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Violence not only must be thinkable, it should be talked about quite openly. Organizations can be easily monitored and destroyed immediately if needed, or subverted over time.
Ad hoc grouplets or individuals working toward a commonly understood goal can’t be known or controlled, whichever means they use.

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  1. Harold Covington defines the Trouble Trio as ‚the basic building block‘ of a revolutionary movement. It all starts with a few conspirators:

    A three-man team. When we were planning all this out, studying and analyzing how previous successful revolutionary movements worked in Western political and social environments similar to ours, we came up with a kind of hybrid anatomy combining the IRA and the Cosa Nostra, two highly successful subversive outfits who to this day have never been completely repressed by their governments. You’d be amazed how much hell three men can raise in a society this complex, this racially volatile and unstable.

    Since, after the financial accident that is coming whites will be mad as hell, a revolutionary movement will have fair chances to be ignited in Europe and elsewhere in the West. For the moment, in our small Syssitias (real places in the real world for real planning) we can only wait for the crash and find some inspiration in Covington’s novels:

    By hitting the enemy hard and often, in teams or crews of two to five or six people max. Let’s assume an average of five Volunteers per squad or crew. Our thousand effectives will make up two hundred such crews. Assume half of them are involved in support duties, supply, intelligence, medical services, propaganda, whatnot. That’s one hundred combat teams of five guys each remaining, who are actually pulling triggers and making things go boom.

    The idea is that very small groups are difficult to infiltrate, and for security reasons at the beginning of the revolution each unit would know nothing of the names or locations of other units. If the System spots one team the revolution can continue.