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  1. The goyim are both gullible and stupid. The Jew’s programming master stroke was to convince the stupid goyim to never even look at any evidence running contrary to the Jew’s „official word“. To do so is to personally attack the poor persecuted Jew who suffered at the hands of the Naadzees.
    Why Jews weigh so heavily on the minds of those knowing nothing of the people they slavishly support, remains a mystery. In fact these fools won’t even entertain the thought that there might be a genuine, altruistic motive behind what the hated „anti-Semites“ are trying to convey to them. They know „anti-Semites irrationally hate Jews for no other reason than they are Jews! And who in the media might question that oft repeated Jewish meme?
    I cannot count the number of violent reactions and withering expressions of horror I have encountered when raising questions about the Hallowedhoax. One would think they were personally attacking the gullible idiot’s family. I have fully alienated several family members for countering the Jew’s „big lie.“ Apparently, for the stupid goyim Jew blood is thicker than their own.
    This thought process runs throughout all levels of the white racial structure and their culture. It’z just a matter of degrees at what point people begin rejecting truth.

    1. Re WW2: You cannot enter with your redpill thru the front door. You really need go to the back door: the Holocaust committed by the Allies themselves.
      Yesterday I met a 78-year-old erudite in Mexico of Spanish ancestry; he was even talking in Latin with a friend. I told him that The Archipelago was the first step in my awakening about the Hellstorm holocaust.
      If I had used the front door he would have closed his (extremely erudite) mind immediately. But my back door tactic always does the trick.

    2. ‚Church=Globalist system
      Unquestionable dogmas=Holocaust, PC Multiracialism
      Inquisition=The Press, NGOs
      Heretics=“Ultra-rightists“, revisionists, dissident scientists
      New untouchable taboos=Holocaust, racism, Nazism, Fascism, anti-Semitism, machismo, homophobia… and eugenics
      Witch hunts=Scandals and trials of great dissidents or any suspect of racism/patriotism (Info wars patriotards are left untouched)
      Repentant pioneers like Galileo=James Watson
      Burning at the stake=Ostracism, defamation, condemnation, imprisonment, boycott and even physical aggression
      And of course, we have the usual Pharisees: great finance and media magnates, progressives and ambitious politicians who would sell their brother for money and notoriety, NGOs that scam the unwary taxpayer and live on subsidies parasites, rickety and burned bureaucrats, rude and mediocre officials, legal professionals who are supported by injustice and lies, decedent parasites, even scientists who try to stomp their co-workers, playing the ball to the system no matter how corrupt it may be and using each one of those fallen in disgrace as a particular step on their ladder towards one does not know very well where (any worker knows well the psychological profile that is being described). All of them, together, represents the counter-evolution, the destructive antithetical and disintegrating currents in the bosom of humanity: the defectives of the species, which impede its evolution towards superior life forms, changing it to the miserable, the mediocre and the servile.‘
      This has been partially edited from EVROPA SOBERANA: The heretics arsenal – great personalities defend eugenics.