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Update of 15 August 2018: Our old friend Albus has recently clarified the matter. I’ll quote part of his email:

Concerning your Führer quote, there are two versions of the Table Talks, one collected and published by Henry Picker, Hitlers Tischgespräche, the short one (Picker, by the way, was a staunch Catholic).
And there is a long version: Adolf Hitler: Monologe im Führerhauptquartier 1941-1944. Die Aufzeichnungen, the record of Heinrich Heims, edited by von Werner Jochmann (there’s a PDF on archive.org).
The long version contains your German quotation: „Das Christentum ist der größte Rückfall, den die Menschheit je erlebt hat: Um mehr als eineinhalbtausend Jahre hat der Jude die Menschheit zurückgeschmettert.“
My translation:
„Christianity is the greatest regression humanity has ever experienced: The Jew has thrown back humanity one and a half thousand years.“
So no „diabolic invention“ in the text, but surely meant.
The Führer spoke these words at the Führer-hauptquartier in the night from February 20th to 21th 1942, mentioned in the copy above on p. 245 (cf. Screenshot).

I’ll leave this as a sticky post for several hours but first I’ll strike out the interpolation of the French-English editor (see below…).

______ 卐 ______


Christianity is the worst of the regressions that mankind can ever have undergone, and it’s the Jew who, thanks to this diabolic invention, has thrown mankind fifteen centuries back.

Hitler’s Table Talk, page 322

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  1. Well, perhaps ten centuries, and that only provided that the current level of technological „progress“ could have been achieved without Christianity’s desacralization of Nature, a change in worldview necessary if you’re going to regard Her only as inert, dead stuff with which man can and should do as he likes, just as the Bible promises.
    Arthur C. Clarke, in his book Profiles of the Future, predicted that by the year 2100, mankind will have achieved physical „immortality“, presumably in the sense of having migrated into robot bodies. According to Uncle’s timeline here, without Christianity, that milestone would have been passed about the year 600, which seems unlikely to say the least. And can „mankind“ even be said to still exist at all if all that remains of it is a collection of diodes and associated software? The Führer had no idea about such things, of course, though I have to wonder what he would have thought about it if he had.

    1. Could you explain why the reverence for nature would have prevented the Mediterraneans of antiquity from creating an industrial society? I don’t get it. They did develop maths, they made steam-powered toys, they damaged the ecology of Greece as early as the 4th century BCE.
      Norman Davies in ‚Europe: A History – [Eco]‘:
      ECOLOGICAL devastation had already caught the attention of Greek rulers in the early sixth century BC. Solon the Law-giver proposed that the cultivation of steep slopes should be banned to prevent soil erosion; and Pisistratus introduced a bounty for farmers who planted olive trees to counteract deforestation and over-grazing. Two hundred years later Plato noted the damage inflicted on the land in Attica:
      What now remains compared with what then existed is like the skeleton of a sick man, all the fat and soft earth having wasted away…. There are some mountains which now have nothing but food for bees, but they had trees not long ago … and boundless pasturage. Moreover, it was enriched by the yearly rains from Zeus, which were not lost to it, as now … [providing]… abundant supplies of springwaters and streams, whereof the shrines still remain even now, at the spots where the fountains formerly existed.

      1. The plain fact is that they did not develop an industrial society. We are left to try and explain why. Despite high intelligence, something held them back. Historian Michael Grant said it was probably a fear of impiety. But as Ted Kaczynski said in his manifesto, nobody really knows why the Industrial Revolution took off when it did. Jacques Ellul, the Christian anarchist philosopher, gives his take on it in this video.
        What’s your opinion?

    2. Christianity being the source of the Industrial Revolution and other feats doesn’t address Niggers being Christian for many years yet still being Niggers.

      1. It seems to me only a Christian would be surprised at this. Certainly an evolutionist would not. According to the principles of evolution, different races can be expected to respond differently to the same environmental stimulus.

    1. That page refers to the translation, not to the original.
      I had picked up this translation. But now that I’ve seen the German original here—:

      Das Christentum ist der größte Rückfall, den die Menschheit je erlebt hat: Um mehr als eineinhalbtausend Jahre hat der Jude die Menschheit zurückgeschmettert.

      —I see that the passage merits a better translation.

      1. Cesar, it is just a semantics issue. Her problem is not with the small words, but she is rather trying to imply that you are faking these posts and that Hitler never said anything of the sort. It is clear she is a Christian and, like the rest of her kin, become irrational and desperately angry when confronted with the truth.
        The truth in this case is that Hitler did not like Christianity.

      2. Yes, of course. But I still have some trouble with the standard English translation, specifically with the words ‚thanks to this diabolic invention‘ quoted in the above post.
        Incidentally, the quoted Hitler words, as they appear in my post, also appear in the English Wikiquote on Hitler, though I replaced the word ‚him‘ in the translation with ‚mankind‘, as the translation is ambiguous.

      3. I’ve read there are two versions of TT: one in German, and a French translation of a supposed German original, but for which the original was lost. As I understand it, the French translation, done by a man named Genoud, contains a lot of phrases that don’t appear in the German version. In this case, „thanks to this diabolic invention“ may be an insertion.

        1. What do you mean? That the Picker, Henry & Gerhard Ritter, eds. (1951) Tischgespräche im Führerhauptquartier 1941-1942 ( Bonn: Athenäum) is a French-German translation? At least, according to Wikipedia there are three, not two versions of it:

          Hitler’s remarks were recorded by Heinrich Heim, Henry Picker and Martin Bormann and later published by different editors under different titles in three different languages.[3][4][5].

      4. Thank you, Cesar. I didn’t want to have to look it up and then try to find it in the German original. Yapping Jack thinks that page 322 will work for the German original too?? He needs to think more and yap less.
        Anyway, you’re right, it’s not an accurate translation. There is no „Thanks to this diabolic invention“ nor the specificity of „fifteen centuries.“ Troubling. But the rest is indeed there.

        1. „I didn’t want to have to look it up and then try to find it in the German original“
          In other words, you couldn’t be arsed to do your own research and instead accuse people of forgery.

      5. What do you mean? That the Picker, Henry & Gerhard Ritter, eds. (1951) Tischgespräche im Führer-hauptquartier 1941-1942 (Bonn: Athenäum) is a French-German translation?

        It’s a confusing tale, but as near as I can make out, the Hugh Trevor-Roper translation, which is the one you’ve modified above, was from the French version by Genoud. Some say that most of the anti-Christian quotes in TT are insertions by Genoud. Genoud is also the author of the known forgery Hitler’s Last Testament, supposedly something David Irving got him to admit. There’s more here, in the first reply to the question asked, if you want to try to sort it out for yourself: LINK

  2. If it wasn’t for me, this quote would never have been clarified and corrected. Jack H is a yapping little mongrel who accepts whatever Cesar says as long as it follows the party line. Spahnranch chimes in with whatever he just looked up on Wikipedia, totally without any background or real scholarship. Cesar at least seems to have some respect for getting it right, at least AFTER he’s questioned. He lucked out with the intervention of Albus.
    I did not accuse anyone of forgery or intentional fakery, but the quote didn’t sound right. Nor do I believe or say that Hitler was more than a nominal Christian. You have to admit he was that because he never criticized or denounced the religion PUBLICLY. I am far more familiar with Table Talk than any of you, but I also don’t read German.. http://carolynyeager.net/tabletalk
    Thanks again, Cesar.

    1. I see Carolyn is still clutching at straws and trying to show the universe that she is important.
      Lady, you are not important. The least you could have done was have a kid and you couldn’t even do that. Because of your dried ovaries, you come to predominantly male domains such as this one, and attack everybody there, accusing them of foul play and trying to shrink their maleness. All childless hags like yourself do this. It isn’t my fault that you have done nothing with your life.
      This is obvious in how you attack Spahn Ranch and accuse him of things which you have no evidence for, because it makes you feel better about your compromised womb. Did you ask him where he got his information from? And as for being a „mongrel who accepts whatever Cesar says“, again: evidence? You mean because I don’t make vitriolic comments where I accuse commenters here who have not spoken to me of „blaming women for their powerlessness“?
      You are a joke, Carolyn.