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  1. 14-words Priest: „Man is part of Nature.“
    Christian Priest: „Man is above Nature.“
    14-w.P.: „Man needs Nature, but Nature doesn’t need Man. In fact, Nature is better off without Man.“
    C.P.: „Man protects Nature like a shepherd protects it’s flock.“
    West’s Darkest Hour Radio Episode 1:
    Jake (around minute 8):

    There seems to be a Christian horror at the concept of Nature being the ultimate arbiter. I’ve confronted Christians with this before, whenever I would appeal to Natural Law; Christians would say ‚well, that’s the ‚is-ought‘ fallacy. You cannot derive an ‚is‘ from an ‚ought“. And I countered ‚but you can derive an ‚if‘ from an ‚ought‘: IF you want to live and not be genocided, then you OUGHT to behave like territorial animals do. And we are territoral animals.


    And, presumably, they’re not going to deny that God created Nature. If Nature runs by these rules, then you would be wise to pay attention to them.

    Alex (around minute 14):

    …we’re still trapped in the animal world of struggle, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. We need to argue with these religious people and tell them „Look, 99% of all species that ever existed are extinct. So wheter you believe God created Nature or not, Nature runs by these rules. God clearly does not have a problem with genocide. So why not fight back?

    P.S. I’m thinking of transcribing WDH Radio’s entire 1st episode and email it to you, CT. It’s really good. Unless you already have a transcript?

  2. Linder made a good point about genocide being part of the Natural Order. In the animal kingdom entire species (prey) are hunted to extinction by predators who prevent them from passing on their genes to the next generation via reproduction which is literal geno-cide. Likewise genocide exists in the human kingdom. Murder exists throughout the Order of Nature on an industrial scale. The creature that kills humans the most, besides mosquitoes, are humans themselves, our so-called ‚fellow man‘. Then there’s also humans, the most vicious and destructive animal yet produced, driving many other animals to extinction. One glimpse at the goings on in a slaughterhouse and you will understand the cruelty and sadism that enabled man to rise to the top of the food chain as an apex predator that preys on other apex predators.
    As Linder said, we have no record of ‚divine‘ intervention to prevent any of the 99.9% species that used to exist from going extinct so we can ascertain if there is a God he doesn’t care about saving life, let alone support that Christian lie about the ’sanctity of human life‘. God’s will seems to be that he supports the destruction of life. Humans can go extinct like any other species. And the White race can go extinct and no ‚God‘ will intervene to save us. Our extinction will just happen. If there is a God then our extinction is God’s will. If there is no God then our extinction is Nature’s will based on the natural law of survival of the fittest.
    The Catholic Church teaches that man has a soul that can survive death while animals do not. The soul is just the more developed consciousness that exists in man, especially Aryan Man. I imagine this began with man’s discovery of language which gave him the power of abstract thought and thus enabled him to gradually claw his way to domination over all other creatures. This conceited view of Judeo-Christianity of man being above Nature (he is not; Nature is the master of man) and human life being sacred has resulted in the imbalanced situation that prevails today.

    1. If WNsts could see Linder’s wisdom on Xtianity and added to their worldview what I’ve been advertising on this site (the ‚Judea vs. Rome‘ essay and Deschner’s book), they’d realize that Xtian ethics plus the One Ring (that S. Ranch calls ‚technology‘) enabled the Jewish Problem.

      1. To think of the Jewish Problem as the cause of our race’s woes is to mistake cause with effect. The Aryan Problem is the cause, the Jewish Problem the effect.

      2. In other words, the JP is an epi-phenomenon of white sins per Codreanu’s quote. But even Linder would not agree with that statement. He’s what I call a type-A bicausalist.

  3. All Abrahamic societies have deplorable records of animal abuse and environmental degradation absent of influence from less shamelessly Abrahamic sources. See Muslims‘ killings of dogs and pigs, the modern American’s appeal to Christian chauvinism, etc.

      1. Same goes for dogs yet they still kill or torture them. Especially in Europe. One man in the UK even had his dog maimed when some Pakis/Achmeds/Kunta Kintes broke into his home.

  4. Liberals are just aping Christianity; their posture is we can be as kind caring and charitable as you but we don’t need your God to justify our actions. I hate liberals.

    1. All of Leftism as we know it as a movement roots in creating God’s kingdom on Earth. They agree that the world is fallen and needs to be destroyed for God’s Kingdom (even if not called so). The nihilism and worship of ugliness you see among Lefties is but Christianity’s hatred of the world and embrace of ressentiment taken to an inevitable extreme.

  5. @Joseph Walsh
    Do you remember a BBC documentary film called Walking with Monsters
    It starts with one of the first multicellular ancestors of Humans called Haikouichthys, and ends with the early Triassic Era.
    Now, the documentary is for kids, but it goes into detail about the Great Dying. This was an event where the entire planet was wracked with drought and became a desert. 99% of all species that ever lived died, ending millions of years of evolution, all down to a lack of rain.
    Not even the Gorgonopsian („Gorgon face“) survived, a predator which could have been considered at the apex of all things on this planet. Even these monsters were wiped out completely.
    So, yes: If God exists, he either does not care about life, or he is in support of its counterpart.
    Now, we could present this to those at TOD, but they would probably just put it down to the fact that such apex predators did not drink the blood of a Jewish man on a regular basis.

    1. If one really starts to reject all Judaic infection, one should also stop all mention of ‚God‘, as monotheism is precisely a Judaic concept.
      Theism must die for the race to thrive.
      By TOD I guess you’re referring to the Occidental Dissent, which subtitle once read ‚Western racial and cultural preservation‘. Southern nationalists, if consistent with such title, ought to be reading the Kriminalgeschichte series but I wonder how many ODers do it? Perhaps none of them is taking this content seriously.
      Walking with Monsters was fun but there’s a mistake. The marine Liopleurodon is depicted as having 50 feet, but it probably measured 20 feet (the latest Jurassic film also grossly exaggerated the size of the marine Mosasaurus).

      1. It is with such subjects as Palaeontology that I shine. As interesting as the Deschner’s work may be, I can never remember such things as specific names and dates.
        However, when it comes to the Palaeozoic/Mesozoic, or the NRC, I know probably more than anyone. That documentary was first watched when I was about 6, and I still have it on DVD.
        I have a theory: Humans may be arachnophobia due to the primitive part of their mind that remembers being a fish, swimming away from the Brontoscorpio for their lives.
        Yes: I was referring to The Occidental Dissent.

      2. Yes: I’ve had that thought about arachnids, which is why I want to exterminate them all. Payback time for all those killing of our fishy ancestors!
        Speaking more seriously, in a recent experiment of relocating India tigers on Africa, these cats were afraid of ostriches. I thought that genetically they somehow harbor residual imagery of Phorusrhacids, colloquially known as ‚terror birds‘.

        1. I actually wanted to speak of carnivores. You see, I do not believe that
          Carnivorous species should be exterminated. I think we should preserve wolves, and the big cats. Therefore, the idea of relocating
          Tigers works for me, on the assurance that the Niggers won’t eat their penises.
          Cats are really strange creatures. They are nocturnal serial killers, but I can never find it in my heart to hate them.
          In a sense, Nature has gotten payback for our fish grandparents‘ sake. The Brontoscorpio went from being a titanic predator of the oceans, to something which serves as light supper for the Kalahari Mongoose Mobs.

    2. @Jack Halliday I don’t remember Walking with Monsters but what you mention about the Great Dying makes me think of what scientists are calling the Anthropocene extinction. Apparently throughout the history of life in Earth there are numerous extinction events in which the biodiversity of life on earth is rapidly decreased. There have been five previous mass extinction events and we are currently in the sixth mass extinction. The current mass extinction is driven by human activity. Humans are a superpredator that constantly preys on other apex predators and drives up to 200 species extinct each day. So we can see life, all life, including humans, has little value in Nature. Nature is incredibly brutal.
      Yes, Christians would probably say these animals should have believed in God or were abandoned by God haha. But of course only humans have a consciousness evolved enough to entertain the concept of ‚God‘. And it’s funny that humans say they are made in the image of God, that God is a human. If horses were the dominant species on Earth and had an evolved consciousness like man they would probably say God is a horse and horses are made in the image of God. Same goes for any other animal. To think that the Creator of this vast majesty that is the Universe would choose to look like homo sapiens, a creature that only came into existence some 200,000 years ago (according to the mainstream, conventional theory) illustrates human conceit. Man created God in his own image, not the other way around. And then the question is opened up, which man does God look like? A white man? a black man? A Chinaman? The Jews say only they are in God’s image, that God is a Jew. This is basically just worship of their race.
      I heard South Africans speaking about how they had been abandoned by God and needed to pray harder to the kike on a stick to survive. Idiots! South Africans are losing because they refused to kill their enemies, not because they didn’t pray to Jesus. But if they still cling to Christianity after the huge role the Christian churches played in destroying their country then I guess they deserve extinction, they are simply too stupid to survive. It is because Aryans are not killing their enemies that our species is going extinct, not because we don’t pray to kike Jesus. If it is God abandoning a species that causes it to go extinct then God has abandoned a hell of a lot of species. But isn’t all life on Earth going to be extinct one day? Doesn’t God ultimately abandon all life? Probably there is no God in the first place.

      1. On the Occidental Dissent, I asked this regular Christian commenter a list of questions. I cant remember his name, but every time he would comment, he would complain to Wallace about „atheists“ and say that if he was the moderator he would ban us. Every single comment was like this.
        My question went thusly:
        Where was your God when 60 million Russian Christians were murdered by the Bolshevik Jews?
        Where was your God to save the (mostly Catholic) Germans when being murdered and raped by the Soviets after WW2?
        Where was your God to save the Neanderthals who were fucked and killed out of existence by the Homo Sapiens?
        Where was your God to save the Gorgonopsians during the Permian-Triassic extinction event?
        Where was your God to save White South African Christians being murdered by Negroes?
        Where is God now, to save his precious White Race from the mess it is in now?
        This commenter said „God is where he has always been: Saving those that love him, and forsaking those that curse him“.
        I simply said „what did the Neanderthals do to curse this God they had never heard of? What did the Gorgonopsia do? What did the Russian Christians do? What did the German children do? What did the White South African girls do to God in order to receive a machete in the face?
        That was a long time ago, and I never got an answer.

      2. „The Jews say only they are in God’s image, that God is a Jew. This is basically just worship of their race.“
        The Christians also say God is a Jew. From a white racial standpoint this is the most basic flaw of Christianity. Worshiping a non-white as God can only mean that whiteness isn’t important. But then, at least on the surface, almost all Christians deny the importance of race altogether.
        „It is because Aryans are not killing their enemies that our species is going extinct, not because we don’t pray to kike Jesus. “
        Here is the crux of the difficulty. It’s a disagreement as to the definition of „our species“ and where it’s headed. For leftists and a lot of those on the right, probably even the majority, „our species“ includes all featherless bipeds. Thus, for leftists and lots of rightists, „our species“ isn’t going extinct (at least, not any time soon), as they don’t regard race as something worth preserving. A few of those on the right would define „our species“ differently, restricting Homo sapiens to whites only, or even only a subset of whites. In this way a political dispute turns on a technical question of proper taxonomy. But there’s so much cultural and civilizational inertia behind the currently accepted classification that lumps all races into Homo sapiens that it’s hard to see how it could be changed. Barring such a change in worldview though, the white man doesn’t see himself as being threatened with extinction. At most, he thinks he will undergo a slow change attendant to a gradual mixing with other races. This then becomes just another technical dispute, this time between eugenicists instead of taxonomists. Are the changes going to be good, bad, or indifferent? The changes will be considered good insofar as they adapt the white man to the artificial world he is constructing called civilization, indifferent if they have no adaptational benefit, and bad if they interfere with the civilizational project. Then arises the question, of what possible use is the nigger, the kike, and other such creatures to the project of building civilization? Yet for the technological system, everything has a use, and everything is a resource. Since the system the white man is building is anti-human, it seems likely that it’s the very inhuman nature of non-whites that it considers valuable. The collective thinking seems to be that mixing white genetics with the inhuman will help him better adapt to what he is constructing.

  6. Oops, forgot to mention: When we were small lizards in rainforests, we were the constant prey of the Mesothelae.
    Our lives as fish would also explain why many of us suffer from Thalassophobia.