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  1. Most in the movement seem to believe our race can survive without killing its enemies. Talk about killing non-whites makes them nervous, talk about killing Jews and they want to avoid you. Almost everyone in the movement will admit we are in a war with the Jews. In war you kill your enemy. How many Jews have white males killed? Very few. I hear some say that the Jews way of waging war is cowardly in contrast with the Aryan way of using open violence on the battlefield. So where are all these brave Aryan males openly killing Jews? Of course they are nowhere because it is white males who are cowards not Jews. And that is why we shall go extinct.
    It’s a fact that our race cannot continue to inhabit this planet without the use of violence. Our ancestors killed their enemies in the past, we used to be a race of warriors but today we seem to think we can win without shedding blood.
    If white females don’t have more white children our race will eventually disappear because our birthrate is below replacement level. Yet we can’t expect white women to just go and have more children for their race, especially in our Jewish-liberal societies where the possibility for birth control, abortion, careerism and miscegenation exists. White Men have to create the environment necessary for White women to have more children. That can’t be done without government powers i.e. having a monopoly on armed force in an ethnostate. And to create an ethnostate will involve killing our enemies.
    Whites can want their race to survive all they want. If they don’t kill their enemies they will perish from the earth regardless of what they want. You can’t beat Nature and Nature doesn’t tolerate the survival of weaklings.

    1. As we see in Apocalypse for Whites, the ‚cowardly‘ Jews in ancient times were perfectly willing to exterminate the Hominids that did not belong to their tribe. They still are, as a matter of fact, never mind how ‚cowardly‘ the tactics are.
      Compare this with the Alt-Right, what Mason called ‚movementarians‘. Which of these two specimens would Natural Law see as worthy of anything it has to offer?
      I think there is little point speculating whether the White race will survive or not. The pertinent question is how it will survive.
      SIEGE does the best job in giving those answers.

      1. Personally, I’m sick of this moralistic whining about how ‚evil‘ the Jews are for serving their interests instead of ours. Do people think a race as tiny as the Jews can rise to rule the world with an iron first for as long as they have by being ‚good‘? (good in the Christian sense of good i.e. an inoffensive, docile sheep). If they act ruthlessly while convincing their enemies to behave like forgiving sheep, rendering them harmless goyim then more fool the Aryans.
        I saw a poster recently of the numerous genocides the Jews were responsible for in the 20th century alone; the Armenian massacre, the Holodomor, the Holocaust of the Gerrmans in the 40’s, the genocide of the Palestinians etc. and I thought „is it any wonder the Jews are winning?“ One commenter on The Occidental Dissent said „Aryans talk tough, Jews act tough.“ Jews are actually out there running the world and Aryans at most just talk about what the Jews are doing. Jews ACT, Aryans REACT. There are those who say the Jews methods are cowardly. Nature is full of animals that use cowardly tactics to survive, including humans by and large (witness our cowardly abuse of animals). Parasites use cowardly tactics all the time (and the Jews are a human parasite). The means are not what matters. What matters is the end. The real world recognizes only the fact of triumph, no matter how attained.
        If the White race does go extinct it won’t be unfair or anything like that. It will be richly deserved. Nature doesn’t make mistakes in her elimination of species from the competition of life. Up to 200 species are going extinct everyday, most of them because they can’t adapt to humans. If Aryans go extinct it would only be conclusive proof that we were an inferior species that was biologically obsolete. Extinction is justice.
        As to the question of how the White race will survive, I see very few people discussing this, probably because it involves the use of violence and they are afraid of ‚getting in trouble‘. So the movement will continue to moan about the problem while never discussing the solution seriously. I know all species have to reproduce and kill their enemies to survive. White women have to have an average of 2.1 children for our race to halt its declining numbers and above 2.1. children if we are to raise our numbers and reverse our decline. But that won’t be done without white males utilizing violence to create the right environment for raising our race’s low birthrate. So it’s kill to reproduce. If white males weren’t cowards they would by now be carrying out lone wolf attacks on Jews in response to White Genocide. Serious revolutionary fanatics are not deterred by the threat of prison, torture or death. But white males are not serious fanatics. We are moral cowards and that is why we are going extinct.

      2. If white males weren’t cowards they would by now be carrying out lone wolf attacks on Jews in response to White Genocide.

        But not always cowards. Remember how in pre-Xtian times Titus under Vespasian’s orders and Lusius Quietus under Trajan’s command handled the rebellious Jews.
        Presently, no WNst that I know celebrates those Roman victories IMHO because they subscribe Christian ethics, even secularists like Greggy and Spencer.
        Altright/WN is a farce. Only Hitlerism is legit.

      3. No white males weren’t always cowards in fact quite the opposite. This cowardice is something very recent and kind of unexplainable to me (though there must be a logical explanation). As recently as WWII white males displayed extreme courage and valor in war, especially the Germans (in particular the SS). But since then our courage seems to have vanished completely. Let’s hope this period is only a brief lethargy and the White Man shall soon recover his ancient courage.

  2. It is because our race did not evolve to live life in metropolitan cities, with no semblance of anything natural, with diesel exhaust being pumped into their faces everyday since birth. They did not evolve to consume their mother’s milk outside of the breast, where it loses its nutrition and lifelong effects. It did not evolve to work in an office, sitting on a cushioned chair and typing pointless garbage for the System’s benefit.
    These are few of many factors which have lead to an increasing amount of oestrogenisation among the average White male. This is connected to the fact that in order to not make the race cowardly, it needs the things listed above taken away from it. No breakfast, some semblance of a lunch, but no dinner. No Rolls Royce. No going to see degenerate Connor McGregor in Madison Square Garden. No Social Media. No TV. Then I think we can see some progress.

  3. Lone Wolf Attacks as a means of ‚revenge‘ or a means of consolidating and encouraging Aryan males to think racially?
    Just what is the strategy here? The conversation deviates into questions of social manipulation that ruins White male courage …
    If White male courage is the problem will isolated attacks by morally awake Aryans lead to elevation of the movement or repression?
    Then there is the matter of the moral sensibility of society generally which is under the thrall of Christian ethics and earnestly believes that what they will condemn as murder is a perverse action. Would not attacking that moral base from the New Testament with Old Testament ethics not help?
    I would suggest that living in a society predetermines the ethical base we must accept to avoid repression from the government. Consequently, Lone Wolf Attacks are sure to only complicate the opportunity of creating separate communities. Stealth is the better tactic, as the Jews have proved for millenia … Since we need to kill to have Lebenspraum, we better have our own territory first by which we can encourage guerilla war in places where the enemy lives. How did North Vietnam conquer South Vietnam?
    Please consider that Hitler could not have gone to war against the Jews until he was in possession of a state, just as Pierce shows in his Turner Diaries with the U.S. splitting into new White Only lands …

    1. Can you please either piss off or do some actual fucking research?
      Your argument boils down to ‚This idea makes me nervous‘.
      Anyone should be able to see that this is what Christianity creates: This contemptible level of thinking.
      Jack Frost explained these types of people best:
      ‚Tell us, please, how you expect to take back the media, the government, and academia without violence. What magic words are you going to utter that your adversaries are just going to shrug and hand over power without a fight? Frankly, I have no idea what you mean by an educational project, when at the same time you claim that hardly anything has been done in that regard up to now.‘
      ‚It would be more accurate to say they (White Nationalists) are losers, not winners. They are immature fools who expect a race war to be fought—by white people anyway—by Marques of Queensberry rules.
      ‚Also hysterical: their claim that on the one hand, Jews control the media, and on the other that their own actions have something to do with the way they are portrayed in that media. They will tell you they understand, but it obviously still hasn’t penetrated their skulls that they are going to be demonized no matter what they do.
      ‚That’s how we get these loons who claim to be white advocates, who are more upset about the loss of nine negroes than they are about poor Mr. Roof, who, taking his manifesto at face value, has sacrificed his own life for his race. In truth, and by every principle of Darwinism, the white race would be infinitely better off without any negroes at all.
      ‚So long as this kind of non-thinking prevails, the status quo will continue, and whites will continue to be victims. After a while, you begin to suspect that that’s what these pretenders want. They like being victims because they think it gives them a superior moral position, and it also frees them from the painful and dangerous responsibility of taking action. The whole thing is really quite nauseating.‘

  4. Can you please answer my questions? Well, actually, you can’t, can you?
    STRATEGIC THINKING Jack is neither whimsical or cowardly. Whimsy is what you deal with in all your comments. One plans in order to succeed. Your ‚kind‘ only reacts.
    My concept in no way abhors violence. It recognizes it as an essential method once one has an organization to support it. Hitler did not succeed through anarchy. That’s why he condemned – when it started to get extreme as a social condition – Kristallnacht, because it brought the ire of foreign powers that affected Germany’s economy. And then, once strategically enabled, he wiped the Jews out.
    You apparently believe that the ’non-scripted‘ actions of mass killing by isolated ideologues actually comports to White consolidation. It does exactly the opposite in the ‚Christian Millieu‘ we sadly exist in. It turns Whites against our movement who will eventually come to us as ‚victims‘ of Black crime and social upheaval. Then we will have the numbers AND the moral sense beyond mere hate to mobilize for the race war we need. We need discipline and planning. You are undisciplined and therefore cannot plan. Haven’t you read The Turner Diaries ‚Mister, do your research‘ – Discipline was the key Jack …

    1. You dick-eaters really need to think before talking so much trash.
      You really don’t want to hear the other point of view. This is why you fail.
      I have read The Turner Diaries. you haven’t. If you did, you wouldn’t talk utter garbage.
      Your moral sense is purely Christian, therefore, not worth my time. Not worth any White advocates time

      1. > ‚Your moral sense is purely Christian‘
        That’s exactly what I tried to tell him in the other thread: that he’s a pseudo-apostate from the religion of his parents, not a real apostate as we presently are.

  5. @Anaxagoras
    By your reply [Editor's note: some of Anaxagoras' trolling comments have been deleted], you show that you are not interested in actually paying attention to my ideas.
    I have already explained that we lack resources and White terrorists should be directing their attacks at multiple targets which have a lot of influence in that nation.
    The most I could do is go to the closest Synagogue to me with a Swiss army knife and work my way from there.
    That would not do a thing in the long run. I have already stated this.
    If you could just read before commenting, that would be nice…
    As for your comment on White children. That should be in response to Walsh’s comment. He spoke about the birth rate, not me.
    You propose continuing to keep blowing in the wind. Very well, then show us the way.

    1. You’re absolutely right: just compare our resources with those of bin Laden. And very few are as rich as Breivik, who spent more than half a million dollars for his lone-wolf attack.

      1. ISIS are, being Arabs, naturally idiotic with their power. They puck up a Kalashnikov and shoot it. They are monkeys.
        If we had what they have, we would get very, very far. We would probably need a generous, rich White man to fund us. Or more than one.
        It is a shame this power has fallen into the hands of misusers.

      2. The same questions for you, C.T.:
        – how many white children do you have?
        – when can we expect you to carry out the violence you expect from others?
        I want to know if you’re just a talker who urges others to ruin their lives while you sit on your sweaty fat Mestizo arse translating books.

        1. Of course it is Tom Rogers. The fact that he calls my refutations ’self-serving‘. That is typical of him.
          It seems our previous heated discussion, which he turned into a dick measuring contest tipped him over the edge a bit. Perhaps he realised that labelling something ‚irrelevant waffle‘ constantly is not an argument.

      3. P.S. This banned Troll ignores that I have always said that we must wait until the dollar crashes, inspired in Little Finger’s lapidary phrase „Chaos is a Ladder“.
        And by the way, I’ve never advocated having kids immediately, only after there are liberated zones from ZOG.

  6. Dickie/Greggy/MW ECT. Have a tolerable existence as they have support of the masses. The masses are by nature, never meant to show truly revolutionary attitudes. Truly revolutionary attitudes are to be expressed by a select few, like the few who like SIEGE and The Turner Diaries. We shouldn’t be trying to educate them or radicalise them further. They were only meant to stop short at masturbating to The Daily Stormer, going no further. They are pointless maggots, born and bred to sleepwalk through life. What the radicals need are not numbers, but resources (some weapons, brains and bollocks).

    1. All these Movementarians like Matthew Crawford do is talk, talk, talk.
      They talk about talking, is what it really boils down to. They go to rallies, screaming into microphones, regurgitating the same dead end talking points as they have done so for decades. They think this does a lick of damage.
      But let’s just say that they did somehow ‚win‘ a rally/speech:
      What would happen then?
      Richard Spencer and co. would sit twiddling their thumbs until they were taken away by the police or whatever other government boot, and the cycle would continue.

    2. If I had the resources I’d modify with the aid of computers the opening scene of Full Metal Jacket with me as Sargent Hartmann and top WNsts as the grunts I try they man up. It would be hilarious…

      1. I can never see that scene the same way now.
        Joker would be Spencer (showing his war face). Very ironic.
        Pvt Pyle, I think would be Anglin. It is fitting as Pyle is constantly smiling before being made to strangle himself. Like him, Anglin thinks everything is a joke.
        But then you have others like Mike Enoch. I will think more about who he would be.

      2. My idea would be to show RamzPaul as the jocker I as Sgnt. Hartman punches on the belly; and the other grunts would be Jared Taylor looking much younger, Greggy, Hunter Wallace, the two Matts, James Edwards in addition to those you mention and still others. I would also put the face of Colin Liddell as the one who plays that stupid fatty grunt with his pants down and sucking his thumb while the others march (an actual scene in the film). Anti-German Liddell would be the whipping boy of my clip…

  7. In addition to being hilarious, it would serve as good propaganda. I am reminded of a chapter in Mein Kampf, where Hitler complains that the Great War propaganda was in the hands of the inept. He wished that he was controlling it.
    If Goodrich is the Solzhenitsyn of our times, and Jack Frost is the Nietzsche of our times, then you are the Goebbels of our times.

  8. I am also tired of this talking point that the ‚Ethno state‘ will have free speech and be Libertarian. Anglin espouses this, Spencer espouses this. Hell, even Covington has this ‚complete freedom of speech‘ nonsense in his NWF constitution.
    Compare this with NS Germany. Making a joke which remotely implied a ridiculing nature about Hitler was threatened with time in a prison/concentration camp.
    Perhaps the idea of free-speech and democracy are in inherently Aryan, but that does not make it good. Christianity took advantage of these traits within our race’s soul.
    At this point free speech has been proven to debilitate the Aryan spirit. A dictatorship is needed. A strict control of media outlets and information, of the film industry and book publishing. If it helps Aryans thrive and survive, then it is what we need.
    The Chinese and North Koreans understand this as common sense. Why can’t we? what is so hard, besides the fact that it makes their Christian side uncomfortable?

    1. Presently we need 1st Amendment at least in the US. But in most of Europe’s history the Church had absolute control of the media. If the evil Church had such control, why shouldn’t a good 4th Reich control the media too?
      Even exterminationists such as feminist Covington and libertarian Linder cannot see that it’s impossible to mix liberties with a pure Aryan state. They still subscribe the Enlightenment’s naive vision of Men; that they’re good, etc.
      We know of course that most of them are exterminable Neanderthals, as I said in ‚A postscript to Dies Irae‘ and more seriously in my last book (which introduction appears in Day of Wrath).

  9. Jack –
    Are you really 16 years old? I thought the British were taught to respect their elders. In any case, I suspected your youth due to the lack of logic, insight, the grossness of your language, and your impulsiveness.
    My replies to you have been consistent, fact-based, and responsive to the actual needs of the movement. In other words, respectful. But you are incapable of objective examination as you are controlled by emotion. It’s not a complaint because, as you say, you are16. Yet this blog deserves more than your blather child.
    You have inappropriately, in your desperation to be a cynosure, insisted that I not engage in conversation with persiflage. You have your wish. I will never address a child again as a man. It’s contrary to the enlightenment this blog can fulfill. I will therefore no longer lend you an undeserved ‚dignity‘ by replying.
    You need to listen more and talk less make-believe man, as any adult will tell you. Than perhaps you will actually become useful as opposed to merely being loud.
    C.T. – you need to tell me if you want my commentary anymore.

    1. Matthew. please can I just explain the problem here?
      When you have to pull the ‚I am your elder‘ card, as a means of an argument in itself, you don’t have one and can stop typing at that point.
      If you are going to sit there, saying with a straight face that your beliefs in a giant Jew in the sky and your craven arguments about ‚education‘ (which are not based in reality) are fact based, then you have lost.
      You do not have an argument. What you do have is am R rated Dr Seuss book about a desert demon and his path towards the extermination of the Goyim around him.
      But this did not have to go this far. We have, countless of times, told you to leave nicely, again, and again. Then we realised it wasn’t working. So we told you bluntly: ‚Piss off!‘
      You have no argument, Matty. You merely have a superficial air of ’serenity‘ and ‚logic‘ about you.
      But it seems this has all ran off like water. I wasn’t expecting less from a Christian.
      What it really boils down to is my unadulterated hatred for your kind (the Christians). Even more than I hate Jews. I am not even kidding. Want to know why?
      Because, for millennia, you kind has been murdering mine. In places where it would not have been possible for Jews, your people filled in FOR them. You murdered the beautiful world of the Viking Age Scandinavians, enforced Christianity upon an eternally beautiful people, destroyed their beautiful religion and replaced it with your sinister death cult. This happened all over Europe, to the Visigoths, the Romans, the Germans. You burned the temples and the art. The gymnasiums; any semblance of anything Aryan. Instead of helping the Spaniards who were under the yoke of the Moors (C.T.s ancestors), your kind left them to rot and suffer while you went to Israel to ‚take back the Holy Land‘ for the Jews.
      Would you still like to know why I hate you so much?

    2. It is pretty funny being called cynosure by someone who preaches Christianity at an anti-Christian blog, which has told him countless of times that it doesn’t want to hear his antics…
      It is an innocence which would be almost endearing if it was not so poisonous.

    3. „What it really boils down to is my unadulterated hatred for your kind (the Christians). Even more than I hate Jews“.

      I could not have said it better…

  10. @C.T
    I know that you subscribe to Hitler’s beliefs that an NS government should tolerate but reject all religions. That is okay, but i would go further.
    They can practice any they like, barring Christianity, Judaism (obviously) and perhaps Buddhism. Supposedly the SS burned Churches in occupied territories (though I may be wrong), and I see no reason for the Hitlerist government we envision to not do the same, just to everyone this time, including its own citizens. I see no reason not to burn their bibles, their churches (except the most beautiful, like Notre Dame Cathedral), kill and make suffer the priests, and as for the nuns, I would not object to the outright rape of those cute little creatures (Just some fantasies of mine…)
    Maybe ‚religions will die of their own accord‘ but I no longer have the patience. This is not the 1940s.
    Matthew Crawford and his ilk are just as culpable for our suffering than the Jew. But at least the Jews have an excuse: making room for their race. What is theirs?

    1. Of course Matt et al are to blame for jewish takeover, which is why he is not welcomed here.
      As to Hitler, we must distinguish between the politician (his many public speeches) and the philosopher (his table talks). If you want to rule over a nation of Body-snatched Christians, you cannot advertise your anti-Christianity publicly. But you may plan the destruction of it privately.
      Some days ago I received an email from Germany that I’ll quote this morning that relates with what you said above…

      1. Of course, you must hide it because the hatred of Christianity seems to alienate more people than Swastika waving. Even Rockwell thought it in the movement’s interest to seem extremely pro Christian, constantly using ‚European Christian‘ as a descriptive term. I have always known Hitler’s expediency was just that: opportunism. True Hitlerists will need to get their ideology from the Table Talks. My Worldview has been radicalised reading them on top of The Turner Diaries and SIEGE.
        have you banned Matt, or are you referring to his religion?

      2. Tom Rogers was banned for uncivilly. But not Matt even though no Christian is welcome in my cave (I am a hermit philosopher, not a politician).