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  1. Waiting for some of ‚the infected’* to come along and denounce Table Talk as ‚inauthentic‘; ‚a fraud‘. Wanting both Hitler and Christianity is like a pacifist hoping to be accepted by Sandhurst or West Point as an Army Officer Cadet.
    * – remember the movie ’28 Days Later‘? It just struck me that Christians are like ‚the infected‘ in that movie…

    1. Table Talk’s reliability is established by the general consistency with Hitler’s speeches and Mein Kampf and the accounts from his inner circle. Such as, „the British never had a great composer like Beethoven“. It’s further established by a thorough study of Martin Bormann. https://hitlerianhylozoics.wordpress.com/martin-bormann/
      Richard C. Carrier, in his vain attempt to represent Hitler as a Christian, represents Hitler as looking forward to the dissolution of the law of life („defend yourself“), or as Carrier put it, “the expediency of his own Nazi-enforced Social Darwinism”, rather than the disappearance of the Church and it’s intolerant principle.