Linder quote

• Humans need religion.

No they don’t.

Saying that is akin to saying I’m not a human. And people I know who are most successful in dealing with life challenges are not humans.

It’s exactly the error muh turditionists fall into: because something has been one way, no other way is possible.

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  1. Depends what is meant by ‚religion‘

    Alex has a pretty shallow take on this issue generally.

    He seems talks like God=yahweh and religion=christianity

    Its the error he makes, because something has been one way, no other way is possible.

  2. A Darwinist would say that religion could never have become so common unless it provided some evolutionary advantage. But that advantage may no longer exist, and religious sentiments may even have become a disadvantage. If so, religion will eventually shrink and then disappear, like the appendix appears to be doing in man. Alternatively, it could become the cultural equivalent of junk DNA, persisting while serving no purpose whatsoever.

  3. i’m more inclined to religion if it’s not hardened beliefs in imagined truths. julian’s great fault/ weakness was participating in animal sacrifices — high volume undertakings — to his many gods. animals are sentient beings for xhrist sake. further, if these extra-life entities can’t carry on w/ me face to face — a relationship takes two, fuk ‚em.