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Christianity was almost certainly intentionally used by the Jews to destabilize Rome. Perhaps it was invented for this purpose, I don’t know. I was raised within this deluded cult (Roman Catholic). I swear, if you’re able to look at it from an outsider’s viewpoint, it seems as though it were intentionally designed to torment us.
Try placing yourself in the Jews’ shoes after having taken a shellacking at the hands of the Romans. How do you fight these guys? They’re all but undefeatable militarily. They’re highly motivated, proud, disciplined, intelligent, and wise. Christianity effectively targets all of our natural characteristics and turns them into weaknesses so as to make us weak and shameful.
I realized it was nonsense when I was 13. All it took was one person presenting arguments against it and I felt my stomach cave in same as I did when I realized Santa Claus isn’t a real person. I have never been the type of person to continue to believe in something demonstrably false just to try and get a buzz.
When I did actively try to practice that insane religion, I felt so impotent as a person. So unworthy, deficient, hopelessly flawed I supposed. It is a highly schizophrenic sensation. If we are to fight the Jews, we must be proud and masculine. I am so disgusted by White Nationalists’ embrace of this Jewish religion. They have all sort of outright insane arguments to try and rationalize away its Judaic nature. None of they make any sense nor do they hold water to scrutiny.
Yet, there is no debating with them, only arguing. They will quickly shut you down with clear and burning hatred. Essentially, like a drug addict being deprived of their “fix.” I know from experience, I used to be one. I want to grab a hold of them and shake them. It’s infinitely frustrating to me seeing most of we worshiping Judah.
There is no greater form of subjugation than worshiping an alien people’s religion in favor of your own. Not only do they favor this God of Judah’s over our own, they denounce our people’s Gods! I don’t believe in those either, but I would take them over the Jews’ any day. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from our myths. All to be gained from Christianity is mental illness.
Axe of Perun, you said it best: ALL CHRISTIANS ARE CUCKOLDS! Nonetheless, we must work with them. I think the most prudent thing we may do to move forward is simply invent a new religion we may all get on board with. It’s why I was so pleased with “Kek.” Even the cucked Christians have embraced “him.” You may suppress nature for a time, but it always prevails, with a vengeance. The next step is somehow convincing the Cuckoldians to discard their Jewish delusions.


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  1. I realized it was nonsense when I was 13. fortunate you. i began to seriously consider it as utter nonsense when i was 62, and it took another 4 years of reading — luckily i found c.t.’s site — and the mindfulness practice of simply repeating to myself the phrase „utter nonsense“ every time the Default Mode Network/ conscious mind began throwing judgments at me whenever — frequently — the subject of xhristianity and the wisdom of abandoning my childhood beliefs popped into my mind. i have to say, xtianity wrecked my mental health and consequently my life as meaningfully engaged in a pursuit or two. as in an automobile wreck when the insurance company totals the entity. one simply can’t recover years 20 to 60. though i consider myself lucky to have finally broken loose of the chains.

    1. I can say exactly the same. I have not fully recovered even now. I could even claim that my parents and their religion destroyed my mental health and my life.
      I wish that my two autobiographical books were already translated into English (something I’ll never dare to do).

  2. perhaps a bit off-topic here, i dunno.
    i presently reading/ skimming the book Ballpoint, by hungarian author gyorgy moldova and translated by the part hungarian david robert evans. the preface and chapter 1 are worth reading and thinking over. for their discussion of the disproportionate and usually high representation of the hungarian jews scientists from the early twentieth century in the nobel awards. like it or not, one must conclude that the elite jews focus on educating their children paid dividends. and the corollary is the fuking that present whitie commoners of the United States post ww2 boomer population WILL PAY for not caring either enuf or at all about even decent much less quality upbringing of their offspring. at least i had the good sense, based on my horrible personal eperience of growing up in the public education prison experience not to submit my offspring to such child abuse. they got first exposure to public education at the post secondary level.
    i will credit pre-ww1 hungarian jew parents this: they somehow knew/ prioritized the importance of a good education of their children.
    conversely, i debit the post-ww2 baby boomer aryan parents of the united states the heinous crime of child abuse for selling normal upbringing of their offspring in exchange for 2 wage-slave parent families. full time working mothers and full time employment of child care facilities. (the simple math after discounting the cost of child care was what, $1- $3 / hour incomes for working mom’s?!) with that kind of prioritizing of values, whitie deserves extinction.

    1. and a collorary of the boomer 2-wage earner parents is the royal-ass-fuking student loan state of post secondary education in this united states. the handwriting is on the war. nature will extract great judgement on the elderly for squeezing the life blood out of their children. in effect, offering their children as sacrifices to their gods of mammon. (which is all xtianity is. with its cental tenet and celebration liturgy being [symbolic — what a fuking sick joke] drinking blood and eating flesh of offered sacrifices.)