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Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity. It will last another hundred years, two hundred years perhaps. My regret will have been that I couldn’t, like whoever the prophet was, behold the promised land from afar.

Hitler’s Table Talk, pages 343-4

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  1. I’m beginning to have my doubts about the veracity of that book. It appears Hitler was a devout Catholic for most of his life. His testament to his Generals at Dieppe where he said he wanted to preserve the British Empire because it had a civilizing effect like the Roman Catholic Church gives me pause for reflection.

    1. Please quote that passage from the testament, preferably in German.
      David Irving, who knows German, believes that Table Talk is genuine, as most historians. In my experience, only WN Xtians cast doubts about it.
      At any event, anti-Christianity was common in Third Reich texts. Just see the SS pamphlet linked on the sidebar or the booklets for the Hitler Youth, some of them mentioned by Axe of Perun in the series ‚All Christians are Cucks.‘
      Again, only WN Xtians complain about its genuineness.

  2. perhaps i’m simplifying historical accounting: the nail in the coffin, as axe of perun does well to hammer several of in his xtians are cucks series, is there never existing clinical evidence — independent and quantitative data — of the god concept. a prime example, prayer determining outcome, as, say, applying brakes slows a car to a stop. stated another way, choice: i want this outcome, therefore i need to take this action. countless stealing, killing and destroying built on a baselines of utter fantasy. the concept is simply beyond that of the subject of intelligence. and yet, intelligence’s fatal flaw. let’s consider fantasy accepted as truth/ fact in its implications for AI. humankind, if not extinct before AI will certainly suffer evil consequences and similarly the AI entities themselves, if and until intelligence succeeds in firewalling fantasy from fact.

  3. C.T., I don’t own a copy of Table Talk, so I can’t verify this myself, but is this quote, attributed to A.H. in there?:
    „Christians live under the delusion of a Jewish-based myth. They worship a Jewish deity, they believe that the Jews are „G-d’s chosen people“. Christians cannot condemn Jews because they would be condemning their own faith. How can the most insidious enemy of all time be the very people that you base and trust your life upon? You can’t criticize Jews when you are hoping to spend eternity with a Jewish god.“
    It’s one of my favorites, taken from a meme I found somewhere that attributes the quote to having came from Hitler’s Mein Kampf. I do own a few copies of Mein Kampf and it’s, as far as I know, not to be found there. So I thought maybe it came from Table Talk…
    I’ll have to search PDF Archive, see if I can get a copy of T.T.

      1. Ostara is Arthur Kemp’s publishing house. This is the edition that I own and unlike other English editions, it lacks the idiotic preface of Hugh Trevor-Roper.

  4. Arthur Kemp? Seriously? That police informant who could pass easily as a Lebanese who claimed that ancient Egyptians were blonds?
    Better banning comments because your beliefs are childish.
    What’s your age btw?

    1. • Police informant? Any reliable source for that claim?
      • He does not look like a Lebanese: I met him personally a few years ago.
      • He did not claim flatly that ‚Egyptians were blonds‘ but this.
      I did not let pass your comments about how Stalin could’ve won WW2 even without US help because they were completely off topic with Hitler‘ quote about Xtianity, which seems to be your religion in Brazil.

      1. Without American and British aid flowing in constantly at Murmansk, the Soviet Union would not have lasted. Before Stalin could unleash his armed forces on Europe, Hitler beat him to the punch by about a month or two. Some actually believe Stalin was ready to go in the middle of July. Vlasov admitted the Soviet military was planning an attack on Europe around September. Whatever the case, the German masterstroke put Stalin in a deep depression and it was only the intervening of Averill Harriman who traveled to Moscow from Washington that kept the Soviet spirits afloat. Harriman for all intents and purposes was the dictator of the Soviet Union for about a year until Stalin recovered. This is a little-known fact which you will not find in too many histories of that war. Also, the German Order of Battle was being transmitted to the Soviets from the German High Command, more than likely Martin Bormann.