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  1. ‘Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich – these are things of the far past’ (3:10—my emphasis) says Richie Spence instead of taking advantage of this MSM bimbo anchor and tell her the truth about the real Holocaust.
    But again: remaining on the defensive before the MSM has been the tactic of Alt-Righters, willfully ignorant of WW2.
    Or who many of them have actually read Tom’s book? Is it even in Richie’s bookshelf that we can see in the above pic?

  2. Not making excuses for certain Alt-Righters, but I believe that most of them, when confronted with the hollow-hoax whip, have been fearful of being labeled “Holocaust Denier”, a crime in several countries… So, rather than go into anything deep with whatever msm talking-head is interrogating them, have instead taken the easier path and just said “can’t we ever get past this?”
    I agree, however that it’s intellectually dishonest, lazy and concedes to the enemy’s false narrative. People really SHOULD push-back against that narrative. They ought to go into the “six million” figure a little, too, explaining that this figure was used by Jewry many times long before both world wars as a way to drum-up sympathy for this or that situation that Jewry wanted to focus Gentile attention on.
    Hellstorm is a very powerful documentary (Renegade) and book, I agree. The carpet-bombing of Dresden ought to be discussed a great deal by our people. And we ought to be forcefully vocal about it, refusing to be silenced. To be sure, though, the lemmings are a bit less inclined to have sympathy for the Germans who were butchered and mistreated during that horrible, senseless betrayal of brother by brother.

    1. Lemmings can easily rationalise the carpet bombing, because they can easily just say it was self defence, as Britain was being bombed by Germany on a constant basis. Very few of them even know that it was the Anglos that started it. What they need to know is the rest of the crimes, for example the torture and rape. Basically, the post-war atrocities where things were done not out of defence, but sadism.
      Hearing about these things, especially on Goodrich’s site has sliced my sanity into fragments, or at least it feels that way. Whites now have one last chance to redeem themselves. If I am certain that they cannot, then it would be punishment for what they did to their own blood in 1945, and what they didn’t do. Like I said to Arch Stanton, my existence would be dedicated to making all Human Beings suffer.
      It is the above words that got me banned from Renegade Tribune, because Kyle Hunt is a pussy bitch.

      1. ‚Lemmings can easily rationalise the carpet bombing, because they can easily just say it was self defence, as Britain was being bombed by Germany on a constant basis.‘
        Last year, while in Italy, I got talking to a successful, professional German lady from Berlin. Purely because she was German I found myself – as I often do – testing her, just to see what the average German says when one puts forward a carefully worded feeler about these subjects. I mentioned Dresden. She immediately offered back ‚Ah yes, but we bombed Coventry‘. I asked if she knew what the death toll was for the Coventry raid of November 1940. She told me she didn’t know. I then asked if she knew how many Germans died at Dresden on those appalling February nights in 1945. Same answer. I replied that she was wise to avoid a figure for Dresden, because nobody knows just how many died. The city was filling up with many tens of thousands of refugees fleeing from the murderous Russian advance. But the Coventry raid cost exactly 380 lives, whereas the Dresden horror cannot have caused fewer than a six-figure total, possibly as many as a quarter of a million.
        If she was shocked or embarrassed she didn’t show it. They were ‚the aggressors‘ and ‚in the wrong‘ you see. Must be true: they are told it at school from age four…

        1. I have heard much Yankee trash say „all the Germans were guilty“, which is typically reconciled on account of the photos of crowds giving Roman salutes. My Father had a step father who died before my birth. He was in the RAF and flew a Lancaster Bomber which had a part in bombing Dresden and most likely other German cities. He told my Father „I felt bad… But they bombed Coventry!“
          My family are like this woman you mention in that they could be told about Hellstorm, but they would most likely say that „the only good German is a dead one“.

      2. The medicine is simple: give your dad a copy of Hellstorm as a birthday present and write an inscription on its first page telling him that this book changed your worldview.
        On the other hand, I would not try to discuss these matters with the females: they are hard-wired to believe the Weltanschauung of those in power (presently the worldviews of the witches May et al).

  3. Jim B: Ditto.
    Since the Masthead post doesn’t allow any comments, what I say in my today’s update of it still can be discussed here, as it is related to what you say about the “six million” figure.

    1. SurelybBritish and Americans committed a crime fire bombing German cities without any military or strategic value.
      But had Americans and Brits remained neutral in the WW2, the Soviet Union without any doubt would have defeated Nazi Germany alone.
      And if Stalin, Jewish/Communist commissars – with their fanatical hate of Nazism – and Mongolic hordes, had free hands over the entirety of Germany, the Anglo-American crimes would have looked like picnic.

      1. There is no way the SSR could’ve singlehandedly defeated Germany. The only reason the Soviets were able to pump life into their armed forces was primarily because of American equipment via the lend lease program. Without western backing the USSR would’ve been stomped into the dirt.

      2. And even before open hostilities between Germany and the US, race traitor Roosevelt sold arms and supplies to the (((Soviets))).