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  1. Violence.
    When the time comes for it, will you be ready?
    Total Attack, or Total Dropout. Those are the options, according to Mason’s Siege. Go full Breivik, or go full Vikernes.
    I’ll admit – I never won a physical confrontation in my bullied teenage years. Combine a negligent father, a feminist mother, a Christian morality, and lots of video games, and you would have me, a nice guy, a pushover, a coward.
    For the past four years I’ve been improving. Gym, boxing, self-improvement blogs, cutting sugar and junk food. Zero porn. Lots of militaristic music. Lots of youtube channels and podcasts. I’ve been riding the tiger. Then I became J-woke, met NS sympathizers online and in real life.
    Then I started looking for a religion, and began to delve seriously into Xtianity. I even considered joining a church. It seemed like a good „club“ to belong to. After all, the Wehrmacht was Xtian. Gott mit uns, right?
    Then came the West’s Darkest Hour.
    Removing the Xtian malware is hard for some people, but not for me. Even as a „Cultural Christian“, I’ve always believed that Final Solutions were the Only Solutions. I hate niggers. I hate faggots. I don’t want them gone, I want them dead. I’ve fantasized about Death Squads and a God-Emperor.
    A man can promote violence, but when the time comes to enact it, will he be ready?
    I can punch a guy in the ring. I can take a punch with boxing gloves.
    I carry a black marker with me and draw swastikas in bathroom stalls and in the back of bus seats. I write ‚1488‘ on money bills, ’stop white genocide‘, ‚holocaust is a lie‘ and ‚watch greatest story never told‘ on ad-posters. Last month I vandalized a street wall at night, spray-painting it with a big black swastika. One week later it was painted over.
    I prefer the Total Dropout option, but am I prepared for it?
    Imagine, ten years from now. You live in a small town in the country with your wife and son. The cities are rioting. You heard of people being arrested and never coming back. Then one day a police car shows up in front of your farm. „Come with us“. „What for?“ you ask. „We need to ask you a few questions back at HQ.“
    Will you say „all right“ and quietly go all the way to room 101, or will you say „let me get my coat“, go inside, get your pistol and shoot these praetorian guards?
    I believe cowardice can be deleted, just like Xtian malware.
    Taking small steps, steadily exposing yourself outside your comfort zone, and one can ‚regain liberty‘.
    I like Cato’s Speech advice.

      1. I think that violence will come some time after going ‚dropout‘.
        In the cities, many people will die after the collapse, but those whom are already in „dropout“ stage will be much safer, of course.