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  1. One never knows. The first thing you know, it’s the last thing you know.
    The fact is the the entire planet is under all out, aggressive assault by Jewish money mongers. As John Kaminski pointed out, the land, seas, air and food are filled with poisons. More poisons are being injected into the environment daily. Species are becoming extinct at an unnatural and unprecedented rate.
    Thanks to aerial spraying (chemtrails), global warming has become a self-fulfilled prophecy. Fifty years of atmospheric spraying programs have created a vicious cycle of melting polar ice caps that release methane and other gasses into the atmosphere. The atmospheric haze layer created by the spraying, blocks the sun and traps these gases that in turn exacerbate global warming. The end result will be what has been termed the “Venus effect”, a planet whose surface temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
    All the while paid Jew sycophants run around screaming how global warming can and must be stopped by spraying aluminum particles into the atmosphere. Sham “scientists” terrorize the world with reports of holes in the ozone layer, yet the HARP project creates ever widening holes in the ozone layer. The world has gone mad.
    The atmospheric aluminum poisoning is also creating biological anomalies among the human population. Aluminum is linked to dementia and autism. There is no better way to induce aluminum poisoning then by inhalation of microscopic aluminum particles.
    Aerial spraying of aluminum particulate, combined with vaccination programs, are predicted to create a one in two autism rate among children by 2025. One in two? Who will take care of these children? How much of the planet’s dwindling resources will be consumed by caring for those who contribute nothing but grief and suffering for those tasked with their care? Think about how many people you know personally that have family members who are mentally disabled in some manner.
    And while the poisoned planet dies, western civilization is flooded with mud people that are little more than ravaging, raping, murdering animals, plundering the remains of the white world’s carcass. The last white people are being slaughtered in Africa with the rest of western civilization not far behind.
    The west and its white race are finished. (((They))) killed it 100 years ago. The dead white man’s hand clutches a note that reads, “If we don’t do something soon, we’re finished.” Christianity is the least of the white man’s worry in this poisoned, judaized world of murder and mayhem.

    1. Did you know: Varg Vikernes claimed in a video of his that people who believe in chemtrails are „idiots“ (his words, not mine), because they „have zero evidence“ for this and, on top of that, „why would the Government spend billions to fly planes over our heads?“
      This is the same Varg who said in a video that he believed in reincarnation, but claimed in the same video that he had no evidence to back it up.
      Varg Vikernes also thinks that Autistic Whites (he uses to term „European“ exclusively instead of „White“ or „Aryan“ to give off the effect of having original ideas) are genetically superior to non Autistic Whites. He omits to explain what the deal is with Autistic non-Whites – Are they genetically superior to non-Autistic Whites?
      Varg does try to rationalise this. He claims that Neanderthals were Autistic (he does not seem to give a source) and claims that because Neanderthals were the most evolved Hominid of their time (never mind that they were not the most evolved Hominid of their time), those who have the most Neanderthal blood must be the most superior genetically.
      One eventually comes to the conclusion that he is trying to appease his wife, whom is autistic. One may also come to the conclusion that he is insane… And not that smart.
      But the other things you say are cool as well. Like how people claim to care about the environment, all the while they are killing it. In Britain for example, recycling was found out to be a Government con. Recycling never actually works in Britain – It is used to illicit sympathy out of people and subsequently their money.
      I honestly think people are so focused on the Ozone layer that they fundamentally don’t care about the extinction of animals, and mass deforestation, and mass industrialisation.
      Cesar once made a post claiming that if PETA really cared about animals they would be more Racist than they presently are. It is mostly non-Whites killing animals, though Whites have played their role.

      1. I think Varg means „introverted“ when he says autisitc. Extraversion tends to be manifested in outgoing, talkative, energetic behavior, whereas introversion is manifested in more reserved and solitary behavior

        1. Perhaps you are right, but he never uses the terms interchangeably in any of his videos – He just says „autistic“, so until he does so, I stand by what I am saying.
          And let’s just say that the Homo Neanderthalensis was „introverted“, this does not prove that Humans with this characteristic are more evolved, quite the opposite, in fact. Being more evolved implies that the organism is capable of certain things which most other members of its species is not. This then leads to the incapable dying off.
          Neanderthalensis was not the most evolved Hominid of its time, the Homo Sapiens was. Yes, Aryans have the highest contributions from Neanderthal DNA than any other Race, but this does not make the Neanderthal the superior. It was the Homo Sapiens that both murdered and fucked the Neanderthal out of existence.
          Perhaps you describe Scandinavians as solitary, but I wouldn’t describe the Scandinavians of the Viking Age in this way. I highly doubt that the Ancient Greeks were introverted, especially the Spartans. Nevertheless, I see no reason to think that introverts are biologically fitter than non introverts.
          Actually, it is coming back to me now: He claims in a video that his wife was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, and now I am expected to believe this makes her more evolved than Tadzio from Death in Venice – And I simply cannot believe that.

      2. How much time in a cockpit does „Varg Vikernes“ have?
        I do not „think“ or „believe,“ I know about „chemtrails.“ I spent too many hours filing and flying the Jetnav airways to „think“ or „believe“ aircraft in the PCA above 18,000 would be allowed to file flight plans or be assigned by center to fly the bizarre geometric patterns seen in the sky.
        What’s more, my mechanic and pilot training verify the trails in the sky cannot possibly be conventional contrails. If one takes time to study the physics of what creates contrails, they will find the facts. As I have written many times before, Jews rely on the gyoims‘ gullibility, stupidity and ignorance to support their lies.
        Zero evidence? Try this link:
        Now tell me again how the government would not use a vehicle like „chemtrails“ to poison the atmosphere.

      3. I have heard swedish nationalists call introverted, „autistic“ nordics superior to extroverted southerners because they are more complex on the inside. In contrast to that the swarthy southerner live a superficial (but very social) life.
        The nordic mentality —> „Talk little, do much, and be more than you appear to be“

        1. Agreed, but it does not prove anything. There are thousands of Negroes out there who could easily match this description of serenity.
          What you describe only states flaws in society, which causes these problems in the populace. It could not be a reflection of genetics.

      4. How is introversion/extroversion not a reflection of genetics? I am of the opinion that personality comes from genetics to a large extent

        1. The explain why European countries of genetically similar people convey extroversion and introversion depending on which one. For example, the Irish are known for their alcoholic culture, and for a very out going populace? They are basically Scandinavians.
          The British have historically been a very „serious“ people. Not known for being as laid back and obnoxiously loud as the Irish. The genetics are basically the same. Explain this. The British (the White ones left) have taken up this Irish behaviour, but with a great level of degeneracy.
          Personality does come from genetics, but not really on a National level. Race is effected by genetics, which is shown in personality, however, this does not mean that massive environmental factors do not come into play.
          I believe that all White nations are capable of the same behaviour patterns more or less, but that depends on the necessities of the environment which cause this behaviour instead of the others.

        1. Himmler also claimed that the Dutch were matriarchal, because the men were constantly off at sea, and so women had no choice but to tend to their husbands‘ affairs while they were away.
          Was Himmler a Fascist then?

      5. Should be „than a national socialist“ instead of „then a national socialist“. Sorry 🙁

        1. Fair enough, but that is not what Varg is referring to. He never uses the two terms interchangeably. I am referring to the autism which is diagnosed by doctors and psychologists.

      6. Meant to say „fair enough, I thought it was similar to the argument I have heard from swedish nationalists about introversion vs extroversion“.

      7. The Scandinavians of today have a propensity for introversion which isn’t observed amon any other people walking the earth today.
        I would not say that the Irish are effectively Scandinavians given the fact that there’s a good chance that an Afro-Iberian group genetically contributed to them (See-Black Irish) and even if these people were all actual Celts (that is to say, they only differed from their German cousins typologically) It isn’t at all absurd to suggest that behavioral existences could also exist among the two. Roman descriptions of the Gauls and Germans are worlds away.
        In Germania, the Germans are described as a vicious people with exceptional martial prowess and respect for one’s word and the Celts as sodomites who’s women effectively rule over them and who fuck boys.

        1. I agree with what you say. I am not too knowledgeable on the genetic constitution of Paddies.
          I don’t know where this trait could have come from. Which Afro Iberian people are you speaking of? Just curious.
          Another point about introversion is that many non Whites have this behaviour. For example, Eskimos and the Khoisan Negroes. In fact. the Native Americans quite exemplified tis behaviour.
          If the two behavioural differences existence among the Celts and Germans, then how does this account for there massive similarity in genetic makeup? I do not see a difference in Genes when comparing the English to the Germans.
          And if the Irish were mainly mixed with this Afro Iberian group then why was this not mentioned by Hitler or Himmler?

      8. It isn’t a certainty, just one of many theories regarding the black Irish (Irish folk with dark hair, eyes and less than robust frames (Another example would be the so-called swarthy Welshmen)
        I don’t know why the higher strata of the Reich wouldn’t discuss this though I’m not incredibly familiar with the Reich’s overall opinions regarding the racial qualities of Celtic peoples.
        Also the English are moreso German than Celtic-the often cited figure is 47% Anglo but this is only true in Cheshire and the surrounding country. Places such as East Anglia have a far higher degree of Germanic admixture.

        1. I am partly descended from „Black Irish“. My Father has ancestry traced back to Durham on both his Father’s and Mother’s side. They in turn have ancestries which can be traced back to Ireland. My Grandfather looks like an ordinary Englishman. However, my Grandmother has Back Irish features which are actually quite strong. This is not seen in me, and is not on my Mother’s side. My Mother is quite Saxon looking.
          So perhaps I am a mud blood, who knows. I think there is a theory that this has something to do with Moorish infusion, but supposedly there is no evidence for this. I actually looked it up: It is unknown where this feature could come from.

    2. Well written. It makes me think of Charles Manson’s ‚Helter Skelter‘ scenario where the effects of humans abuse of the environment would become apparent in an apocalyptic way. Interestingly enough Manson and several of his associates used to claim that we are living in the End Time, including the Jew Adam Parfrey who stated that Stalingrad was the ‚end of the world‘ and 1945 marked the beginning of the End Times. Being Jewish perhaps he thought his psychopathic people were destined to rule mankind in it’s final days.

    1. There are extroverted swedes too. The amount of introverted persons per capita is propably higher in certain parts of the world compared to other parts.

      1. Varg thinking „autism“/introversion is superior could just be norwegian chauvinism on his part (if indeed scandinavians are more prone to introversion).

        1. First of all, his wife is French (from a very rich family) not Scandinavian, and second of all, Varg never clarifies. He seems to be talking exclusively about the autism which is diagnosed by medical health „professionals“. High functioning autism is a very specific description. You cannot use such a thing interchangeably with introversion

      2. If it is true that he talks „exclusively about the autism which is diagnosed by medical health “professionals” “ and calls that superior to normal people he is retarded…

  2. Look at it this way, Ayydolf: Both introversion and extroversion are Aryan traits. However, depending on their environment, one of these two traits will be more apparent. If a certain environment causes one, the other will still be there, but more residual, and will only effect the individual. Perhaps this individual is abused or bullied causing introversion. The Aryan boy still has the ability to be an extrovert, but due to environmental factors, it is dormant.
    Am I denying that Race determines action – Of course not. I am saying exactly the opposite. It is hard for me to say what I am trying to because we are talking over the internet.