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  1. Ah, so you saw my back and forth with Thordaddy, did you? That’s embarrassing.
    I never should have paid attention to him. I should have taken your advice when you warned me about him being a troll: Ignore him. Same with this „Nemo“ fellow who doesn’t seem to stop.
    At the very least I could have told him „Nobody is talking to you“ and left it at that. You simply cannot have an argument with a crazy person. I sunk to my lowest low. They way I started talking to him I only did out of perceived necessity. I feel silly for it (i.e „suck your mummy’s titties“ ETC).
    Which makes me ask: Is he crazy? A troll? From what I can tell he desperately wants attention, hence why he only talks to me, and why his comments have a subtle snarky quality to them.