6 Replies on “Linder quote

  1. Jews certainly think that they have the right to exist (to put it mildly) and look where that attitude has gotten them.

    1. They don’t „think they have a right to exist“
      They genuinely believe that they are superior in any and every respect to us.
      If they simply thought they „had a right to exist“ they would have maintained nominal racial superiority and segregation they would not have taken it to such lengths.
      Comparing what the Jews have done and do with the pathetic attempts of ‚white nationalists“ to awaken the average, cowardly, groveling white is not at all a fair or accurate comparison.

  2. No species or creature on this planet has a right to exist, nor a right to anything for that matter. No right to life, no right to air, no right to shelter. Everything is a privilege and survival is a privilege reserved for the fittest species.
    After centuries of faulty thinking divorced from the real world, a consequence of white traitors embracing the God of the Jews, Whites have degenerated into a race of cowardly and domesticated cuckolds, the price they pay for choosing Jesus and rejecting Hitler. 2,000 years of Judeo-Christian insanity is reaching it’s logical conclusion with masochistic behaviour like teaching children about the greatness of transsexuals and the question is will the climax be the extinction of Whites or will they regain their manhood and fight for their survival?
    All other races are living by Darwinian/Hitlerian ethics as is natural and out-competing and dominating submissive Whites. Whites are fleeing from conflict with the coloureds but eventually there will be nowhere left to run and Whites will be slaughtered if they don’t fight. There is no democratic and peaceful solution to our race’s dilemma. We will either fight or die.