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  1. I believe this falls under the idea of separating church and state, a concept now twisted completely out of context by Jew wordsmiths. The idea was not to eliminate all references to religion from the state, but to remove its power from political proceedings. This was no doubt due to the American founders‘ understanding of the political havoc the church had wrought since the middle ages.
    Funny how much better informed eighteenth century politicians seemingly were than their modern counterparts. But then Jews prefer to put their stupid goyim in positions of power.
    Christianity – pissing Jews off royally for over two thousand years. Can there be a better reason for any religion?

    1. “Christianity – pissing Jews off royally for over two thousand years”

      The elite-occult jews always loved & love Christianity (Revilo Oliver). Judaism’s most deadly occult weapon against Aryan Man, probably more so than usury and central banking. Sure, Christianity caused jews some problems down the centuries but on the balance sheet of debits and credits they are way in front with it.

      1. Which is why Xtianity is so diabolical. WN Xtians even ignore that, as Nietzsche put it, ‚they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism‘.

  2. I think Hitler’s intention in the long run was not just to demote Christianity and Abrahamic Faith from the political community – a rather narrow objective merely in the foreground – but to eradicate it from the special German consciousness completely.
    The roots of this idea go back, I think, to German political ideas at the beginning of the 19th. century and the precursors of National Socialism itself. See for instance Fichte’s ‚Addresses‘ or Tönnies‘ ‚Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft‘, in which we see the dyadic emerge of a völkisch community on the one hand, and a nation-state on the other, with priority to the organic German nation as the highest virtue, not just qua Germans but qua Man. Removing Christianity would be necessary for the full realisation of this German spirit, which was held to be unique and organic and transcendent of any immediately present man-made social order.
    National Socialism was even describable as ‚anti-Western‘. Or to put it a different way: the thought was that Christianity was Western, whereas National Socialism was German, and, by a process of extension, white. Thus, the West was actually seen as anti-white. This is partly why I sometimes smile when I hear people talk of the ‚end of the West‘. I don’t mean the racial sense in which the term is used on this blog, which I think is quite legitimate; rather, I refer to the sense of the West more commonly used as a sort of cultural meta-community founded on Christianity. Contrary to what the culturalists say, the end of the West is precisely what we should want: the true white civilisation (Nordics/Nordish peoples) is not ‚Western‘. It has a completely different spirit.
    I mention all this in an attempt to demonstrate that Hitler’s motivations did not arise only out of an instinctive moral aversion to Christianity and Judaism. Even so both the Table Talk book and certain others like Traudl Junge’s book, demonstrate an unequivocal hostility to Christianity on the part of Hitler.

    1. What is today thought of as ‚The West‘ is indeed at odds with the Aryan spirit. Christianity – a foreign, Levantine cult that has blighted the Aryan spirit from within – is largely responsible for this. The glorious yet doomed attempt by the Third Reich to re-Aryanise our homelands, by extirpating the toxic Jewishness (Christianity included) of ‚Western‘ culture, has been described as a failed attempt to re-establish pre-Constantinian Rome. Yet almost 300 years before Constantine, Roman policy in the wake of the third and decisive war against the Jews, was (like Hitler’s) too indulgent towards these cancerous enemies of Aryanism. As Evropa Soberana puts it, in ‚Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome‘:
      ‚The conviction that the Greco-Romans had of being carriers of a
      superior culture made them fall into a fateful error: to think that a
      culture can be valid for all humanity and exported to peoples of
      different ethnicity. The Hellenisation and Romanisation of the East
      and North Africa had only one effect: ethnic chaos, the balkanization
      of Rome itself, ethnic struggles and, finally, the appearance of
      ‚The revolutionary and stirring vocation of Jewry was born here [in the wake of the brutal Roman suppression of the Bar Kochba rising in CE132-36]. The Jews realised the primitive and overwhelming power that a resentful, fanaticised and ignorant crowd contained, and they used it skilfully in Christianity and later in Bolshevism. The same blind will to sacrifice waves upon waves were seen in the Red Army during the Second World War, with the Germans being the reincarnation of the Roman spirit at that historical moment while the Soviet commissariat, which was more than 90 percent Jewish, undoubtedly represented Israel’s will.‘

  3. For more than two thousand years, Christianitis pseudoganglion has been spreading its tentacles through the western mind. Like a fish that cannot distinguish, nor separate itself from its watery environs, the western mind can no longer comprehend the depth of its attachment, nor disentangle itself from its world of Judaic religious beliefs.
    Jews have turned the white man into the same sick, twisted, debased, degenerate, and perverse animals as themselves. More than once I have had starry-eyed white males, both Christian and atheist, look me in the eye to exclaim, „I’m a Jew too!“ What hope is there of overcoming two thousand years of Jewish religious/cultural programming? Certainly it will not happen in our lifetime.
    I wrote my book for future generations that will have a critical thought process, enabling them to dispel the Jew’s magical, mystical, myths about Jesus. Whether Christian or anti-Christian, the comments I have received on my work, clearly indicate few, very few, are ready to examine, let alone confront, Jewish lies about Jesus.
    This is due to western man’s immersion in the Jew’s acculturated world view that can only accept one of two ideas about the man. Either he was the divine savior of all mankind or that he was an imaginary character that never existed. No other ideas outside the box are allowed to infiltrate into the Jewish programmed mind cavity.
    The real world story of Jesus will only be critically examined after the Jew has been eliminated from the planet. While the Jew remains to twist, misinform and redact history, there is no hope of the masses awakening to anything but their long-running, Jewish reality show.

    1. I don’t believe you’re anti-Xtian, as only Xtians don’t want to see what David Irving says: that the Table Talks are GENUINE.

      1. Read the post. It’s evident that they’re not genuine. The guy is an atheist bluepill individual.
        I’m as antichristian as one can get – I saw in Manson and LaVey christianity from the first glance. New type of atheism IS judaic.

      2. I read the post. He’s right about Trevor-Roper’s unprofessional translation from… French. The hell with that translation! What matters is the original in German.
        David Irving is far more knowledgeable of genuine NS documents than us or the guy you mention.