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  1. How „woke“ are you?

    Level 1:
    – Nadzees are evil, Democracy is good.
    – Jews are Holocaust survivors.
    – Christianity is for idiots.

    Level 2:
    – Nazis were misled by an anti-semitic demagogue.
    – The Holocaust MAY be false.
    – Christianity is ‚okay‘.

    Level 3:
    – Germans were fighting against Zionists.
    – The Holocaust is false, Zionism is evil.
    – Christianity is good.

    Level 4:
    – White Nationalism is good.
    – Jews are evil.
    – Christianity is a White religion.

    Level 5:
    – National Socialism is good.
    – America is evil.
    – Christianity has been corrupted by Jews.

    Level 6:
    – National Socialism is the only solution.
    – All nations are evil.
    – Christianity has always been a Jewish Psy-op.

    Level 7:
    – White segregation is the only solution.
    – Modernity is evil.
    – Anti-Christian Paganism is good.

    Level 8:
    – There are no political solutions.
    – Civilization is evil.
    – Blood and Soil is the only true religion.

    Level 9:
    – Non-white exterminationism is the only solution.
    – Most Whites are not true Whites.
    – All Whites are spiritually flawed.

    Level 10:
    – 10% of Whites are true humans, and must survive.
    – 90% of Whites are defective humans, of which 50% must die (males).
    – 100% of non-Whites are sub-humans, and all must die.

    Personally I’m a level 9, verging on level 10.
    I’ve met some level 4’s, and only a few level 5’s.
    The leap from 5 to 6 is astronomical due to the Xtian malware rejection.
    Feels lonely sometimes.