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  1. I don’t understand your expectations. Why would the bringing up of allied crimes change anything? According to liberal worldview, anybody who is not liberal is not human and thus enemy worth of total destruction by any means available. They do not have human rights. Sunic perfectly described this mindset.
    So how do you expect that knowledge of Hellstorm would make impact in current liberal zeitgeist? Libtards, who respond only to hard power and use humanitarianism and universalism just as a tool to secure their own, would just exclaim that evil nazis deserved it.

    1. What do you mean? Doesn’t it seem obvious to you that if people wake up to the fact that the WW2 narrative is false, they would rebel more against mass migration?
      Don’t you think that if there were ten times more museums, documentaries and films about the Hellstorm Holocaust than the Jewish „holocaust“ Westerners would change their view of the world?
      Only in the Soviet Union they killed 60 million, in addition to the millions that Americans killed after 1945. Genocide in peacetime is a thousand times more reprehensible than „genocide“ in times of war.
      Are you so dense that you don’t see the obvious?

      1. My remark was essentialy that the response of many people to Hellstorm Holocaust would be that hey were ‚le evil nazis‘ and they deserved it. What is to be done about that?

      2. ‚…would be‘? That is a very weird guess: There’s no chance in hell that after dozens of museums and films, and hundreds of TV documentaries about the real holocaust, westerners would still be plugged in the Matrix.

  2. It’s my personal experience. We have unearthed more than half a thousand mass graves of communist summary executions after the second world war. The figures run in more than hundred thousand people, and that is the country of 2 mil. population and 20.000 square meters.
    The majority of liberals respond to this with „they deserved it“ or „it was war“ (even though it happened after it) and cling further to their myths of good allies and le ebil nazis.

    1. You are not listening. They say what they say because winners of a war write history and there’s no film industry demonizing Lenin and Stalin and Eisenhauer. If Hitler had won, what you listen would be directed at the other side.