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  1. I think this is apt. Whites are a cosmopolitan race. The terms ‚European‘ and ‚Western‘ are brièvetés. National Socialism was ambitious in scope and a greater project than a Greater Germany; Germany would have become the centre of a (re-)Nordicised world.

    1. That said, it would not strictly have been pre-Constantinian Rome, but a much earlier Roman era. Certainly pre-imperial in my view, probably the very early part of the New Nobility, when Rome was (in relative terms) meritocratic-democratic but stable – and just before the plebeians fell and the aristocracy [early Roman Jews?] were seizing the estates of citizen-legions.
      Even so, a mere quibble.

  2. But in the end, the White Man choose the Semitic path of ressentiment (see the traditional Christian scorn for excellence as best represented by the rich man unable to enter Heaven), nihilism, and cuckoldry.

      1. Yes. Ultimately, that’s really the only narrative that suits the evidence.
        Great Britain and the United States had the chance to side with Hitler and build a shining world. They instead chose to fight him. To crush him.
        The victim narrative ignores that many pathologies and delusions we see in the European have occured without significant Jewish influence or recent technology.
        It was European Christians post-Columbus who created the Noble Savage. Tacitus might have praised the Germanic barbarians but he had no problems admitting to their flaws (drunkenness, excessive violence). After Columbus, spear chuckers like the Redskin became not just an interesting neighbor, but what „Man“ should be. Rooted in the fairy tale of Adam and Eve. Never mind that study after study of both wild men and chimps confirms that many sins decried by your progreseive (rape, women having a place for them, massacre) root deeply in man’s past.
        It was Spaniards who lured by their desperation fucked Redskin women instead of putting them to the torch. Leaving us with mongrel Shitholes.
        It was colonists in America who bred themselves a slave population of Niggers. It was the Confederates who fought to cling to their Niggers while the Union cucked.
        It was European colonists around the world who foolishly tried to educate and share with the muds instead of following a zero tolerance extermination policy.

  3. It wasn’t a failed attempt at all. It was an extremely succesful accomplishment. A complete turnaround, destruction, of the existing paradigm. I would say a proper utopia.
    But alas, evil nipped it in the bud before it would become far too strong for its enemies to do so. And perhaps it already was that on its own, but the level of betrayal towards the Fuhrer was shocking.
    The irony however is that Germany was actually physically destroyed by the very organism it was trying to preserve. The Aryan race, not jews.

    1. Which is why most WNsts are crazy: they mainly blame the jews as if Aryans did not have a responsibility of their own in WW2.

      1. There is a lot to blame white men for, no question.
        But in the end they (WNsts) are also right.
        And don’t forget that there was a lot of support for Hitler and Gernany in other countries. Really a lot, even in high circles, since people used to be a lot more jew wise in those days. I remember one of my grandfathers who regularly said „it must be a jew“ whenever the topic of discussion was any sort of misconduct involving deceiving, greed or con-act by anyone, And all European countries – and even countries outside Europe had open supporters for NS Germany. In my country – Netherlands – it was called the NSB ( Nationaal Socialistische Beweging ) led by Anton Mussert, who was executed immediately after the war.
        The waffen SS had more foreign members than Germans serving the war. And there were many many more who didn’t actually served in the NS military organisation but were sympathetic toward Germany. Men and women.
        The true perpetrators were and are the top layers of white civilisation. It all started with the European aristocracy, centuries ago. They just couldn’t resist what was on offer by the jew vermin. They currently live in unlimited wealth in exchange for the exclusive right for jews to issue a country’s money supply and charge interest for it as well. An extremely cunning model with which the jews will end up with all property. This has resulted in a world that today is governed by banks. What are banks? Jews.
        I definitely agree with you that these type of traitors are far worse than the vermin jew. THEY are rendering the jew’s might over the goyim. Without them the vermin jew can think of any evil scheme it wants but the fact is that the jew couldn’t squash a fly on its own.
        Therefore I think that what Thomas Mair did was the best action yet. The only thing that’s preventing more similar attacks by true nationalists is the fact that the heroes who did it so far have all been caught. This is not very inspiring. I believe that if there would be multiple succesful attacks against the Jo Coxes ( in politics, media or whatever ) of this world without any arrest than more individuals would follow this path.

    2. It failed since they were crushed. NS Germany didn’t have the strength to both United States and Great Britain. Not helping was their alliance with Japanese Ants who threatened America’s interests.

      1. „It failed since they were crushed.“
        Ah, I see. Well, we better side up with the crushers of NS Germany, then, since they crushed NS Germany and clearly do have a working and therefore superior model. So those traitors around Hitler were right and made the right choice after all.
        Well, that’s cleared that up. Now we can stop promoting Hitler and NS. Silly notion, really, National Socialism. I mean who wants to live in a NS society, based on nature’s laws, anyway, right? Naah, dumb idea, didn’t work at all.
        You are absolutely correct, Maldo, You know, now I’m actually glad it was crushed, because it never worked, and it wasn’t that it was the just way to organise society to begin with. So thanks for pointing it out. This really helps. Now, if we only could just persuade all those Nazi’s and neo nazi’s to see it this way, then we would really progress.
        Let’s all wear t-shirts saying „Je suis Jo Cox“

      2. Your womanly overreaction doesn’t counter my point. That NS Germany in the end didn’t have the strength to suceed and was crushed by a stronger force. One part of the stronger force being America that Hitler praised for its segregation and eugenics policies.

      3. Sure, manly macho tough guy ‚Maldo“. And the old European pagan world didn’t work either, was rubbish, since it was crushed by a bunch of christian cucks. Come to think of it, nothing Aryans ever did worked, except destroying themselves. So why don’t you join the kikes, ‚Maldo“? They obviously do have a working model. A working model which is destroying deluded Aryans. And that makes me wonder what you are doing here wasting your time blithering about Aryan decline while you could be endulging in the depravity of the current working model.
        Counter that, you dago twit, I’ll smack you down.

    3. @ aryan son
      Regarding what you say about Thomas Mair, etc. and the problem of ‚being caught‘, some people would regard that as a ‚problem of martyrdom‘ and not a ‚problem‘ at all, but let’s look at this practically.
      The example of the IRA could be studied, but only (at this stage) as a general instructive lesson in the political efficacy of violence. In terms of mode of engagement, an IRA-type paramilitary organisation (i.e. a central command with, variously, subordinate brigades and cells), could not be formed due to two factors: (i). the penetration of the security services into Nationalism and (ii). the lack of community engagement on the part of Nationalists.
      Actually, I think it’s factor (ii) that is the most serious. Ironically, for political violence to work on any organised basis, one must first win elections. Here on this esteemed blog and others like it, we can discuss important matters of philosophy, but to win we must also be mundane. In its later incarnations, the IRA depended on the ballot box as much as the gun, and used the two things in parallel, but even before Thomas Murphy’s infamous speech in the late 70s, the IRA was rooted in communities, which it depended on for morale and for practical and logistical support. Thus, even the most obscure and esoteric aspects of republican ideology were translated into mundane social and political issues in an effort to win support. This, of course, stood alongside the IRA’s ruthless terrorisation of its own community, the necessary white-conscious analogue of which I mention in a previous comment on a different thread here.
      But the point in a nutshell is – Sinn Fein have those advice centres for a reason. These are not stupid people.
      If anything, all of this explains ‚Thomas Mair‘. Oddly enough, Mair would have been more successful if he had opened a community advice centre first. The sad thing is, that’s more or less what he was doing – at one remove – before he shot Jo Cox. He was a community-minded person. Not that I am dismissing his actions – don’t misunderstand – but I do think that if his community work could have been capitalised on, then any concerted action (violent or otherwise) in the future could have still more effective and enduring. It starts in communities – in my opinion.
      The Alt Right’s preoccupation with social media and arguing with silly women on Twitter is an attempt at peaceable change in the metapolitical realm. This is on the basis that culture and social attitudes are what influence politics. I think they’ve got that wrong. I do not dismiss their activities entirely – there is room for what they do – but ultimately I think that sitting behind a computer or speaking to tiny closed shops and small echo chambers in itself changes nothing.

      1. @Tom Rogers
        Besides the fact that most WNs, etc are mostly monocausalists, they also believe that there is one and only one way to fix the situation. Some want to talk their way out of our problems. Others think they can vote their way out, and yet others think they will just shoot their way out. Every problem is a nail because the only tool they have is a hammer.
        Very rarely I have It seen it mentioned that we will need all sorts of activities to get the job done. We will need everything from community organizing and employment programs to intelligence gathering and yes, everyone’s favorite, slinging lead. In effect, the resistance has to form a shadow government with all that that entails. No mean feat and it will require all sorts of people.

  4. Hit and run, incognitos? My apologies, I have not followed this blog closely since 2011/2012.

    1. Changed a lot, hasn’t it.
      In this sense, „hit“ would of course be a murder, similar to the shooting of Alan Berg by the Order Bruder Schweigen.
      „Run“ is referring to the act of actually getting away with it and going somewhere where the Authorities will not even think to look. In this case, becoming „incognito“ in Latin America where it is supposedly easy to find a job, and you will be outside the clutches of the System.

  5. @Maldo
    I wouldn’t take the commenter „Aryan Son“ too seriously. He is one of those people who strut around life basically demanding to have something bad happen to them.

    1. No, I wouldn’t either, Because anyone who claims NS Germany was an unimaginable succes and THE blueprint of how society should be organised clearly hasn’t got all his marbles in a row, right?
      Because let’s face it, what did Hitler really achieve anyway? Oh sure, he rid all key positions in Germany of the enemy, sure he solved the unemployment of 6 million in no time, sure, he managed to turn a country in social and economical ruins where tens of thousands literally starved to death into the healthiest ( economical and socially ), most civilised country with the highest living standards in no time while the other countries with clearly working models ( since they were stronger and destroyed the pearl NS Germany ) where still suffering a deep depression, sure he introduced the notion that we should care for the ecosystem and animals, sure he kicked the kike’s central bank out rendering his country free from debtslavery, sure he executed or put away criminals and degenerates so that society would not be affected by those. The streets were clean and safe. Science, REAL science, was paramount and would not only have replaced the superstitious semitic nonsense in due time but would also provide us with a better understanding of the universe.
      Buuuuuuuut, it was a failure. Why? Well, simply because it was crushed. And anything that can be crushed is a failure, right? Apparently that is the definition of a failure.
      No, those who claim NS Germany was a failure simply because it was crushed are to be taken very seriously as profound thinkers. Just like the profound intellectuals and historians saying Hitler was a destroyer and was responsible for the war and the death of tens of millions.
      On the other hand, Maldo, I would take the 16 year old ( self admitted ) wimpy child „Jack Halliday“ very serious. I mean it’s not like he’s unbelievably transparant in his projections which confirm his utter patheticness or anything, no. He, like you, is the kind of thinker Aryans need.

      1. Aryan Son
        Come and meet me in real life and I will show you what a „wimpy child“ I am. You are just a little loser, who spends his time talking shit to people he has never seen. You are a smug and condescending git, and it is no wonder why nobody on this blog actually talks to you.
        The fact that you call me a wimp is just projection on your part. You overreact to the slightest thing like a little girl who isn’t getting an ice cream. Now get off this site – We do not need you.
        I mean, who the fuck are you, a „man“ born in 1967, who spends his free time on the internet calling a younger person a „wimpy child“ and „pathetic“? It is you who is pathetic, my friend.

      2. „Come and meet me in real life and I will show you what a “wimpy child” I am.“
        I don’t have to, that’s crystal clear for anyone reading your comments.
        „You are just a little loser, who spends his time talking shit to people he has never seen.“
        Long before I started commenting here I followed some discussions being held here. And by far the one who talked the most shit to people never seen was you, ‚Jack Halliday‘. And very often completely unprovoked as well.
        And I’m six feet 1, I make a real good living driving a truck, so neither little nor a loser. So who’s projecting now, ‚Jack Halliday‘? Haha, I’ll bet you’re not even 5,10 and you’re certainly not making any money, being without resources and all, so who’s a little loser, ‚Jack Halliday‘?
        And I may use sarcasm when I feel I need to defend what is wrongfully attacked. But at least I do stay on topic YOU, as often is the case, posted a 100% ad hominen attack. Unprovoked by me, anyway. So now I am merely returning the favour.
        Smug and condescending? You’re damn right I am, cause you’re just begging for it, ‚Jack Halliday‘.
        „… and it is no wonder why nobody on this blog actually talks to you.“
        Wrong again. Some do react to some of my comments, even Cesar. But, I am not here to harvest personal attention, unlike you who craves it. I read the articles and when I feel I have something to say I do.
        „The fact that you call me a wimp is just projection on your part.“
        Eehh, no actually it’s not. You provided that information. I’m just using it.
        „Now get off this site – We do not need you.“
        I like this site, it publishes a lot of very interesting stuff. But I, unlike you, don’t need this site either. I have a busy life. I, unlike you, am not commenting all that much. You’re entire life revolves around this site, day and night, 24/7, sitting in your room in your parental home, haha. Whose ‚we‘ anyway?
        „I mean, who the fuck are you, a “man” born in 1967“
        Well, there’s an answer to that too. Yes, that I am, a man, unlike you, who are just a wimpy kid. BTW I’m from 1964. And BTW. Is that who you meant, with ‚we‘? The men of 30,40,50 and 60 years old commenting on this site? Those who are pathetic according to you? Charmingly put. I’ll bet they all like you a lot.
        „It is you who is pathetic, my friend.“
        Mmm, I think I’ve dealt with your habitual projection sufficiently. But ‚friend‘? Not likely, Jack Halliday‘?
        Take my advice, seek help, or at least man up a little..

        1. I will be honest with you, friend.
          I do sit in my home pretty much all day every day. I am a recluse. I am reclusive because I am frightened of the outside world and of people. This is the end result of an entire childhood of psychological abuse by bigger boys who I always saw as „dinosaurs“. I have had thoughts of suicide many times, and this included self-harming (like a girl does). I do leave the house occasionally, early in the mornings, where little people are about and I can be alone, away from the World’s shit.
          I also have thoughts of killing others too. Sometimes it is for no reason in particular, and my target is indiscriminate. sometimes I imagine killing animals as well, like dogs.
          I am also rude to others as well, those who do not deserve it. Even certain commenters in this Blog, because I hate Humanity. It is unfair of me to talk to people this way, you are correct about that.
          I am short like my Father, about 5 ft 5 inches. This does not help when you go to school with „dinosaurs“ who are much taller and fitter.
          I have no friends whatsoever, and I am hateful. Girls have no interest in me either. Why would they like a wimpy weakling like me?
          So, yes, you are correct, and you are a very articulate and smart person. The fact that you can read me like that is evidence enough of this.

          1. I also hate humanity, which is why I want to exterminate 99% of them in the path of the 4 Words (and 14 words). But what keeps me psychologically alive is the 1%, or rather the potential of whites to reach paradise on Earth.

      3. Jack,
        I can’t know if you are being sincere or sarcastic now, but let me tell you something.
        I am not here to pick fights. It’s just that I can’t take any unjust attack on NS Germany or Hitler. Then I react like being stung by a bee. Not in a nice way. Hence my somewhat harsh sarcastic reaction to Maldo. But I am more than that. I am quite reasonable compare to how I used to be when I was younger. But when you are young you think you know it all. It is a enormous cliche but true. When I look back to when I was 16, 20, or even 30 I conclude that I, as I am today, didn’t even exist.
        Your problems with current society isn’t an abnormal thing. It is current society which is abnormal. Actually, having difficulties with this sick world is a sign of being normal. It is a very lonely place to be an open racist / fascist / NS Hitler admirer. There are many people like us, but they are very dispersed and practically only approachable online. I am at a stage in my life where I don’t give a fuck about what people think of me, especially normies, which is just about everyone. Whenever I do speak up about some current event in society I actually enjoy being regarded as an utter arrogant racist bastard by normies. I don’t give a fuck about them. Wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. I only care about those who think like me.
        I have a personal plan and I am following up on that. This plan is ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing elevating regarding our mental / philosophical struggle with this sick society. No, far from it. It is something very simple and very materialistic. I know I cannot change a goddamned thing about what is happening and I am not going to waste my one life worrying about it. So I am working very hard, luckely I like my job a lot. I drive sea containers in Europe. I’m making very handsome money doing it. I’m saving up for when I am finally free at retirement. Then I will leave Europe ( if it still a forced political union by that time ) and go live a simple life somewhere in the sun. near the ocean. Told you my ‚plan‘ was very simple and materialistic. But it is also REALISTIC. As much as I admire the Breiviks, Roofs and Mairs, it is like Mason says „you’re not going to start something, it is the end of your life“. And without accomplishing anything positive. Not even a few copy cats.
        Anyway, one has to have a ‚plan‘ for what you want in life. It gives you a purpose in life. A purpose to get up in the morning. At least I need to have that. Otherwise, where are you get motivation to do anything from?
        Unlike how it was years ago, currently I don’t have much of a social life, there are only a few people I see. I have a very diferent life than before. I’ve deliberately ditched that. Who wants to hang around a bunch of clueless normies listening to their silly talk anyway? And even if I did want it, I wouldn’t even have the time for it, working 65 to 70 hours a week. I do compensate for it by taking time off for traveling a few times a year. Plenty of money to do so.
        Having said all this. Of course I care about what is happening. Spreading awareness is very important, and specifically about semitic mental rot. And that’s where this site is coming in. I hope it gets a lot of traffic and that it stimulate visitors to really think about what is being published here. I especially like and appreciate the Crimes of Christianity series.
        Anyway, no harm done, on both sides I trust. I don’t know what you are doing, school or work, or nothing. But go do something. If you make your own living you are independant. I can recommend trucking. Great job driving up to 50 metric ton rigs and making good money doing it.
        Good luck, Jack.

        1. Okay, wow.
          So, let’s break this whole thing up into pieces:
          First off, I cannot read Maldo’s mind, but I know enough about him to understand that he was not attacking Hitler. Simple as. You overreacted to him, then when he called you out, you called him a „dago twit“, which was completely uncalled for. In my eyes, you were making a strange attempt at bullying, so after some brooding, I left that comment of mine which started this.
          I said that you were „the type of person that struts through life demanding to have something bad happen to them“ because you have acted in this same way to me. Essentially, you present an opinion, someone disagrees with you and presents their own. This for some reason leads you to become extremely emotional for whatever reason.
          I know that my problems with society are not abnormal. I really do not need your encouragement when it comes to how I see the world. Your idea of living a simple sort of life is exactly what both Spahn Ranch and I are proposing. I believe that by embracing the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, this sort of life is going to be harder and harder.
          I do in fact have a plan for life. I am soon going to college to study Construction and Multiskills. I am following in my Father’s footsteps in this regard, and I do enjoy it.
          What really pisses me off about your comment is your ignorance to what you have said to me previously:
          „I would take the 16 year old ( self admitted ) wimpy child “Jack Halliday” very serious. I mean it’s not like he’s unbelievably transparant in his projections which confirm his utter patheticness or anything, no.“
          „And by far the one who talked the most shit to people never seen was you, ‘Jack Halliday’. And very often completely unprovoked as well.“
          I would like some evidence about who I have „talked the most shit to“. I would also like to know how it was at all unprovoked.
          „And I’m six feet 1, I make a real good living driving a truck, so neither little nor a loser. So who’s projecting now, ‘Jack Halliday’? Haha, I’ll bet you’re not even 5,10 and you’re certainly not making any money, being without resources and all, so who’s a little loser, ‘Jack Halliday’?“
          This is especially amusing. It seems to me that you are actually sizing me up.
          „Unprovoked by me, anyway. So now I am merely returning the favour.“
          As if you didn’t call me a „wimpy child“ or as if you didn’t call Maldo a „dago twit“.
          „Unlike you who craves it.“
          Evidence, please.
          „But I, unlike you, don’t need this site either. I have a busy life. I, unlike you, am not commenting all that much. You’re entire life revolves around this site, day and night, 24/7, sitting in your room in your parental home, haha.“
          „The men of 30,40,50 and 60 years old commenting on this site? Those who are pathetic according to you? Charmingly put. I’ll bet they all like you a lot.“
          First of all, I was not referring to the other commenters at all, and if they had a problem with me, they would have said so. It has only ever been you with an issue.
          „Take my advice, seek help, or at least man up a little…“
          This is not going to be forgotten. I am not the type who forgives and forgets. Perhaps your apology here is sincere, but I doubt it. I think that you decided it would be fun to be a Goblin, and saw that I was not just going to play your game. You have now gone into a panic mode, and you are making a long-winded comment where half of it has little to do with what you have been saying to me.
          I don’t care. I do not need your love or acceptance. Just don’t try to act so peaceable all of a sudden. Your comments before speak the exact opposite of you. It isn’t looking good. The best thing we can do now is to just not speak to one another. But remember, all is not forgotten.

      4. Well well well, you just can’t get enough attention, don’t you, Jack?.
        I actually wrote a devastating reaction shredding you completely to pieces but when I pressed ‚post‘ I had no connection and it was lost. Well, I’m not going to type it all again, since I can only type with two fingers.
        And besides, now I’m glad it didn’t make it through because you are obviously a very unstable boy with a fragile ego and no match for me, so I just leave it at that.

        1. „I actually wrote a devastating reaction shredding you completely to pieces“
          You talk like a wannabe wrestler.
          „and no match for me, so I just leave it at that.“
          What does that even mean? You mean I can’t cope with a man in his 50s making a bizarre attempt to mount me? Honestly, you can say what you like, I really don’t care. Call me wimpy again. I don’t give a shit, because I am not some lonely old man who disrespects those who have done nothing to him.