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  1. The only people I have heard of that returned from the grave are those Jesus is said to have „raised from the dead.“ The concept these individuals „returned“ from anyplace, was nothing more than a return from the sepulcher where they had, or would have been, entombed alive. This is what accounts for the Jew’s terror of being buried alive, a theme one finds depicted in numerous (((Hollywood))) horror movies. Jesus „resurrection“ was just Saul/Paul’s mythological fallacy to provide his new religion with a new „living“ god that would replace the old „living god“ YHVH.
    As for so called „reincarnation,*“ those who doubt this is the case are mired in the Judaeo/Christian belief that when one dies their sentient connection to this worldly existence ends. The law of physics states matter can either be created nor destroyed. Anyone rationally assessing the cyclical nature of everything in the known universe, should realize their life force is subject to the same recycling process as everything else.
    Before making any rash assessments on the subject of death, one should spend time talking with those that have experienced a near-death encounter. See how many of these people, sharing much the same experience of death, can be convinced what they experienced was simply a chemically induced hallucination of the dying mind. One might also explain their frequent and inexplicable witnessing of events and places that would have been impossible to experience as they lay dead.
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    *Reincarnation is said to be a conscious act, an intentional return to life to assist others seeking to advance. Those not advanced enough to make such conscious acts, have their life force automatically recycled into another physical life to continue learning life’s lessons until achieving a state that no longer requires returning to this existence.
    The irony for me is this was absolutely the worst information I ever encountered. It should be abundantly clear to those reading my thoughts, that a return to life on this planet is the very last thing I would ever want to „believe.“ Of course „eternity“ in the Jew’s heaven or hell is really no different, as this world can represent either for Jew or „gentile“.
    When I look at this world, I fully appreciate why so many people don’t want to return, why they want to believe the end of this life is the end of their existence. Unfortunately, few – very, very few – have that choice. As for me, I’m working on the path that will allow my „soul’s“ permanent exit. Until one come to this realization, rest assured, – they will return.

  2. I have a question about Linder: Does anyone consider him mud blooded in any way? I like him, I think he says smart things, but I can’t help but be a bit curious.
    Another smart thing Linder says is „we are under control by people who don’t believe in an afterlife.“

    1. He looks like a mudblood but hey, Aren’t mudbloods the most fanatic purists, the Voldemorts in white nationalism precisely because we have lost the full-Aryan look?

      1. Of course. Many say he looks Jewish and I think he does in many ways. However, these people are Christians 9 times out of ten. To them, only a filthy Kike could think ill of the baby Jesus.
        I will say that Linder is very physically un-American.

  3. Aryans think in terms of abstract nouns; Semites think in terms of verbal nouns. To the Sophisticated Semite, „God“ as an invisible abstraction, does not exist. Only the will of the Jews being wrought upon the earth is considered Divine. To Semites, the immaterial realm does not exist.
    Aryan ability to think in terms of abstract absolutes is both a blessing and a curse. Computer science would be impossible without it. However, we also believe that justice is an invisible absolute that is blind sex, race, status, creed etc. No other species upon earth believes this.
    To Jews „Justice“ does not exist. Only „being just (to Jews)“ exists. It is an important psychological distinction that I seem to be alone in grasping. It is a major part of the Aryan problem.

    1. An excellent point. I never considered it in these terms, but it makes perfect sense for those completely mired in the physical world of materialism as are Jews.
      The Jew god „YHVH“ was very much a real entity in the form of a high priest or kohein gadol that carried his message. This is made clear in the story of Siddim Vale, where the high priest Melchizedek comes out of nowhere and Abraham tithes the Jews‘ usual usurious ten percent of his booty to this man/god.
      In the ancient world „god“ was invariably a priest, monarch, or some form of „authority“ holding unquestioned „godly“ power over their subjects. In the Soviet Union Jews replaced their absurd, Old Testament „god“ with the state. Under the Jews imagined form of democracy, god is the Almighty shekel. As you say, with Jews god as never been an abstract concept.
      To their credit, other species do not „believe“ or prevaricate. They live and function in the surrounding world of the immediate present.

      1. Yeah ‚El‘, one of the Hebrew words for „God,“ can simply mean a human judge as well. There is a site called Ancient Hebrew dot org. He makes the point that I made from a pro-Jewish angle. „Greco-Romans“ or we, Europeans, are abstract, whereas „Hebrews“ or Jews are concrete and verbal.