Anti-Galilean quote

Jews at least have their own holy books (as sick and perverted as it is, they do at least have their own ethno-national mythology), whereas christianity is the only religion I know of that borrows and appropriates its entire canonical literature and mythical structure from another people’s national legends! Truly pathetic.


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  1. You might try looking at Islam. The hag Judaism has two ugly, hated step daughters – Islam and Christianity. Both are based on the Old Testament metaphorical, legal myths and their associated characters. The hag mother is the real problem. Her two ugly stepdaughters just follow along in support of their hideous mother If there were no Jews and Judaism there would be no Christians or Muslims with which to contend. To paraphrase Adolf Hitler
    „Is there any form of filth or shameless religion, particularly in America and the west, without finding Jews involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an religious abcess, you find — like a maggot in a rotting body often dazzled by the sudden light — a little Jew.“

  2. Aye and therein lies the rub. After two millennium of Judaic religions stupefying and stultifying white western man’s thoughts, its late in the game to try replacing them. One might modify, but erasing them is not in the Jews‘ cards. Those past legends the white man once embraced have been steadily erased by the Jews, leaving the white male with no historical past and therefore no cultural grounding.
    How many white males today remember the legends of their past? The Paul Bunyons, Davy Crocketts, Johnny Appleseeds and the like are gone. Even the founding fathers have been replaced by the lies of mythical mud people, invented or usurped over the last generation.
    While memories of white men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson rapidly fade to oblivion, one of the latest (((Broadway))) plays has the Jew, Andrew Hamilton, cast as a golden Negro. In fact the only reason the memory of this „founding father“ remains is due to the fact he was a Jew.“
    How many monuments to fallen white heroes remain with the Jews‘ Negro tool leading the charge to destroy them? Jews have steadily debased white civilization to the point it cannot remember itself and no longer functions in its own interest.
    How can one address the subject of what action white males should take to correct their races‘ suicidal course when they only have past centuries of Jewish answers to rely on.