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  1. According to most accounts, we have it from Aristotle that man is the only rational animal. Modern ethology has dispelled this as a canard, however. It’s been shown that other animals use tools, and display the rudiments of reasoning, so it’s not reason that’s unique to man. Yet the belief in some sort of afterlife has been with man from the dawn of history, and was already present when the foundation stone of the first ziggurat was laid. So ironically, it’s not man’s reason or intelligence that distinguishes him from other animals. It’s precisely what Linder here calls his stupidity! For no other animal believes that it will continue living after its death, or for that matter, is even aware of the prospect of its own death. It’s precisely in that awareness and inane belief that man finds his true distinctiveness. He is the only animal on the planet stupid enough to think he can survive his own demise.

    1. As I said in another thread, I have no big issue with the nebulous concept of the hereafter among ancient pagans. But the Xtians managed to change the Operating System (OS) of the Aryans and you see people like Luther pathologically obsessed with his own salvation (tomorrow we’ll see that Augustine was the one who invented the doctrine of predestination to eternal damnation).
      While I can be tolerant of the nebulous ideas of an afterlife in ancient pagans, I am intolerant of my contemporaries—esp. WNsts—who see the afterlife as a pivotal subject of their Weltanschauung. I see it as a clear residue of the OS that Constantine et al forced on the Aryan psyche—like forcing all computers to use Microsoft and ban Mac and Linux, but on the human brain.