Mantra letter

Hello Mr. Tort,
Raised profoundly as a Catholic, today I am convinced that it is not enough to leave the religion of our parents. Liberation will need us to burn down worldwide all Christian churches to the ground. Such is my inspiration and mentality in the struggle for our survival.


What happened to the immense Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
It was built near Ephesus in the 6th century BCE over an area considered sacred since, at least, the Bronze Age. Its construction took 120 years and it could be said that it was comparable to a cathedral.
Saint John Chrysostom and his henchmen flattened it in 401, following a Christian emperor’s edict. The stones were used for a tomb and a bath-house and a cross was raised on the spot where Diana’s statue had stood (what remains today of the temple can be seen: here).

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  1. The burning down all churches to the ground is a minor part of the paradigm shift. Far more important operation is to demolish the cathedral of Christian logos in our minds.
    History shows that’s not so easy thing.
    For example, atheistic experiment in Soviet Russia has failed. Many churches were burnt down or turned into clubs and storehouses. The religious people were despised. The priests were imprisoned. Communist worldview propagated new values. But all of this didn’t change people so much.

    1. Of course!
      IMHO that would be the final step.
      First step: Become acquainted with the history of Christianity—something that WNsts ignore. (Recently while listening to a debate between Anglin and Spencer on Xtianity I noticed that none knew that the Southern Christianization of 4th and 5th centuries was at least as violent as the later Christianization of the North.)

    2. This is explainable once it’s understood that religion is a technology of civilization, a means of social control. The basic values of Christianity are the values of civilization, and are integrated into other parts of the technological system. Within certain parameters, they can change with its requirements. The modern shift to a scientific outlook has devalued the person of Jesus as a savior figure and placed the existence of miracles into doubt, while preserving Christianity’s basic moral philosophy, which is needed for smooth functioning of the rest of the system. Only if the system were itself destroyed or collapsed would man return to a pre-Christian state. Even then, some sort of religious thinking would probably persist. With sufficient chaos, maybe the worship of Mars and Victory would return.
      Daniel Dennett has written extensively on this topic of religion and religious thinking as a natural phenomenon, generated and sustained by the forces of evolution. You could say that religion is the interface between biological technology (i.e., physical things like teeth and claws, or modes of animal behavior) and the profusion of non-biological technologies that man produces. Religion enables man to cooperate in large groups to produce the other parts of the technological system.

  2. Re: the ‚first step‘ I alluded to above, I won’t add anymore SIEGE quotes. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Christianity has been acting as a stumbling block for action even among revolutionaries. See for example what James Mason wrote in a non-dated post (apparently, last month):

    The entire Bible is OUR BOOK, dealing with OUR origins, OUR history and OUR destiny; and…

    Source: here

    1. “Put On the Full Armor of the Lord”? Yet even in this very article Mason admits Christianity hasn’t protected the white race, claiming that it’s because it has been „infiltrated and taken over“. Evidently the armor of the Lord provided no protection from this at all. His excuse reminds me of the Ghost Dance of the American aborigines. They thought that by dancing and praying they would become armored against the white man’s bullets. They were as delusional as Mason and his fellow CI nuts.
      People who keep advocating a failed strategy must, on some level, actually want to fail.

      1. Neither WNsts nor normies know that Xtianity started cucked, with the foundation of Constantinople as an early NY-like melting pot capital, or that these mudbloods and Semites entered in a nasty conflict with the White (‚pagan‘) world.
        Mason is no exception of this universal ignorance.

    2. In our days, in our ugly world, the persons like Mason can provoke interest and sympathy with their glimpses of some critical thinking. A common ground is possible yet. But if I imagine apocalyptic events and a modern world collapse, such men seem to me similar to a protagonist from The Book of Eli movie. They will do anything to save „the last of the Bibles“ for the coming Aryan generations, because they believe it’s „our history and our destiny“. Also they as „advocates of old and true customs“ will undoubtedly trample our new-born heathenist Weltanschauung under their pious heels. I suppose these postapocalyptic white Neochristians will be our most bitter, treacherous and bloodthirsty enemies.
      P.S. How could a decent man read O&N Testaments and doesn’t have a presentiment „oh, here there is something wrong“ in general?

      1. New-born heathenists could crush the Xtian spirit like a steamroller flattening a cockroach if we could make films and TV documentaries with the content of this site (e.g., the novel Julian or Nixey’s book).

  3. Do you conceive it like Colin Jordan in his The Way Ahead?
    „With the acquisition then of state power, and a media of liberation in place of one of bondage, we will be able to bring the mind of that public to acceptance of and thereby the necessary willing support for the measures of revolutionary transformation of society.“
    I think inversely: firstly The Revolution, secondly the evolution of normies through the transformed mass media.