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  1. I think Hunter’s arguments are sound and are well made, especially when he made them at greater length in his essay „American nationalism isn’t white nationalism“, EXCEPT for his fatal embrace of Christianity. The argument that Christianity and racism have shown themselves to be compatible because at times in the past, a majority of Christians behaved in ways that would now be considered racist, is weak. This is because the human capacity for hypocrisy is nearly infinite. Yet what does Jesus rail against more than just about anything? Yep, you guessed it, hypocrisy. So the universalistic assumptions of Christianity are destined sooner or later to be expressed. The Christian worldview leads inevitably to the current situation, which is a racial disaster for whites.
    On the other hand, I can see the reasons for Greg’s position, as well as this strange position Hunter has on Christianity. Steve Sailer has famously called the American left „a coalition of the fringes“, but this is also true on the right. Some sub-elements of the alt-right coalition are:
    Hardcore antisemites
    Holocaust revisionists
    Authoritarians and badgelickers (i.e., „law ’n‘ order, support your local police“ types)
    Trekkies and technophiles (this type thinks man’s destiny is to „walk among the stars“, or want to upload their consciousness into computers, or become a cyborg, etc.)
    Nazi LARPers and fantasists (they’re living in the past)
    Defenders of „civilization“ and „tradition“ (likewise)
    Race-„realists“ and racists
    Nationalists, both civic and white
    „Christians“ (put in quotes because they are deluded, and considered heretical by the vast majority of other Christians)
    Proponents of „game“
    Eugenicists and IQ fetishists vs. race preservationists
    Eggheads and Darwinians
    FBI agents
    Hustlers of various types
    This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s fairly comprehensive. An individual alt-rightist can also be a member of more than one subgroup.
    Understanding the right in this way explains why it has never made any progress, and likely will make none in the future. All of these elements are pulling in quite different directions, like a vehicle with drive wheels pointed every which way instead of straight ahead. There’s no single goal; no overarching plan, but rather many contradictory goals and many conflicting, unrealistic plans. But „leaders“ of the alt-right such as Greg and Hunter have to work with what they’ve got. They fancy themselves political organizers, and rejecting Christianity alienates too big a fraction of their potential support base. Likewise, rejecting American nationalism is toxic to another part of their potential base. This problem doesn’t appear to have a solution.

      1. I agree. Nothing less than a complete collapse of the technological system will save the white race, and the entire planet. We don’t know whether this collapse will be deliberately induced, or happen by accident as an unintended consequence of the system’s own relentless expansion. Perhaps even as I write this there is, somewhere, some genius working on a virus that, set loose, will bring the system down!

  2. There’s no single goal; no overarching plan, but rather many contradictory goals and many conflicting, unrealistic plans.
    quite the opposite of The Tribe. and likely why The Tribe repeatedly ends up „owning.“