabe“ Damn Jack, that is a really hurtful insult. I HATE JEWS …
    But how does one fight with any hope of winning when the establishment is rigorously against you and controlled by the enemy? Armed conflict now would only kill the best and the brightest of us who should be training the next generation and radicalizing Trump supporters. Hitler had an advantage we don’t have: the complacency and often the support of an establishment philosophically inclined to agree with him. His Putsch got him a short prison term. Anything like that from us would leave the ‚movement‘ incinerated. It seems to me that the patient attempts to educate people as in Kevin Alfred Strom’s and David Duke’s websites are our only present options …
    Jack, it seems to me anger has unhinged you. Look at what happened to White Nationalists who slaughtered people before the public could comprehend it as anything but meaningless … I won’t name the incidents or people because this website is undoubtedly monitored and we should not show any appreciation of criminality … But all it did was stigmatize our cause.
    So ‚education‘ is our best hope. That’s why I love this thoughtful and thought-provoking blog. C.T. , like Savitri Devi, is a non-conformist and sincere thinker. He is not arrogant nor disdainful but principled and considerate.
    Might our rhetoric benefit from his example Jack?

    1. You just completely ignored everything I said.
      How are you going to educate a population who are about 90% Neanderthals. How long is this going to take.
      How is shifting Trump supporters slightly to the right and further into your sick, death cult going to help the Aryan race? I want answers to these questions yet I am not entirely convinced you can give them. Perhaps the air in Israel has clouded your thinking.
      ‚Anger seems to have unhinged you.‘
      Again: Says the Semite wannabe.
      ‚I won’t name incidents or people because this website is undoubtedly monitored and we should not show any appreciation of criminality‘: The cowardice, the effeminacy. You Alt-Righters make me sick to my stomach. According to you, Jews and corrupt Whites make a nations laws, yet we should choose to obey those laws no matter how little our race benefits. This site has explicitly stated that although Dylann Roofs actions were flawed, his heart was in the right place, and so no, this site is not monitored. While kids like him are sacrificing their lives for their race, you are busy practicing a death cult. That pretty much sums up White Nationalism.
      I will conclude by paraphrasing what Aldo once said to you:
      You are trash from America. You are a nigger and you will never be a Jew no matter how hard you try.

  6. Do you think Hitler would have had any success if he had imitated the killer above Jack? Its people like him we need to educate, not 90%. The internet is doing so now ‚philosophically‘. In time will come strategy. Violence from an isolated individual is a reaction to despair. It is not a policy but a reaction. Success comes from planning a mass revolt with the setting up of a broad society with an economy and self-defense before violence on an individual basis, not quirky brats acting out their paranoia in orgiastic mania.
    Actually, the example we should follow is how the Jews set up Israel! Now they are a nuclear power. At the end of WW2 they were ‚homeless‘ and discomposed. They did not empower themselves through crackpot reactionism by immature personalities. We can do the same through gathering in one geographic area with the right natural resources, taking over local governance quietly, creating a militia, drawing more of our kind to us quietly, and then expanding. It takes patience, consistency, discipline, and vision.
    And the attitude that we are not being monitored is ludicrous. White Nationalism has clearly failed BECAUSE of the active interference of B’nai Brith, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Mossad. It was a developing movement torn asunder by internal dissension and idiocy that was clearly propagated, planned, and instigated.
    But we do have the numbers and the ‚internet‘ communications to begin anew … If we can control ourselves and resolve upon a disciplined plan.

    1. You are absolutely ignorant of reality.
      ‚Do you think Hitler would have had any success if he had imitated the killer above Jack?‘
      Right. Because nothing has changed since 1930s Germany. Give me a fucking break.
      ‚…not quirky brats acting out their paranoia in orgiastic mania.‘
      Matty. You are a coward, plain and simple. You are spitting upon those who give enough of a shit to take the fight to the streets. meanwhile what do you do: Bible thump!
      You make me sick.
      Stop using Israel as a model. Israel only exists because of the non-Israeli Jews who are in Western governments and using their power to help Israel externally. Without these non-Israelis, Israel wouldn’t be a thing. Also, take into account that The Holy Land contains a minority of a minority.
      ‚the attitude that we are not being monitored is ludicrous.‘
      The fact that we are talking to each other outside of the black web proves that we are not being monitored. This is hilarious coming from a ‚man‘ who calls people who have ever so slightly bigger dicks than him ‚paranoid‘.
      You are right, however, about the 90%, We need to kill them, not educate them. Unlike you, I actually see education in this point in time to be time-wasting to say the least.

      1. You are right Jack, that it’s not education but the extermination of white trash what is needed. In the 2018 edition of The Fair Race I’ll add as one of the introductory articles these thoughts of Andrew Hamilton:
        “What I failed to realize for many years was the depth of the evil and the resistance to individual redemption. Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good,” wrote Hamilton.
        In other words, people, including the overwhelming majority of whites, are not really good. Matt and WNsts fail to see that most people are stupid and that only a Turner Diaries scenario may move them to have second thoughts.

  7. Something similar was said in The Day of The Rope.
    When a girl was pulled out of her house to be publicly hanged for race mixing, she screams ‚It’s not fair. I was just doing what everybody else was doing!‘
    Pierce’s Earl Turner character writes a monologue of sorts as a response to the poor girl’s cries*. To paraphrase:
    ‚It has been true throughout all of history. that only small portions of a population are either good or evil. The great bulk are morally neutral. Incapable of distinguishing right from absolute wrong, and they take their cue from whoever is on top at the moment. When good men are the rulers and the pilgrim-makers for society, the population as a whole will reflect this, and people with no originality or sense of moral direction on their own, will nevertheless support the highest aims of their society.
    But when evil men rule, as has been the case in America for many years now, most of the population will wallow happily in degeneracy of the worst kind, and will self righteously parrot every filthy and destructive idea that they have been taught.‘
    Not only do Matt and WNsts fail to see the consequence of this, but they openly vilify those like Mathews who would take Pierce’s at face value.
    *I can’t help but feel sorry in a way for the women who will share such a fate, even if they deserve it. Naturally our race’s female counterparts will follow an authority figure which seems even the slightest bit patriarchal. Our women have had the bad roll of the dice.

  8. @jack,
    women, like men, must ever fight their #1 weakness: men, their dicks. women, wanting the [present] alpha-male.

    1. Women have repeatedly shown they aren’t capable of protecting themselves from male interest absent of male supervision. The national sex scandals we hear about (keeping in consideration how much of the accusations were from regretful sluts, bitter used up sluts, and sluts desperate for attention/cash) show this, as does the antics in the Congo.

      1. lots of men — a majority? — aren’t very good at dick control, either. so both sexes suffer at the effects of irrational behaviour at the hands of their limbic systems + oxytocin. i think nature needs to tweak it’s reproductive resource. for the benefit of both sexes. i.e., less anxiety.

  9. @matt,
    i get your point about patience and dogged persistence. can’t fault the joo for exhibiting that level of focus for tribal gains. i just can’t accept their other gross faults, non-assimilation and not respecting the laws of the societies they choose to live in. everywhere they live, their operate above the law. i.e., their jungle law’er. not rule of law. who wants that kind of virus infecting their lives?
    unfortunately for whitie, the whitie masses appear to choose rather to suck at the teats of MSM entertainment rather than pay the prices of personal sacrifice and physical comfort — for generations — to see their WN dream become reality. our masses simply don’t have the dogged pursuit of a tribal goal to match the lawless joo.

  10. Jack,
    The lack of realism in your complaints is signified by your reference to fantastic novels that stipulate the philosophy we both love. But those novels are fantasy. FANTASY!
    They were written to encourage the rage disconsolate youth felt hoping to turn a cult following into a political movement. And by one man who ultimately could not even control his own group which fell into embarrassing dissolution! You immaturely see them as a prescription for change. They are just fodder for anger Jack, not a basis for any strategy. No serious sociologist, political adviser or military professional would deign to consider them as in any way realistic.
    White Nationalism will not attain power by conflict in the streets – just as the Left will not. Majority sentiment will never be swayed by ’street toughs‘. The majority will see them as they are: an excess of testosterone by kids and malign adults working out their personal psychological dysfunction with politics as the excuse. This attitudinal incoherence is exactly what inspires ISIS today and their criminality convinces no one of the justification of their cause.
    To gain power you must first gain respect. For our movement, as it is now, to be classified as proto-terrorists, brings us down to the level of ISIS. You seem to be arguing for more of the same!
    In the 1920’s, Hitler took boys of your ilk and put them in the SA as they were a necessary element for protection of the party meetings and those ’street battles‘ where the Left would not allow the Right to demonstrate.
    But later the SA became the bane of his movement because they’re anger could not be controlled and they were seen by the establishment and military as immature. IMMATURE!
    But those past times did not have the technology to control ‚revolt‘ that exists now. Large street demonstrations and riots are only ‚allowed‘ now by the government as political theater. They have the ‚Crowd Control Technology‘ to instantly quash any mass movement. So not only is your ‚attitude‘ wrong, your tactics are no longer feasible. You and your kind are dinosaurs Jack!
    Now IF society falls apart and anarchy reigns, you will have your day. Until then, education, strategy, and developing our own communities where our philosophy is promoted are our best options.

    1. …reference to fantastic novels that stipulate the philosophy we both love. But those novels are fantasy. FANTASY!

      I was the one who referenced Pierce’s novel, and I am afraid you are the one who does not understand.
      A couple of days ago I changed the subtitle of this blog to „Just follow the white rabbit“ and today I added Alice’s rabbit pic to those articles I feel will unplug the noble, albeit plugged visitor, from the Matrix.
      Today I also added, as the second article beside such pic, Andrew Hamilton’s „Flawed Racism“. Hamilton based his views on Pierce’s novel: which contains the most insightful vision into the whys of white degeneracy.
      Education cannot work when people surrender their will to evil or stupidity. Whites need to suffer—a lot if they are going to amend their ways. To put it bluntly, even if I could manage the resources to study the skulls of what remains of Biblical times and it’s demonstrated beyond doubt that those characters were Semites, not Aryans (the „education“ you idealise), that wouldn’t make a dent in the worldview of your CI pals, and precisely because they have already surrendered their will to evil and stupidity.
      Also, to continue to be frank, I don’t believe that you will follow the rabbit to the point of unplugging yourself from our parents‘ evil religion.

    2. Matthew. I can only harbour so much patience.
      On the one hand you are telling me to masturbate to a 2000 year old book about a desert demon and his stone flesh light, and on the other hand you are ranting (with actual exclamation marks) about how I am promoting fantasy.
      What is the most annoying about this whole thing, is that you are ignoring me at every turn. You are a “man“ stuck in an echo chamber
      where his teenage fantasies rule his reality.
      ‚Hitler took boys of your ilk‘
      I would recommend you don’t call me a boy. Every comment you make is reminiscent of someone who is 20 years behind everybody else in his maturity. You littering your words with capital letters and exclamation marks do not make you seem smarter and they do not bring your point across any clearer. It makes you look like you are trying to hard.
      You belong in Sunday school with 5 year old boys. Not in The West’s Darkest Hour.

  11. C.T. –
    I was ‚unplugged‘ from my parents religion before you were born. You sadly see the Pauline deviation as the only values the ‚Bible‘ elicits.
    However dominant it might be, it is foolish to allow ourselves to condemn part of it as if it represents the whole. There are other valid theories that turn Pauline salvationism on its head. Blatant Old Testament racism by Jehovah supports our view. What better ally could we have then ‚God‘ on our side?
    Although Pierce’s novel(s) do define the reasons for White degeneracy, it also deviates into the realm of fantasy by its assertions of a grandiose ‚guerilla war‘ and white vigilantism. Even if whole sale gun confiscation were to incite violence, the organizational capacity for massive armed resistance would be lacking. Outside of the fracturing of the American establishment – the military breaking apart into racist groups for instance, a feasible revolt is outside the capacity of the normal weapons ‚we‘ could acquire. This is exactly why the Taliban for instance will not engage U.S. forces in direct combat outside of the odd ambush and electronically detonated bombs – they simply don’t have the technical skills or the weapons. We would be in the same boat.
    As to ‚education not working‘ – you are educating people as are the many other White websites. We don’t need a majority, but a dedicated minority, as Pierce was beginning to form before his lack of leadership and undoubted Jewish sabotage sundered a developing political movement. Our numbers still empower us. It is just a matter of ‚connecting‘ in a culturally plausible way to those Whites that know they are now becoming a minority.
    That’s why I support what you ask me not to mention because it is the best method to do that. Violence will only traumatize those people who would support us. ‚They‘ have to be brought to a higher level of our Ethic to understand its validity and applicability. You cannot have an ‚Einsatzgruppen‘ until you have a corp of SS men who are educated.

    1. You misread my comment. I did not say that Pierce’s novel is a blueprint of what will happen. Only that he psychoanalyses well white degeneracy.

      I was ‘unplugged’ from my parents religion before you were born.

      Sorry but no. You are not an apostate from Christianity, only a semi- or pseudo-apostate. Real apostates don’t harbour any residue of the Xtian malware in their minds (e.g. CI, the silly Orthodox Xtianity of the two Matts or Anglin’s naïve neonazi Xtianity).
      When I believed in parapsychology, and that’s long after I rejected theism, I ignored that belief in “psi” was a form of secularised Christianity. Only when I read Nicholas Humphrey’s Leaps of Faith I realised that my apostasy was incomplete. In a nutshell, believing in paranormal miracles like psychokinesis was, in my mind, a tail of the introjects that my father had inculcated me as a child (Jesus’ miracles). When in the early 1990s I published my stuff in parapsychology journals I was completely unaware that I had a virus of the mind. Leaps of Faith helped me to make the final step to real apostasy. But that’s very hard to do.

      Violence will only traumatize those people who would support us.

      I disagree. In the next days I’ll start adding a few quotable quotes from Mason’s Siege about the use of violence.