Anti-Galilean quote

The important distinction to draw is only between Nordic-Germanic, Aryan mythology on the one hand and Semitic slave-morality on the other.
Adopting any form of foreign mythology or religiosity will only lead to confusion, alienation and demoralization as History shows. Even if you are right that Christianity has somehow been corrupted or misinterpreted by Jews and that it was originally something entirely different, why even bother with it? It’s foreign and corrupted now and it grew out of the desert.
We have our own natural, organic Nordic culture which arose from the struggle for survival during the harshness of the ice-ages to honor and study. Why the whole preoccupation with Semitic tribal superstition in the first place? It’s foreign; racially alien material.
And again, when our own Nordic culture is so much deeper, clearly more racially relevant and more historically fascinating than the incoherent desert hallucinations of the Bible, why the urgent need to always go exactly to the Mideast for inspiration?
Seems a bit odd to say the least. Learn about your own culture.
Middle-eastern history and mythology is already everywhere in the Jew-controlled media anyway, in the educational system, in the churches everywhere, practically on every street corner in the US… Surely it’s Nordic-Germanic culture that is worthy of further investigation and celebration, hardly the ubiquitous Semitic fairytales which have already been pushed way beyond their inherent limits by ZOG and the Judeo-Christian church for centuries.


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  1. close to target. though how much better for the human species to rid itself of myth-driven dogmas altogether?
    aldo leopold. honor and respect nature and its infinite multiples of entities. acknowledge/ respect the differences, rather than running roughshod over other enties that one views as either obstacles or objects to predate. (and how many of those different objects does nature invent for the purpose of predation. rethink the purpose of death: death gives life?)

    1. „Nordics“ are mainly descendents of WHG(Western Hunter-Gatherers) R1b not Indo-Europeans (R1a1a). „Aryan“ is a STOLEN Sanskrit-Avestan word.
      Interesting is that WHG had a matriarchal society, something that still today is prevalent in „Nordic“ societies.

      1. Not true Dr Morales. WHG were associated with the I1 Haplogroup, which is a White Nordid bloodline. the White Nordids were a strongly patriarchal racial group.
        Calling the Nordics of today Matriarchs is misleading because Scandinavians do not signify Nordics.